Hi, I am naughty. I just want to check out whether the ranking of this page is somewhere near the top in Google result for Wicresoft. Haha. I hope it is on the first page.

Update It is the Forth Result for Wicresoft in Google May 31, 2004

This entry becomes the forth sites returned in Google for keyword Wicresoft. :-D


21F, Bund Center,

No. 222, Yan An East Rd.

Telephone: (86-21) 63352266


Update It is the First Result for Wicresoft in Google June 13, 2004

Nirmalya Ghosh reminded me that it is the first result in Google now.

I have been working in the office of Wicresoft for half year. It is a great company with passionate and smart people. They are working hard on Software Support Outsourcing. I believe it is the leading company in this field in China. Here is the official website of Wicreosoft.

How Did I Managed to Do it?

This is a public secret: creating good content and Google will like you. Check PageRank – Higher Position in Google Result

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  1. Here I am, trying to research Wicresoft and you’re clogging up the search results. Well done on your number one position ;-)

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