Sony Ericsson GC75 in Shanghai

Eric kindly lent me his Sony Ericsson GC75 GPRS Wireless Modem.

Image in courtesy of Sony Ericsson

With this card and my GPRS enabled China Mobile SIM card, I can access Internet at any time. Here is the driver (download from It has pre-entered all the information needed to connect to China Mobile network.

After downloading, simply open the GC75 Manager and I am connected to the next work in few minutes. Now, I can update my blog from home. It is great!


Screen short of GC75 Manager


Speed is good

Hehe. Wireless + Pudong is a great combination.


  1. Cool! Thanks for the writeup. I’m gonna check this out on May 1.

    Glad to hear you can now update your blog in the comfort of your home. :)

  2. That’s cool……be nice in the U.S. except T-Mobile is getting rid of free GPRS =(

  3. Yes. There is no all-you-can-eat GPRS service in Shanghai. You can pay 200 RMB per month for 100M data transmision.

  4. That’s a bit more than I would pay considering I’ve had it free =) Anyways, if I’m in Shanghai, the LAST thing I would be doing is surfing the web (unless I lived there).

  5. CDMA 1X is more cool and its network is covered in the big cities

  6. Thanks for your information. I find this webpage through because I lost my GC75 card driver. Thanks for you again and I can use my GPRS service in Shanghai.

  7. Tarun Dev Sharma

    July 1, 2004 at 2:33 pm

    Thanks Man, I had lost my driver and so was unable to use it, but you are an angel man, all I wish now is that I get a bit of good speed back in India so I can complete the download. Thanks A Ton

  8. Hi there, Mitscha from Denmark here..I just spent 3 all-too-short weeks in China, and bought a DCWL-380G GPRS-card from Digital China in Beijing.It uses all the same drivers as Sony-Ericssons GC75, but IS it the same card?

    I have some trouble installing the card,as it comes up with an errormsg abt Com-port and/or interrupt.

    Do you know anyone that cld help me out,pls?

    Greets to y’all

  9. Yeah! I’ve spent 4 hours for looking the GC75 driver. Thanx man.

  10. Hey man, I got the Driver, Thanks a Lot. You are an angel

  11. Thank You very much. It’s very helpful.

  12. Pleas send me driver. Serwer nie odpowiada. Pozdrowienia from Poland :)

  13. can any body help me, my gprs pc card modem gc75 it wont change from digicel to cable & wireless. i need to use back my cable & wireless sim

  14. is there any known sites i can download my gc75 drivers, i realy in need my got a bad scratch…. please help

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