Wangjianshuo’s Blog is Famous

I am really flattered. Tchoo-Tchoo sent me MSN Message:

  • “You know you are really famous among foreigners…”
  • “I happen to discover that almost every French friend of me have visited your blog and are regular readers”
  • “I was so pound of myself to tell them that I KNOW YOU PERSONALLY”
  • “They were all surprised: Really? how do u know this guy?”

Thanks Tchoo-Tchoo. It brings me good mood to the day. I want to put a small announcement here: “Yes. I know a wonderful girl named Tchoo-Tchoo. She is a good girl with many independent thoughts.” I hope this give her some visibility among all her friends.

45,000 Unique Visitors

I checked my server log and was surprised to find that the average monthly unique visitors to this site increased 45,000 per month. That means, 45,000 persons from 109 countries visited my website every month!

People in the following 109 countries/regions are visiting Wangjianshuo’s Blog

    ae United Arab Emirates

    al Albania

    ar Argentina

    at Austria

    au Australia

    aw Aruba

    ba Bosnia and Herzegowina

    be Belgium

    bg Bulgaria

    bn Brunei Darussalam

    br Brazil

    bs Bahamas

    by Belarus

    bz Belize

    ca Canada

    cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands

    ch Switzerland

    cl Chile

    cn China

    co Colombia

    cr Costa Rica

    cu Cuba

    cy Cyprus

    cz Czech Republic

    de Germany

    dk Denmark

    do Dominican Republic

    ec Ecuador

    ee Estonia

    eg Egypt

    es Spain

    fi Finland

    fj Fiji

    fr France

    gr Greece

    gt Guatemala

    hk Hong Kong

    hn Honduras

    hr Croatia (local name: Hrvatska)

    hu Hungary

    id Indonesia

    ie Ireland

    il Israel

    in India

    ir Iran (Islamic Republic of)

    is Iceland

    it Italy

    jm Jamaica

    jp Japan

    ke Kenya

    kh Cambodia

    kr Korea, Republic of

    ky Cayman Islands

    kz Kazakhstan

    lb Lebanon

    lk Sri Lanka

    lt Lithuania

    lu Luxembourg

    lv Latvia

    ma Morocco

    mg Madagascar

    mk Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav republic OF

    mt Malta

    mu Mauritius

    mx Mexico

    my Malaysia

    na Namibia

    ni Nicaragua

    nl Netherlands

    no Norway

    np Nepal

    nu Niue

    nz New Zealand

    pa Panama

    pe Peru

    pf French Polynesia

    ph Philippines

    pk Pakistan

    pl Poland

    pt Portugal

    qa Qatar

    ro Romania

    ru Russian Federation

    sa Saudi Arabia

    se Sweden

    sg Singapore

    si Slovenia

    sk Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

    sy Syrian Arab Republic

    tc Turks and Caicos Islands

    tg Togo

    th Thailand

    to Tonga

    tr Turkey

    tt Trinidad and Tobago

    tv Tuvalu

    tw Taiwan, Province of China

    ua Ukraine

    ug Uganda

    uk United Kingdom

    us United States

    uy Uruguay

    ve Venezuela

    vi Virgin Islands (US)

    vn Viet Nam

    yu Yugoslavia

    za South Africa

    zm Zambia

    zw Zimbabwe

    Source: Wangjianshuo’s Blog Site Statistics of May, 2004

Even I cannot believe this. I started in 2001, put some pages on to the hosted server at Hotsales, and was very happy to see two or three visitors coming to my personal page everyday. When I put the Pudong Airport information on to my personal site and it quickly went to the #1 result in Google for Pudong airport. I know a report about Shanghai from a local resident’s perspective may be interesting. I put more information like taxi and map onto the site and traffic is moving up. When I started my blogging site in 2002, the number of visitors kept increasing every month. Now I see about 2000 unique IP address in my server log everyday and I know a large portion of them are regular visitors (because 38% of page views comes from direct URL or bookmark). 5.5% visitors stayed on this website for more than 30 minutes and 2% stayed for more than 1 hour. I am very encouraged. Thanks everyone for your support. Well. Now it is a famous site. Haha.

11 thoughts on “Wangjianshuo’s Blog is Famous

  1. I agree that your blog is one of the famous blogsites. Maybe because Shanghai is not just a great place to visit or work but also because you are such a great and accommodating person. You’re really doing a good job with your blog. I actually suggested to my friends to visit your site and they were really amazed at it and enjoyed reading your entries. Keep up the good work, Jian Shuo, our friend in Shanghai. :-D

  2. your blog is always a good read. in fact, i check in several times daily! the next opportunity i have to visit shanghai i would certainly like meet up with you. then i can tell everyone that i know you just like tchoo2 :)


  3. Well, my turn to feel flattered now…:) thank you jianshuo. ur blog deserves every good comment, it not only contains plenty of intersting information of shanghai, but is also filled with your big passion, your funny ideas, and your unique thoughts.


  4. Hi,

    I agree with her your blog is very good, and with you for the “a wonderful girl named Tchoo-Tchoo.”


  5. Yes, I love WJS’s blog very much. It is very honest and informative. Only question now is:

    With the knowledge of the site’s popularity, will WJS’s head increase in size as well? ;-)

  6. I found this blog sometime last year when I was interested in a job at MS Shanghai and tried to find related information. Not only did I find his blog very interesting and informative, but also that was the first time I knew about the existence of Weblog — a really good start of my blog reading experience. His site has a good blend of things he heard, observed and did, and his interesting and profound thoughts. This blog is attractive not only to the foreigners but also to the Chinese people. Several months ago I introduced ( his blog to The Returnees Forum ( and many have found his information very valuable…. Thank you Jianshuo and keep up the good work!

  7. Thanks everyone: earthlink, mw, tchoo-tchoo, Rogi, STef, mathlete, and JH. I am overwhelmed by your good comments. More story about Shanghai will come along the years to come.

  8. great site, i enjoyed reading the many insights about chinese society.

    all the best, from

    San Francisco, Ca

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