My Own Web Based RSS Reader

Check my own web based RSS reader. It is based on Feed on Feeds. Let me add more explaination to this test tomorrow.


Feed on Feeds is a very nice tool written in PHP. It did some hack on the code so it caches the content into HTML in the RSS folder under archives folder in my website. I am adding more blogs I check everyday on to the list.

I run a schedule to update the blog entires every day so it always contains the latest posts from the blogs.

1 thought on “My Own Web Based RSS Reader

  1. Jianshuo:

    That’s very nice! How much time did spend setting it up?

    I am wanted to put up a web-based RSS aggregator for Chinese feeds too. The problem is the Chinese blogs I read come from both the mainland (which uses simplified Chinese and often encoded in “GB”) and Hong Kong (which uses traditional Chinese and encoded in “Big5”). It’s currently impossible to put both mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan blogs together on the same page at this point until I can find a way to automatically convert these codes at the back-end into UTF. I can only hope more Chinese blogs can adopt “UTF” code.

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