I Started the Blog to Post Resume

Wendy, XGAO and I went to Eric‘s home to enjoy the beefsteak Eric cooked by himself. It was one of the best steaks I had so far, better than the Dou Niu Shi’s. :-D Nice cooker.

After that, sitting on his nice wood-floor, we discussed about topics on career. We talked about why I started the blog. I said: “Well. I just want to build a website, so I can post my resume one day.”

I was kidding. But it was one of the reasons. Back in Jun of 2002, my friend Wu Hao told me a story about the monk and the well. It was about two monks living in the same mountain. Both of the two monks go to river far away to get water. One year later, one monk did have to go to the river while the other had to go. The reason is, the smarter monk used the year to dig a well by himself everyday, while the other one did nothing. It reveals the importance of accumulation.

I thought to write something everyday may be a good idea. Then I heard the concept of blog and I started. Maybe one day, even I leave Microsoft, the company brings me much honor and opportunity, I am no longer an employee of a famous company, I am still the writer or a famous blog. I won’t start from scratch. As the simplest example, now, if I post my resume on my blog – a site with many readers, I may have more chances than others. I learnt from private emails that some readers are executives of big companies.

It is just one example of the benefit of building influencial power on the Internet. It is the personal branding, in topku word, or the personal portal, in owen‘s word. The influencial power cannot be built in just one day but it last longer than what you archived at work. I am happy to see the site has become a media to some extend. It has the influencial power already.

6 thoughts on “I Started the Blog to Post Resume

  1. hi wassup.. i was just searchin through sites and i ran into urs… i think it is awesome how u r keepin it, i enjoy readin ur posts, u write with great wit;)…peace

  2. Hi jianshuo, please correct my link to wen-xin.net, Actually I hope to get that .com domain.

    I tried several times to keep updating two blog in both english and Chinese, But its really drives me crazy! I’d think your site was more close to be a persoanl protal implementation than I do.

    Cheers, enjoy your new position in MS.

  3. A resume can only get you an interview call. A blog should do the same. This does not mean that one has replaced the other.

    In today’s competitive job market and with the advent of Web 2.0 new avenues have opened up for both recruiters and job seekers.

    Having a blog which is up-to-date with your resume with respect to your career standing, skills and capabilities, and educational back ground, will certainly increase your chances.

  4. am signing in this blog post in its fullness. I had experiences in the past applying for ASP NET position where I was refused because I had a small flaw in my own implementation of C itoa function (converting between number systems without any help functions)

    I was really sad about it, but then after a while I have realized that if they treat candidates “as numbers” and not as people and give generic questions regardless of what you apply for, than they would probably treat me as a number once I would start to work for them.

    Life is to short for being a number :)

    Thanks for the great post!





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