Cheap and Clean Motel in Shanghai – Motel168

screen-wangjianshuos.pick-logo.pngYesterday, I met my sister-in-law and other 5 teachers from the primary school I graduated. They just returned from Hangzhou and visited Shanghai. I took the assignment to arrange a cheap but comfortable hotel for them. It is not an easy job, since a hotel that is both cheap and good is not easy to find everywhere in the world.

I recommended Motel 168 which is near my previous Vanke Waltz House. I am glad that they are very happy with the small motel, and would like to recommend this hotel to my readers.


Motel 168 is a chain hotel that will have 10 more branches in Shanghai. The one they stayed last night is the Liuzhou Rd. Motel. It is relatively closer to Xujiahui and only 1,000 meters with the Metro Line #1.


Map in courtesy of SMI


Their standard room for two persons cost only 198 RMB per night (or 25 USD/night). That is very good price already. Their rooms are clean and the lobby/bars are very good. Here are some pictures.



© Jian Shuo Wang

The lobby looks better than some 3 stare hotels in China. The receiptions are very nice. Some of them speaks good English.

Wash Room


© Jian Shuo Wang

The wash room is clean without any bad smell.



© Jian Shuo Wang

They painted their rooms in vivid colors, like red, green and purple. This one is a green room.


There is a TV in each room.


© Jian Shuo Wang. Sign outside the hotel



© Jian Shuo Wang.

Mobile charger. I remember if you put one RMB coin into the machine and it allow you to charge your mobile phone. They provided many kinds of outlet so one must match your mobile.



The entrance at night. As any other motel, it provides a large parking area.


The bar in the lobby of the motel. It is rare for such level (less than 25 USD) hotel to have a bar in Shanghai.


© Jian Shuo Wang

Cards Accepted


© Jian Shuo Wang

According to the plate, they accept Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, JCB, and Yinliang – The China Bank Cards.

All rooms are covered by Wireless LAN.

Detailed Map

Want detailed map? I am leveraging my new Shanghai Map Viewer to located it.

It is near Metro Cao Bao Rd. Station.


The hotel is near the Everbright Exbition and Convention Center. The rooms are very hot and almost all occupied for most time. Very advanced booking is needed.

Their reservation hotline line is +86-21-63168168. Their website is

46 thoughts on “Cheap and Clean Motel in Shanghai – Motel168

  1. Hey, Thanks for the information. I am planning a trip to Shanghai later this year. I guess this hotel will be one of my options. Shanghai has changed so much. I am not sure how far this hotel is from the river and Nanjing Road. Anyway I am glad bumpping into your site. Keep up your good work.


    Portland, Oregon


  2. Great web site!!

    My wife,daughter and I are going to Shanghai in Oct./Nov. 04. My sister-in-law is teaching there for 4 months, so we decided to visit her for a few weeks.

    This is the best site for honest info about Shanghai!

    Keep up the great work!

    keep in touch!

    We live in Toronto too! If I see your brother I’ll say :)


    Toronto (North York)



  3. Great info! From the pictures it looks like a nice, clean, cheap place to stay. Can you give me the address and their phone number please? Thanks!

  4. Hi Mr Jian,

    I will be travelling alone to Shanghai in Nov 2004. Look like like a nice place to stay, would you be able to tell me what is the price range in Renminbi.

  5. Very helpful and interesting about the Motel.

    I am looking for a hotel NOT expensive in the region of Liu Haisu Art Museum, located 1660 Hong Qiao Road.

    Please take note of opening of exhibition ” Prints in Progress” by CORNEILLE BEVERLOO Dutch Cobra artist, 2 July 2004 at 3p.m.

  6. hi Shuo Wang , I am going to Shanghai end of the month, do you have any map which is good enough for me to print out, i don’t mind the file size

    Ivan Lim

  7. I stayed in the Anyuan Road branch of Motel168 in mid-October. Although cheap, it was quite noisy. The halls are not carpeted, meaning you can hear everyone walking outside your room. And the doors all slam shut! Needless to say, dont stay there if you need to get some sleep. The check-in/out service was also quite slow.

