How about Starting an Online TV Station?

I was impressed by Seattle Wireless TV (via Slashdot). It looked like a formal media (or official media) if there is no “Help Sponsor the Show!” text or the PayPal denote icon.

The host just carries a camera and go out to catch interesting things. In the June 2004 edition, they interviewed Drew from (with Doug Luce of Telarama) and recorded a presentation of Jason Levitt of Less Networks – “How Less Networks and Austin City Wireless Project beat T-Mobile”.

The simplest camera is enough. The result can be edited by (almost) free Movie Maker 2 – to add text, subtitle and credit screens.

Start the Same Kind of Station in Shanghai?

It is a silly idea to start any media, especially the network media in China right now. It will be another illegal site. Someone started to use network as a media to setup their own Internet Radio stations (Google Search, Chinese), however, I worry about their future. It may not be a problem if they are small and no one notices them. But what if it goes stronger?

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  1. Hi Jian Shuo

    Now I enjoy listening to the Internet radio stations everyday. It may be possible to run a online TV StAtioN in China oh. You want to be the first man who will be runnig ‘illegal’ online TV broadcasting…?

  2. In human’s history, control the media and filter/twist information available to the crowd used to be an effective way for the rulers. Many people died for their belief that people have right to know and have the right to say.

    Now technologies are changing our lives. Internet unites people with the same interests, hobbies, and belief all over the world, even some from most remote area.

    JianShuo, i think it is just a matter of time we hear your voice via WJS Sleepness Shanghai Radio Station.


  3. The media control is gradually loosen up, and eventually it will become independent because of the accession to the WTO.

  4. I’ve heard of news on statute to restrict media over internet(including video or flash taken on campus) released by chinese government.

    that means every legal media over internet must have the sign of: *审字 *********(in chinese)

  5. It may be hard to tell the difference between personal contents and media contents. Obviously you always can put some kind of video/audio on your blog or website, for example the streaming of live shot outside your apartment window as you did befoe. Will it be considered as a program of the WJS TV station? :-)

  6. well. whether it is considered as WJS TV Station depends on which content it has. If you put one or two, I believe it is OK. If you put many, maybe it is also OK. If you post one every day, maybe someone will go and check because they know many people are watching but don’t know what you are going to post tomorrow. :-D

  7. i am going to start a internet tv station in atlanta ga for those who want more exposure in the music business, like all the undergroundartist. but we are addind more its a one stop shop from beats to interviews, local showcases, to distribution the whole works and also those that want to produce their own internet show and live concerts in our 5800 square auditorium

  8. once you’ve got your own vid channel, post it online at for great exposure to a mass audience. its like youtube, but just for tv channels!

    or just jump on to watch all the free tv you want!

  9. What are you thinking about? In an open world such as ours, a country can block and cheat its people all the same? China has vast connections to the outside world, common people, who are friends of this person or that, are going out of and coming back into this country all the time. Can a country be ignorant of what the world is like in such a tightly-knit “world-web”? We all know that China has a booming economy, and its travelling market was expanding rapidly. So you should know its policy from this — since the people are going out of the country freely(you can investigate by asking these people how easy to get a visa). And how eager they are to learn something about the world and America — So a person with average intelligence should know a country can no longer rule its much-better informed people from the truth anymore. Yet your people are not so eager to know our country, this is the key. And your media have a stubborn prejudice against China. When you come China to report some news, you pick the proof you want, and leave the proof that refute your point, because that don’t make money. And this is how the news blackout happen in your country. Don’t sell us that rubbish again.

    I’m eager to know how long can my comment last. Because when I said something about the 9.11, my post disappeared rapidly. I’m so curious why are your points online so alike and I know now. Some form of news blackout are doing things rapidly and silently.

    Maybe you are a chinese, it’s the post for foreigners as well as for you.

  10. You can easily watch TV online using just a pc and Internet connection. And btw it’s free:)

  11. You can easily watch TV online here: using just a pc and Internet connection. And btw it’s free:)

  12. Hello! I prefer to watch TV online since I believe it to be the most civilized way to obtain knowledge and filter the time we spend on ads. When I watch anything online I usually use this screen capture software which helps me to record them even if the web site does not support downloading files.

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