Written Test for Driver’s License

Wendy decided to learn to drive. I drove her to take the written test for driver’s license and I waited outside. So I can take some pictures of the test venue and process (I couldn’t last time). I wasn’t able to capture the scene inside the testing room.

The Place

There are many venues to take written tests. They are typically far from downtown – the two I know are all out of the A20 (the outter ring). Here is the location of the testing venue Wendy went to:

These test venue are typically owned by the driving schools and monitored by Shanghai Vehicle Adminstration.

The Hall

Many people waited there to take the exam.


© Jian Shuo Wang

Entrance to the Testing Room


© Jian Shuo Wang

Shanghai uses advanced but cost-effeictive technology in the driving exam. All examinees are required to press on a finger print reader and to take a picture with the small webcam. The same finger print and photo will be checked every time the trainee practices on a car. The total hours are recorded. Only after you proove that you have attended enough training YOURSELF can you pass the exam.

CAT (Computer Aided Testing


© Jian Shuo Wang

This is the computer used to conduct the test. Examinees are required to press on the finger print reader again to verify identify before they can start the exam. The small keyboard on the right performances select (A, B, C or D) and page up, page down functions.

Wendy finally passed the exam and soon, after hand in the 4200 RMB tuition, she can start her own journey to driver’s license.

11 thoughts on “Written Test for Driver’s License

  1. Dear Jianshuo,

    Lucky of Wendy to have passed the written part, and she is certainly happy to be on her journey to the real driving experience. I took the written test twice, unfortunately failed twice:-( What a shame. Feel very bad about that. Called several friends about that. To my surprise, I am just among dozens of those who took/are going to take it for a 2nd or 3rd time. Hopefully …

  2. I am too old to have taken the theory test. Here in the UK it is multiple choice too. When I took the exam there were just 5 questions on the Highway Code at the end of the test. The ‘Highway Code’ is consistently one of the best selling books that are sold.

    I could be sexist and say that’s another woman driver going on the roads but it is a statistical fact that women are much more careful, better drivers and have less accidents than men. Their insurance premiums are therefore lower.

  3. vorrei sapere dove posso trovare la spiegazione della segnaletica per il conseguimento della patente

  4. I will have a try so I am on my 1st written test too….In China many of my friends already have the license so why not me??

  5. please could someone tell me that I have a UK driving license,will I be able to drive in shanghai or do I have to do driving test? Thanks in advance.

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  7. yeah.. RMB4,000. What a big time rip-off! They don’t even teach you how to use the rear mirror which I discovered many Chinese don’t use it. Most of the time when i get on to a taxi either the rear mirror are pushed away or absent.

    After paying RMB 4,000, how come the street are still filled with bad drivers. In other countries, driving license can be obtained by self-learning. Uhhh.. what a rip-off!… sorry, guys

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