    Another cheap hotel in Shanghai that has a great location is the Pujiang Hotel ( It is especially good for parties of 4 or 5.


  8. Hello,

    I am going to attend the 7th China International Chemical Industrial Fair.

    Venue : Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center.


    Which Hotel you suggest me to choose. Can I get Hotel ranging USD $ 16 to $ 20. Please Suggest.

  9. Thanks very much for the pictures and Information.I am planning to visit Shanghai this summer and have been looking for a decent price place to live for few days. I fell very lucky to find your website. Thanks for all the hard work!

    Jennifer from Toronto, Canada

  10. I’m visiting Shanghai with my friends this month. Although i have already made a reservation, i was a little worried about the facilities because i could not check the specific information about the hotel.

    thanks for the information. it was very helpful.

    Hyojin Kwon from Korea

  11. Motel168 just expanded to almost 20 hotels in China. The speed is amazing. It is definitely a nice choice – if your budget is limited. Of cause you won’t expect something as good as a star hotel for 20 to 30 USD per night room.


  13. My sisters and i will be visiting shanghai this 17 November. I heard winter will be early and it will be really cold by then. I’v read that some hotels in shanghai doesn’t have a heater, would you know if Motel 168 have heaters and hair dryers available in their rooms? I hope you’ll have time to email me the answer, thanks!

    By the way, I’m really thankful for your blog, it’s a big help for tourist like us. Keep up the good work. :)

  14. I’ll be travelling to Shanghai this month. Is there any hotel you can suggest (below USD 50), preferable near Tao Lin Road (World Center)?

    Thank you.

  15. Hi, We’re planning to go in Shanghai this coming June. I have 5 other companions, most of them are officials. Can you guarantee that Motel 168 is real good as a budget hotel? Do they have heaters and hair dryers for each room. Would you know the weather in Shanghai these days? Thanks a lot for the information. I’m looking forward to hear from you soon…

    Best REgards…


  16. Hi Leah, I posted the pictures I took two years ago. Personally, I think it is a cheap, clean, and decent hotel. I love to stay in it. However, the standard of good varies greatly from person to person. So judge yourself from the photos and my description and have your conclusion of whether it is good or not in your standard. At least, it is definitely good for the price they charge. I am not sure about heaters and hair dryers – I guess, they may not have that.

    June in Shanghai will be a little bit hot, but still good. July and August will be crazy. Also, in June, it rains a lot.

  17. Hello,

    Thank you for your excellent site and info.

    We will be taking the train from Beijing to Shanghai. We would also like to visit the Xiangyang Market and other sites. Can you recommend a hotel 168 or another budget hotel close to both the train station and the market.

    thanks you,


  18. Hi there!

    I will be in this motel from the next monday and thank you for the detailed informations.

    A chinese friend booked it for me, and i will post another comment when i was there.

    Greetings from Germany!

  19. I am looking for hotel not more than 30 dollas a night. It must be clean, I mean clean. It that such hotel exist in Shangahi? Please guy help me. I am looking to fly in the next two weeks.

    Thanks a lot


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  21. Hello. Need your help on this. Heard most Hotels in Shanghai got curfew. Not allow to bring “guest” back to hotel after 1030/11pm afraid the Gong-An will catch. Do you have any suggestions on cheap hotels that i can bring guest back after midnight? Is this Motel 168 allow that?

  22. I stayed in YesInn in Shanghai, it is a newly decorated budget hotel. The standard room is very nice with Chinese art deco style. Free DVD, flat screen TV, wireless WI Fi, internet bar, lobby lounge and breadfast includd. Quite amazing, much more service provide than any other budget hotel. i think it is more a boutique hotel with character. try it when you stay in Shanghai.

