Where is my Sense of Safty Today?

Got an email like this in my email box. I hosted my server (not this blog) at this ISP before.


Name of ISP is removed

They told me (in case you cannot read Chinese) that I have to shut down my BBS immediately because it is not licensed.

If I do not do it, their policy is:

“If found, ban the IP first, then locate the owner. Absolutely no exception”.

I support the cracking down of porn website, but I do worry about how they approach it.

The current rule is, if you are not in the NOT evil database, you are evil.

My site has been illegal in China since 2002 and is still illegal. Check this story: My Site Remains Illegal in China learn how hard it is to get contact with the right person to get ICP.

I have to pay to proove I am NOT evil. The yearly cost is higher than the cost domain name + hosting service together.

I got similiar from every ISP I have account with this week.

Well. I am happy that I have moved my site out of ISP in Shanghai and to iPowerWeb. Otherwise, I have to worry about my site everyday.

According to law, my site is illegal and subject to be deleted without notification.

According to ISP’s practice, they will not inform their customer before they ban their sites and will proactively report whatever they know about you to police.

According to how virtual hosting works, if any of the more than 100 sites hosting on the same server is found porn content, the whole machine is take away from the Internet…..

So, where is my sense of safty today?

11 thoughts on “Where is my Sense of Safty Today?

  1. 感觉很有趣,好像在博客堂里有篇文章写的一哥们上的网站被查封了,一气之下PING了China的网站,找到IP,然后改了一下文件,然后重新登录,结果把China给封了,FT~这就是中国封黄色网站的依据,也该着China倒霉,只一个IP~

  2. Yowza! Let us know if you need people to testify to the fact that you are not evil!!!

  3. What shall we do now? Many people need this great blog. We should save it with effective actions.

  4. No true freedom in China. Not easy to be yourself. Deep inside you, there is fear implanted somehow. Right?

  5. Hello,

    I came across your website whilst researching Shanghai PuDong Airport, as i am stopping off on my way home (UK) from Sydney at the end of November. I found your website very informative and really interesting. I have now emailed the address to my friend who has just moved to Shanghai to teach. Im sure she will get alot of enjoyment and knowledge from the site. Congratulations

    Kindest Regards Beverley

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