Cable Modem Unavaible in Pudong

I thought Pudong is a completely new area. I was wrong. Tonight, I borrowed a cable modem from Xiao Gao, hoping to install it in my home. Since the cable modem authentication is bound to MAC address, it should be connect-and-play without entering user name or password.

I connected the black magic box of cable modem to the cable port but the cable light didn’t turn on. I called 96877 for help. They checked the address of my apartment and told me: “Sorry. The cable TV system is not upgraded to support duplex data transfer right now. So it is impossible to install cable modem in your apartment”.

I asked whether there is a plan for the upgrade, the answer is “I don’t know”.

This reminded me that Pudong is not built from ground up. The areas are upgraded from counties and villages where the basic infrastructure is still not as good as Puxi. Puxi has been a CITY for two hundred years while Pudong is not. I cannot expect a brand new area there. Pudong new district, the government, is new, while Pudong is old, very old.

P.S. I helped Patrick, the first user of my Apartment Offered Form to put his apartment on this site. To avoid putting such advertisement (although it is free public service) to the headline of this blog, I marked all such posts’ date to be May 22, 2004.

8 thoughts on “Cable Modem Unavaible in Pudong

  1. I met the same situation in my home at Xinzhuang(Minhang District). So I have no choice but use adsl. Maybe its cost is the highest for a broadband internet access in Shanghai,which is 150RMB/month for 2M speed.

  2. HI, I wanted to know whether there are good links in chinese or english about chinese consumer trends, thanks

  3. don’t have cable modem in baoshan either. cable modem is only available in downtown shanghai. that’s why i’m still feeding on telephone line.

  4. Cable Modem Is Available In Pudong (at least since 2003)

    Ok, I don’t know where you stayed in Pudong, but…

    What do you mean “The areas are upgraded from counties and villages where the basic infrastructure is still not as good as Puxi”. Don’t exaggerate! I have been useing cable modem at my apartment in Pudong for almost 1 year!

    My apartment is near Tang Qiao, along the Pujian Rd.

    ISP: You Xian Tong

  5. I have to put a disclaimer to this article as I put in my previous one: The information is not for Pudong as a whole. It is for the area I am living.

  6. hi..i just move to shanghai..from the blog, i assume that cable modem is faster than adsl n its cheaper too. does anyone can tell me where can i subscribe to have a cable modem at my apartmen? i live in Xujiahui, Anhui Lu. thx

  7. I believe, This does not mean that cable is not available. This just means that this particular MAC address is not allowed though that particular port at the service provider’s switch. It is called mac-based authentication. This protects the service provider against “roaming” so to speak.

    Best regards,


  8. how can i activate my internet access in my mobile. we had a wireless connection and modem in house. so please help me to use my mobile for my emails. thanks!

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