Flying to Beijing Again

Just got my flight ticket from to Beijing.

SHA MU5103 Y 27JUL 0900 PEK

1130 RMB for single trip and 2260 RMB for double trip. It is much more expensive than from Shanghai to Hong Kong (1600 RMB round trip) or to Singapore (1999 RMB round trip). It is even more expensive than from Beijing to Sinapore (1999 RMB round trip).

Packing my package and stepping onto my journey again.

What to bring?

  • Passport (My ID got lost again)
  • Tickets
  • Camera
  • Me?
  • Anything else?

This is a business trip again.

9 thoughts on “Flying to Beijing Again

  1. The reason is that is a business trip paid by company. So he is on full rate ticket. If you go on your own money, you can buy discounted tickets at 680 RMB.

    So it is not fair to compare the full rate price with those tickets of tour package. ( those tickets are from either bulk or renting of whole plane)

  2. WJS, have you noticed that your last 40!! or so posts have been by a jerk spammer. At least when you spam you try to keep the messages short. Please delete the “ringtone spammer”!!! It would be greatly appreciated.

  3. I think the gov’t has imposed limits now on discounts carriers can give. I’m not sure about the numbers, but there are standard ticket prices for each route, and different carriers can give either a certain +/- percentage. I think it’s 40% maximum discount and 25% maximum over the standard price.

  4. Yes. Discounted tickets between Shanghai and Beijing are as low as 600 RMB (the lowest price I have ever heard of is 540 RMB for round trip).

    I believe the flights to Singapore running below their cost. The government must has put money to the airlines to help to attract more tourists to Singapore and the city/country can earn much more from shopping and hotel.

  5. WJS,

    this blog continues to be the defacto guid to travelling around China. Keep up the good work!! I wonder if you could help me? Im currently travelling in China, and need to book a flight from Shanghai to Beijing. Can you recommend a good reasonably priced English speaking travel agent to book these tickets through?

    Can you respond to my email address if possible?



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