Maglev Schedule

Update: Shanghai Pudong Airport Maglev Schedule

First train: 8:30 AM

Last Train: 5:30 PM

Interval: 20 mins

Ticket Price: 40 RMB

Highest speed: 430 km/h

Trip Distance: 30 km

Single trip: 8 mins

Effective since: March 29, 2004

I created an image of the information above and put the image into my maglev related page. I hope whenever there is a change in the schedule, I can change the image so all the information on this site about Maglev become current immediately. Here is the code:

<img src=”” width=”640″ height=”240″ border=”0″ />

The schedule does not work for me. When I came to Beijing this Monday, the flight is 0840 and the first train to Pudong Airport is 0830. Fast as it is, it cannot help me to catch the flight.

Update May 17, 2007

The information was out of date. Please use this updated version.

8 thoughts on “Maglev Schedule

  1. Mr. Wang

    The Maglev from Pvg.

    Can you please tell me where is the station, as last time I was at pvg, there are no signage direct the passenger to the facility.

    Also where does it end, does it connects to the metro?

    Please revert!


  2. Hi Wang,

    I will be going to Terminal 2. Do you know if the Maglev travels to T2 directly? If not, is there transportation provided to T2? Do you know the frequency of the shuttle?

    Thanks, Ken

  3. Yes. Maglev arrives just in the middle of T1 and T2 – it is equal far from the both terminal. It is in the same building, no other transportation is needed.

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