Maglev at Long Yang Station

Curious about the other end of the Maglev, after seeing the pictures at Pudong Airport? Here you are:

The building with curve roof is the Maglev station. The white building behind is the station of Shanghai Metro Line #2. So you can take Metro directly after you get off the Maglev train.


© Jian Shuo Wang.


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang

10 thoughts on “Maglev at Long Yang Station

  1. your pictures are wonderful.

    i am fascinated with trains and subways, and shall look forward to riding the maglev.

  2. There is something disheartening about a ‘monorail’ type structure terminating in mid air. Neat looking station, though!

  3. I love your site especially the map. Must be the best on line streetmap in China

    Perhaps just the best streetmap.

    regards Tom

  4. Your website is really useful!

    First, I searched for the Pudong Airport by Google and your site was on the top!

    I wondered why your website was no.1, not Pudong Airport Official website, but now I know.

    Thanks for your crystal clear information and I can decide which transportation will be suitable to me and my group.

  5. last week, I found the outbound taxi stand at Long Yang Station is occupied by a group of vigilante taxi drivers who asked twice of the normal fare for all passengers. To avoid that, simply go to the departure area and ride the inbound taxi to your destination.

    I was told the situation has existed for some time.


  6. I am finishing my tour with a group and extending my stay so that I can take the express train from Shanghai to Nanjing. Do I need to buy the return train tickets before my day of departure? I intend to return to a Shanghai hotel the day before my departure by using the Maglev. Since the Maglev Long Yang Station is connected to the Metro line 2, what budget hotels are located near the Metro Line 2? Also, can I purchase the Maglev tickets just before my departure or do I have to purchase ahead of time? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

  7. Hi

    This is my first time travelling in Shanghai. I would like to have a day trip to Zhujiajiao from Shanghai. I read someone’s blog suggesting to ride a cab from Longyang Road which is the meglav stop from shanghai Pudong airport to Zhujiajiao (~1hr ride). How can I get to the Longyang Road from the city? What is the best route to Zhujiajiao from the city? Please recommend.



  8. This is my first time travelling in Shanghai. I wanted to know how we can go to JW Marriott Tomorrow Square at Nanjing West Road.

    Will it be possible for me to take the Maglev Train to theJW Marriott hotel in Nanjing West Road.

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