Gasoline Price Goes Up

I never noticed the the change of gasoline price before I bought my car. The bad news for me is, the price of gasoline goes up by 8% from 3.23 RMB/L to 3.47 RMB.

The traffic is still bad recently if not worse. I start to drive my car to work and back. The life of having a car is fun but expensive. The parking lot at Metro City is 600 RMB/month. I have to say, it is a huge discount already since it charges 10 RMB per hour for others.

The site

The site is still not working very well recently. The domain resolution does not take effect until late tomorrow. So you still cannot access, but is up and running, which is the best news among the bad news.

4 thoughts on “Gasoline Price Goes Up

  1. Jian Shuo, can you please remove this unsightly comment above?? Hmm, u might want to put up some filter that would block any expletives in commentary.

    On the other hand, the server seems crank out the pages after now that it’s on iPowerWeb.

  2. Jian Shuo, you are a star. I am travelling to Nanning (Guangxi) in September for a holiday and am very seriously thinking of living permanantly in China. Your blog has given me more good information about life and living in China than all the guide books and info sites put together. It is also far more positive than comments, posts or sites written by many of the moaning and groaning expatriates who cannot look beyond the end of their noses. I can understand why China and Japan stayed closed to foreigners for so many centuries.

    Keep up the good work, Sir, and I hope you, your friends and your lovely wife enjoy success and happiness in all you do.

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