Last Night in Shanghai

The last night in Shanghai. Let me keep today’s post short so I can allocate more time with my family.

China has got 20 golden medle so far in the Athens 2008. It is a great achivement. Congratulations!

Last Friday, when I was busy with my Project Server 2003 setup lab, my friend Lei called my mobile and asked “Check out whose voice is it on the radio!”. He was driving on the road and happened to tune to the China Radio International. On the radio was my the audio of my last interview. I said: “Yes. It appeared to be mine.”. Ha. I am a little bit surprised that they did broadcast the interview. Thanks Shen.

Later, Wendy told me that Daine, the reporter from BusinessWeek, has sent me a copy of BusinessWeek. It is very nice of him. Wendy finally find my name in the magzine with my help on the phone. There is no F5 key on the hardcopy of the magzine. She said she was disappointed to discover that I was not in the cover story. I know she was kidding.

Shanghai rained dogs and cats today. It washed my car effectively. There are two kinds of rains in Shanghai – one only left dirt on your car and the other washes your car.

5 thoughts on “Last Night in Shanghai

  1. On Sunday, August 22, 2004, Jian Shuo Wang said

    “There are two kinds of rains in Shanghai – one only left dirt on your car and the other washes your car”

    Haha! That’s such a wonderful sentence to quote!

    I’m not sure about others, but I find it quite amusing

  2. Hi, Jianshuo,

    I have been reading your blog for a few months. It really draws my great interest.

    I also tried to have a blug using some free blogsite, but runs very slowly that I am some dispointed. So a question, maybe it is stupid. Can you suggest me where I can run a private blog efficiently? How can I get it?

    Many thanks for your advice in advance.

    Greetings from Germany!


  3. I guess you have tried It is a very nice service for me. I have tried to host blog there. seems good, I didn’t try but I believe it is as good as MovableType. Of cause, if you want, you can host yourself, I have a lot of articles on how to setup a server yourseld with your own domain and run on MovableType. Check the directory..

  4. Earthmilk, good idea. Bring one if you come here these weeks. The raining season will soon be over. But according to the news, the rain that night was the heaviest in Shanghai this summer.

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