Wendy Started to Learn to Drive

Wendy completed her first driving course this morning. Now she is able to put the gear to the first and second shift. During my long business trip to Beijing, Wendy has to go to work by Metro, while the car was parked there for two weeks.

My Experience of Learning Drive

Metro is, any way, the reliable, convinient and cheap transportation. There is news that Shanghai will pause the Metro plans in response to the country wide adjustment of enocnomy. One week later, the speakman of Shanghai government proactively communicated with the citizen that the news was not true and Shanghai will continue to build more Metros in the future and move 40% of the transportation volume to Metro. The other 30% is buses.

2 thoughts on “Wendy Started to Learn to Drive

  1. That is true….the metro construction is not being put on hold (yet). Line 2 is already being expanded West and East. All in all, there will about 9 lines.

  2. WJS, I’m sure you’ve ridden on the SH metro during the peak hours of off-work time 5-7pm. Have you tried going from Line 1 to Line 2? Do you feel the oppressively crowded nature already? If they move 40% of traffic to metro, they better understand how to build more interchanges so that not everyone has to funnel through only 1 or 2 little interchanges.

    It’s like routers routing through enormous amounts of data through a 10mbits switch. It simply does NOT work as it is now. And the metros close so early at night: 11pm all of them go offline. That time should at least be extended to 2am. I can understand having fewer cars moving after 11pm, but they shut off completely currently.

    There is much to be improved for SH’s metro system if it is to be a world class transit system.

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