Pause for One Night

The left-most finger of my left hand started to feel pain. I suspect I am using keyboard too much these days and I have the bad habit to use the left SHIFT key only, for capital keys on both left hand and right hand. I pause the blog tonight to rest my left hand – or to be more accurate, the left-most finger.

7 thoughts on “Pause for One Night

  1. Take care Jianshuo! btw, i just found out that i only use the left shift key as well, for all capital keys on the keyboard.

  2. You must have some big hands. I can’t imagine typing capital ‘T’ with my left pinky on the shift key. Or capital ‘B’…yikes!


  3. I really admire your blog Jian Shuo, it seems that you’ve created your own little community here, congratulations! =)

    I accidentally stumbled onto some of your older entries written whilst you were still in Shanghai, and it seems that you really know a lot about the culture there. I was born in Shanghai but migrated to Australia when I was a toddler and its been almost a decade since I last went back. I’ve heard a lot has changed- coincidentally there was a television program about tourism in China, and I suppose the images of ‘Shanghai at night’ initiated my emotions of absence to the past. So basically I’ve completely lost my heritage and I’m now trying to retrace my roots. I’ve recently gained employment with KPMG Australia. The company’s really prominent in Australia, but how’s its reputation in Shanghai? I’m hoping for an international assignment in the future that will bring me back to work in the Shanghai office for a couple years. I had an option to choose between PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG, but as you can obviously tell, I went for the latter. When I told my family in Shanghai- most of them had never even heard of it. I was really surprised that one of my aunties did, but she wasn’t as thrilled as I would have expected. How would you compare the two companies in terms of prominence in Shanghai? Obviously this is open for everyone who’s reading this – I would like to hear from you all! =)

    Take care now!!!!

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