MSN.COM Offers 2G Storage?

My frien told me to register a new email using the MSN Explorer, which is included in Windows XP to apply a new email address. I applied one and saw I have 2000M storage space.


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Is it true? I counted the zeros twice and was sure I didn’t make a mistake here. It should be a feature of MSN Hotmail Plus, but why it is free now? Puzzled. Anyway, email storage is not a *big* problem (I didn’t say it is NOT a problem) for me. Identity is. So I will stick on my exisiting hotmail address, no matter how small it is.

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  1. Yes, it is true that msn has provided 2 GB of storage. Yahoo did that a couple of weeks after they heard google (not sure) was starting to provide more storage for its email accounts. It is just another case of american competition.

  2. MSN paying accounts have 2GB of storage limit, while free Hotmail or MSN accounts will have 10MB. I just don’t know if they have already activated the 10MB for the free accounts, though.

  3. MSN Hotmail Plus will be 2gb, however, free Hotmail users will get 250mb. BTW, the free 2gb you had has been fixed, it was a temporary bug :-)

  4. oh, yeah. it’s going to be 250MB. sorry, my bad! it has already been 10MB for free accounts but will be 250MB in i-don’t-know-when. :D

  5. If you go to and pay attention to the left side before you log in. Hotmail is saying that they are providing 250MB in their free services.

    But only if you look closely…

    Only people who are from certain contries are entitled to have that 250MB free inbox (I am calling it open-discrimination.) One thing I know is that China is not included.



  6. please please can someone tell how i can get an email address,i just keep getting hotmail

    i will be very grateful

  7. i want to know how to sign up for an account. i would really appreciate it.

  8. To create email address you must sign up the new account via MSN Explorer program which be integrated in Windows XP. But you can have only 2MB storage mailbox (It’s the same for all countries you’ve chose).

  9. I made a failed attempt to sign-up for the new “” email/.NET passport account, only I got as far as Installing the MSN Explorer to being utterly stumped on the whole Dial-Up Connection Portion of the Installation Process; utterly confusing and rather annoying. Then again it’s 4:25AM ET and I can’t think straight. Perhaps I’ll give it one more shot, perhaps I need to read the Options more thoroughly. (hahha).

    Thanks for the tips though, Dude!

    I was searching for how to and where to even begin for hours on end, but with this handy-dandy site of yours, I was able to get a quick jump start before my eyes went bloodshed. Thanks, again!

    Best Regards,

    Michelle W.

  10. A good while back, msn hotmail had (BLOCK) where we write our email. It is really good to have (BLOCK) right there to where all we had to do to block a person, was just to click Block right there at our hands.

    Why did you take BLOCK off of email? Why make us go throught options to find BLOCK!! ** I know that you are trying to update MSN, but please bring back (BLOCK) on email. Most of the time, the old way is better than the new.

    Thank you


  11. Hi friends,

    My hotmail, which I had signed up way back in 1999 still gives me a meagre 2 mb and I have to delete my existing mail to get new mail, and the pathetic thing also counts Junk mail to the alloted space unlike other mails which dont.

    I used MSN explorer to get a .msn email account but I fear it works as a pop email, or it doesnt act like a webbased email, may be Im mistaken, but hope it works…. yes regarding the 250 mb thing, it is really idiotic, it discriminates amongst countries…


  12. Dear Everybody!

    Here is how to get 250 MB hotmail/msn account:

    1. Login ur hotmail account and go to options.

    2. Go to “Personal”

    3. Click “My Profile”

    4. Change Country to “United States”

    5. Wait for browser to load United states settings.

    6. Change the state to “Florida” and zip code “33332”

    7. Click “update”

    8. Click “Continue”

    9. Go to “Language” and make sure its “English”

    10. Paste


    11. Wait until the Screen says you’re Hotmail is Closed and scheduled to be deleted.

    12. Click “Close Account”

    13. Go back to login page and relogin to ur hotmail account..!!!

    Good luck!

    -Don Rumata- (

  13. Hallow .. I uesd MSN explor to get an msn account. Nice mb storage. 2000mb storage. But, its MSN somn like hotmail or is hotmail better than msn? lol like fill me in here!

  14. i want to make an email account domain cam any1 help me out

  15. hi every body friend of mine can change any e mail and convert it to 2000 Mega i duno how he don’t wanna tell me is there any one know how :s?

  16. hello ….. i am rashid from pakistan .. one day i was searching for increase in mail capacity and i found this site and did the same procedure given here to increase the capacity now i have 25 MB hotmail capacity i am very thankful to the inventor of this procedure my yahoo id is….

  17. Greetings, How can I retrieve my account. Only hotmail keeps coming up. Please help.

  18. Hye Dear Sir ,

    i want tu Make MSN Email For Example hai (

    so plz tell me how tu make dis .. so plz send me Url i want u .. make da msn is ..

    i Wait ur Mail ..


  19. hi iam amin

    iam a user in a hotmail service i wishe to know how i upgrade my hotmail storage up to 2 gb ..

    i hope to find the answer.

  20. I have email address. how i can get address. whenever i retrieve it shows the page of please help me what i do.

  21. i dl the msn explorer and still cant get the account some help plz ? i found out that u used to b able to do it at the hotmail site till they changed it. -.- some help any one ? email to

  22. the 2GB storagelimit is no temporary bug… @lest not for me

    i did the same thing ramota did for her hotmail account… thinking to get 250 MB on my msn account. This didnt work… a week later i suddenly had 2GB storage space… this was about 2 years ago.

    so might be worth tryin for others to try it to :)

  23. thaks for giving link to make id on msn…..but I am wodering that can i get 2000mb after i make id in msn…….

  24. hi….

    Tags: misc

    tell me what setting you have provide ……. i mean country and State and Postel code…….. tell me three things please

    i m waiting you email. please……………..

    i want to take my Email 2000MB please

    tell me how i can do this……… i m waiting you email………….. bye…

  25. haloxx i want to ask how did i get a email address? i tried it so hard but still coun’t maked it. so if some body know plz help me ok? i’ll be very pround ov euu. n of course i want it is a 2gb email address. thank you!!!!

  26. how to gt 2000mb of msn mailbox??? plz some body help me. email to me if possible [[]

    ]. i noe u ppl can solve this so try ur best to help me okay??? i’m from m’sia“

  27. halo islam taha i hope u see this. do u know how to upgrade to a 2000mb mailbox storage??? my name is elvin from m’sia. my email is n i hope u can teach me.send email to me okay??? thnkz!

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  29. can anyone help me to tell him how i can make my e-mail Storage 2gb plz send me E-Mail to very thnx for u



    Please someone help me out here

    Ive been searching on how to make hotmail work on outlook express but it doesnt work so ive moved onto trying to make an msn account on outlook express I just want to read my emails on outlook express. I think I need POP3 or IMAP something…but hotmail says you have to pay along with every other account, I just hate the web based version of it

  32. please please can someone tell how i can get an email address,i just keep getting hotmail

    i will be very grateful

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