Back to Shanghai via Train 1660

I am back to Shanghai via train 1657 (from Luoyang to Shanghai). After the fifth speed-up of the whole train system in China, the train I rely on to go home and get back to Shanghai – No. 1658/1660, is even slower than before. :-( It has to give way for other “faster” trains.

Anyway, it is very nice to get to Shanghai and I observe something new. There are some new building and the weather is hotter. It smells as summer already.

Update August 2, 2004

Comparing to the miserable condition of normal sleeper train, the new Beijing to Shanghai train is much better. Check pictures here:

Train from Beijing to Shanghai

7 thoughts on “Back to Shanghai via Train 1660

  1. How long was the train trip? I remember taking a train from Shanghai to Beijing about 20 years ago. I didn’t remember too much because I was too young, but the most memorable was the bunk beds, stacked up 3 on each side and the toilet room! Oh boy…that smell I can still remember :(

  2. it takes 11 hours 58 minutes from Shanghai to Beijing by taking “Z” type trains WITH NO STOP today. I remember it’s a 20+ hours trip years ago.

  3. hehe, henan laoxiang,i m from San Menxia and now working in singapore.

    you blog is very nice. hehe^_^

    btw,i almost read through all the articles.

  4. How much did you pay for the fare, i mean from Shanghai to Luoyang? The last time i took train trip in China is about 10 years ago. I remember at that time, the train number 1 -100 are the most experss ones. For example, 13/14 and 21/22 were running between shanghai to Beijing. Train 100 – 199 are direct express and 200-399 are express trains. Train with number 400+ are local ones. There were some premium compartment, called Ruan-Wo, reserved for ranking communist cardres. It means you had to be certain level official to ride a train in those compartments. In 1994, i managed to buy a premium Ruan-Wo ticket with help of a friend in Chengdu. I was successful sneaked on the express train to Beijing with some other two unqualified panssengers. We were OK for the first 6-8 hours then suddenly the crew started to check IDs. My two unfortunate trip mates had been kicked out to regular Ying-Wo compartment. Showing my Chinese passport, I told them i was sent to Sichuan by central government and was approved to ride premium compartment. Since at that time, i guess passport is not as normal as nowadays, the crew trusted me and let me stay.

    I am sure many things of Chinese railway system changed since then, but that trip was still a fresh memory until today. Maybe it is because I think it is a steal for unqualified me to successfully ride that “premium” compartment.

  5. Shen, what you said is very true in the old times. No everything changes.

    The speed of the train is marked by characters, instead of numbers. Train number starts with K means speedy train.

    There is no regulations for Ruan Wo currently. The transportation department was thrown into the market and they also face hot competition from other alternatives like bus and air. Now their problem is to get enough people for Ruan Wo (if not in holidays.)

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