  23. I am staying in the Motel168 on An Yuan Road just now. We have a family/composite room.

    Here are my comments:


    1) It is cheap.


    1) the shower leaks and floods the bathroom;

    2) there is no shower mat in the bathroom so the floor is very very slippy;

    3) the toilet doesn’t flush and blocks easily;

    4) the maid doesn’t provide clean crockery;

    5) the hotel is quite dirty;

    6) the heating doesn’t heat the downstairs of the room;

    7) there is no fridge in the room (although the room is so cold you don’t need it);

    8) the beds are as hard as the floor;

    9) the international direct dial on the phones doesn’t work;

    I won’t be staying in this place again. I would rather pay double, even triple, and stay in a nicer hotel.


  24. Dear Sir / Ma’am,

    Lovely pictures. I wish to stay in this Hotel for a few weeks. What is your best rate that you can offer me ? Do you have branches or tie up in other cities like Guangzhou, Qingdao, Huanzhou etc.

    I am looking for the most economical & best accomodation as i’m in marketing and will be a constant customer month after month as because of my circular tour to various cities across eastern coast of China.

    Thanking You,


    Madhuresh Kumar Sinha

    Zydex Industries

  25. I am about to come to China from Africa and I am seeking friends and a nice cheap hotel. I plan to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks and hope to make some friends there when I come. I am a business man who deals in electronics i.e mobile phones and computers and I also have good knowledge in transportation management. I am looking for business partners as well to enter farming, (livestock, crops and fish farming) in Ghana and hope I get interested people. Please send me an email on and lets get to talking business.



    tel: 00233 27 7130209

  26. I stayed in Motel 168 of Luizhou rd on 22nd of Feb on my last night of Shanghai. It is close to Tanjing rd which are full of shopping plazas, banks and fast food outlets. It is clean, comfortable and efficient. I think this hotel was owned by europeran muti nationaly company. My impression was downstair clean toilet for someone who can not wait for reaching upstair.

    If someone wish to live close to airport, it is not right choice. It is very far from Pudong Intl airport. One and half hour need to go to airport with taxi.

    It has own bar and restaurant so it is convenient to buy beer and meals. Reception and Cashier staff are friendly. Toilet is western design push button and water flow is smooth too.

    Motel 168 chain hotels are marketed for budget travellers and backpackers. Not for business class and luxury minded travellers. I like this hotel because price is reasonably cheap and having western look. I wish I have more nights to stay at this cute hotel.

  27. hey im planning to stay in motel 168 for….like from bout 2 to 8, but im 13 only, so i was wondering if u need an ID to get a room in motel 168.

  28. Hi,

    I read wtih dismay of Adrian’s posting (13/2/2007) regarding the bad points of Motel 168 on An Yuan Road. Could someone throw some light on Motel 168 on 531 Jinling Road of which I was thinking of making a reservation for my coming trip? Thank you.


  29. Hello,

    I arrive Sunday and I want to book a room for 2 people in your hotel I would be at the airport Sunday morning a shanghai, send me your rates for 2 people, and the address to come.

  30. Hi,

    Can anyone provide me with more information about the branch at motel168上海金陵路店 (i.e. Jin Ling Rd ).

    How do I go about making reservations? Through phone or the website? And how many days in advance should i book?

    Also, is the hotel safe? Would I have to lug valuables and lappy around with me everywhere?

    Thank you very much for your help!

  31. I stayed at Motel 168 in Shanghai. I would not recommend this hotel to any Western visitor. The staff was unfriendly, did not speak English, and attempted to charge more for the room than what our reservation showed. Even after we showed the price as printed from the computer, she attempted to charge us double. I believe they were attempting to rip us off.

    The hotel was clean, but it was not at a convenient location. Most cab drivers could not even find the location.

  32. Seems very expensive to me for what you got. I’ve stayed better for similar price (including free phone charging).

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