Migrating Scripts

This post is the insider information about the scripts used in this website. It is recorded for my future reference and may serve as inspiring tips for others running the same site.

Content of my old /scripts/ folder

[ads] – personal advertisement server so I can serve advertisement in the Featured section of my previous design. I decided not to use this for my new site since Google’s AdSense is a good one. It provides the functionality of Alternative Ad when a google Ad cannot be served. I can point it to my AD page to serve my own ad. Done

[air] – this part was written in ASP to serve China Domestic Flight information. I am planning to migrate it, by the end of April.

[bbs] – this is a BBS for my high school classmates. There is no link on any page of this site but my classmates. It is written in ASP so I have to leave it on the old server. I am redirecting all pages to the old server on CompanyCN. Done

[bill] – Ops. What is this? An empty folder. I forgot why I created it.Done

[commentsubscribe] – Oh. This is great feature for people to subscribe to comment thread. I am going to migrate it this month, so the subscribe this comment thread function will start to work after I put the check box on each page for so long time.

Updated April 20, 2004

Since the CommentSubscribe function has been migrated from PHP to CGI, I installed the CGI version this time. It is good news for me.

[google] – I tired to put all Google AD script code into a JavaScript file in this folder, but it didn’t seem to work. After migrating to SQL database, rebuild is fast so I won’t hesitate to rebuild the whole site now. I don’t need it.

[Hello] – folder for me to test new scripts such as “hello world”.

[links] – This was very important scripts for me to build the Yahoo!-like directory. It stopped working on iPowerWeb host. I am working hard to find out the reason.

[mailer] – Attempted to use this Mailer to send email, but failed. After changing server, sending email is very easy. So I don’t need it.

[mangle] – Mangle is the code name for the China Domestic Flight information project. It is changed to “air” folder so it is no longer useful.

[map] – Wow. This is an important application. The map view of Shanghai map. It attracted half of the visit before. It was written in ASP and I have re-write it in Perl.

[MTcn] – This is another MovableType installation to host pages for Wendy. She used this copy to maintain her blog.

[photo] – I used ImageMagick to create thumb view of all pictures on my computer. Since the new server does not support ImageMagick, I cannot use it any longer. Maybe I can create offline and upload the results.

[php] – Something like Hello, a place for me to learn PHP.

[pmwiki] – an installation of PMWiki. Not sure if I can still install it onto the new server.

[point] – another alias for the air.

[postcard] – scripts to send post card from this server. It is simple but useful. I will try to install it.

[proxy] – Scripts to try proxy.

[sendtofriends] – send a page to friend. Now MovableType support it.

[sms] – Scripts to send SMS to me via website.

[thanksforcomment] – a slash screen to show the big “Thank you for your comment” logo. You may have some impression of it if you follow this blog long enough. I don’t use it now.

[today] – Post on the same day of last year. Retired.

[usemod] – another Wiki engine. Retired.

[wap] – Use my WAP-enabled mobile to see comments on this site.

[webcam] – scripts to dynamically find out the source IP of my webcam. Retired after I found VICP.NET.

[wiki] – the OpenWiki engine.

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