ATMs as WiFi Hotspots

What an intersting and crazy idea: ATMs as WiFi hotspots. It is a cool idea because

  • It has electricity power
  • It must have a telephone line
  • It is expensive (so people don’t care too much to put a Wifi AP)
  • It is placed in crowded business centers where people more likely need WIFI
  • People can easily pay for WIFI (if they are not free).

The original idea comes from nyc at typepad but I cannot access the site via my dial up to 16300 (User name 16300, password 16300). It seems has been blocked. Anyway, the idea is cool. I love it.

How I eager to find a WIFI very soon? I am getting back from WIFI to dial up. There is no ADSL, no Cable Modem in Pudong. I just found out the FTTB+LAN by Telecom is also not opened yet although the line has been deployed to my room. I miss the Network Infrastructure in my previous home in Pudong. As you can see, the above are major broadband solutions in Shanghai: ADSL, Cable Modem, China Telecom FTTB+LAN, Greatwall Broadband…

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