The Sea Ranch , Hong Kong

I would have never been to the private resort on the Lantau island named Sea Ranch if Minji (Eric‘s girl friend) hadn’t lived there.

Private resort at Lantau island of Hong Kong, where Wendy and I were hosted

I understand why Dan Washburn found a contact at each location before he started his journey to go around China. A contact there is so difference that you (have to) visit somewhere you would never visit as a normal visitor.

Ferry leaving Sea Ranch to Cheung Chau

It is 45 minutes ferry’s ride away from Central. Minji take the ferry to work and take ferry back. It is so interesting (for the first time visitor), yet boring (if you have to take it everyday) trip. The place is marked as Tai Long Wan even on the most detailed map. According to Min, there are only 50 residents on the island. Although it is on Lantau, the largest island in Hong Kong, there is almost no path to other parts of the island, so, it is a seperated world connected to the outside with ferry service.

Facing south, the strait is on the route from Hong Kong to Macau.

At night, sitting at the gate of the resort and the whole beach and sea is just above you. It rained heavily when we were there. The sound of the sea wake us up every morning. It is just like our Sanya trip at the beach of Holiday Inn. The difference is, it is the daily life of the people on the island – it is really a resort far away from the most crowded city.

The nearest place for residents to buy food and other goods are the island of Chueng Chau – I have marked the island on my map.

Look at this picture. I like it very much.

Small restaurant on the street of Cheung Chau. © Jian Shuo Wang

11 thoughts on “The Sea Ranch , Hong Kong

  1. Hi, Jianshuo:

    Did you try seafood in Lantau island? They are so fresh and month-watering. There were so many seafood parlors along the beach 5 years ago. I don’t know whether they are still around.

  2. what is your digital camera? would you please tell me?

    the behavior is dark environment is not bad

  3. Great pictures, Jian Shuo. I was on Lantau on Saturday, going to see Po Lin, and enjoyed the ferry ride on the way over. I’m in Shanghai now, and – thanks in part to your pictures and the info here – managed to take the Maglev on the way into town. I look forward to spending the rest of the week getting to see your city.

  4. “Minji” lives in one of these houses? Wow, she must be very rich or has a very rich dad.

    Wondering if she is still single…….

  5. Daily commuter rides could be boring but a nice book or a CD player will cure that problem—beats driving in traffic jam.

  6. hi I live in hong kong could your friend tell me how to get to ses ransnch

    my phone nuber (852)2549-3332

    mobil 98050869



  7. i heard from my friend that the network of China Telecom is available from the Sea Ranch, is that true?

  8. Hi Mr Wang,

    Do you still have friends living in this ranch? Please send me their contact information by email.



  9. How do you like living there? How’s the security? It looks like many of the apartments have been abandoned. Is there a property agent who could help us find a place there?


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