MovableType 3.0 Released

Breaking news. MovableType 3.0 Developer Edition was Released. I waited for this for a long time.

Everyone wants to create big things. MovableType is one of the big things in the world. I admire what the creators achieved today. Maybe it is by chance, but they are more successful than any online software companies.


I am reading First Things First. I will install MovableType 3.0, at the end of this month. To upgrade is something interesting, but is not so important to the overall quality of a site. ….. according to the book.

8 thoughts on “MovableType 3.0 Released

  1. Hey,

    Have you got MT 3.0D running on XP yet? I have been trying to get it going on my W2K machine and have been having lots of issues. In looking the the MT site there seem to be a number of people experiencing the same things.

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