Digital Words in Real World

Zheng 2.0

Zheng was among the happiest blogger these days. He had a son on Aug 23. He called hsi son “Zheng 2.0” in his blog. Many people came and sent congratulations to the happy Zheng 1.0. (via IsaacMao). BTW, he said his son was “released”.

404 Error

Here is another example to use computer words in real world. The day before yesterday, we were busy working in a small lab when someone came to look for a person.

“Is Mr. Somebody here?”.

“404 Error” was the reply.

The man turned and disappeared. The rest bursted into laughter. Someone corrected: “I didn’t have the chance to tell him: 302 – Restroom on the 18F!”

This is the usage of the Status Code in HTTP Protocol in real life.

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