Using Contact Lenses

My glasses were broken the night before the last. I put it on the bed (what a stupid action) and put my arm on it (this will happen in the future if not today). It broken from the middle. Now I two identical parts of the glass. One is the left lens with the left leg and the other is the right lens with the right leg. I have to get a new frame but couldn’t find some time to go to a glasses store.

Fortunately, I stocked some contact lenses at the time when I started to learn swimming.

It was not easy to learn to wear contact lenses. I still cannot put it on. I have to ask Wendy to help put it on. I cannot relax and my eyes always closed tightly when Wendy attempted to put the lenses into my eyes.

It was terrible experience. So it was to Wendy.

It took up to ten minutes course to put the lens into both eyes in the morning and at least 5 minutes to take it off at night. Everytime when it was done, I saw a red-eyed face in the mirror, full of tear.

Was it me, the poor guy?

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  1. poor STeF must have the same feeling. He’s always been a serious-looking STeF before mirror, facing his pair of contact lenses, just like facing a troup of enemy.

  2. It will get better, do you remember the first time you drive or try parallel parking? Things just get better

  3. Yeah, I had the same thing last year when I decided to get contact lenses. Your first biological reaction is always to protect your eyes, so it is natural to want to squeeze it shut when putting something in there. The best advice I can give is to practice putting it on and off 5 times every morning, and 5 times every night, and you’ll soon get used to it. Try this: look straight ahead and pretend there is something you have to see very far away, and gradually put the lenses on. Works for me, heh.

  4. Suprised that you buy contact lense for swimming. I wear contact lenses, but I use Goggles With Optical Correction when I go swimming.

    Wearing contact lense is a matter of practice.

    After 10 years of using, I can wear with one hand and without mirror. SO you must practice. Anyway, I think a spare pair of Spectacles is important for you.

    The advantage of wearing contact lense is that my eyes are not be deformed as other short-sights who wear glasses.

    The drawback is that my eyes are easily red, in office, shopping… :(

  5. Yah contact lenses are quite tricky to put in its a matter of angling it so that it will just pop in. Sometimes it dont stay flat in that position.

  6. I remember when i first got contacts. they where a pain the the neck but i’ve finally figured out how to use them and they are the most wonderfull things, and much easier to use then eye glasses. I still dont know how they work though. Do you know how they work and what the different parts are called and what the different parts do?

  7. I just got mine 2 weeks ago, and at first it was very irritating, because you just cant put it on. But after a week, I finally got used to it. Sometimes, I didnt even know Im wearing contacts. Xp

    you’ll really get use to it.

    Wait. I use soft contact lenses by the way.

  8. I just got contacts two weeks ago. The first night with them was hell on earth. It took me two hours to get them out and about 1 hour to put them in. I have finally gotten it to 2 seconds to put them in and take them out. Now when I wear them, I almost forget that they are there. I love my contacts. They are much easier to use than glasses. I dont have to worry about breaking them.

  9. how do you remove soft contacts? i tried hard contacts a few years ago and couldnt use them and i am trying soft ones soon. are they hard to put in and take out?

  10. The same thing happens with me. My eyes are running to hell when I first start out, but after 5 minutes or so, they’re back to normal!

    I’ve only had contacts for 2 days, and i’m expecting the symptoms to pass quickly. Putting them in is still a challange, but it’s something i’ve decided i’m going to overcome, so that’s all there is really.

    Good luck with it.

  11. I have had contact lenses for about a week now and have managed to put them in successfully a grand total of…ONCE. Please, please, please send me some tips because I really want to wear them with pride. Thanks.

  12. well i just recently got contacts and its such a pain to try and put them on..i cant figure it out lol..everytime i try to put them on my eye and try to remove my finger the contact sticks to my finger and wont leave me eye =\..its so annoying..i mean i get it in my eye but it wont leave the finger lol..but yea i just got them im sure aftehr a whle ill get used to putting them on..because i really dont wanna deal with glasses anymore =\..good blog lol =)

  13. I’ve just gotten contacts recently (this is my third day), and the best tip I can give so far is to remember that YOU CAN DO THIS. Going to boards like this help me, because it makes me realize that other people have had trouble with this too, and they overcame their problems and so can I!! Good luck everyone :D

  14. Im soo releaved to see that other people have had trouble with contact lens aswell. The first time i thought i’d go and get them the opticians put them in for me and then asked me to take them out by myself (they said its no point in me buying them if i cant put them in or take them out) anway i sat there for an hour and i still couldnt take them out. Everytime my finger got close my eyes would want to automaticly shut, i have to physically will them to stay open, but i still didnt manage it ;-( after half an hour of trying i gave up and the optician took them out and said maybe i should try some other time when im ready for them (i was soo embarrased).

    That was about a year ago, and no for the umphteen time ive broken my glasses again they cost me like £150… hhmm im thinking of giving contacts another go, but dont want the same problem like last time. So i’ll practice just touching my eye without them shutting on me. Im determined to get them this time round.

    Wish me luck

  15. *mumble mumble* I went to the optitions today to see about contacts, and the optition bloke tryed putting them in and my eye just auto shut, so i asked him to see if i could try and he said no, ill re book you an appointment again to see a girl downstairs. But what the hell, it was as if he didnt want me to try, what an ass hole. So i have to travel for like 30mins again to the optitions and try putting them in myself, what a big waste of time today was!

  16. Got my contact lenses today. The opt said i shud remove it once in the evening and put it back. i’v remove both but i still can’t put them back :(

  17. hey guys… i got my contacts.. (sharlingan, if you know what that is) i seriously can’t put them in… sigh.. any help would be great… thanks alot….

  18. Hi guys,

    I just got my contacts a few days ago…and I am still getting used to it. But it’s slowly getting easier to put them in and take them out. What I do is I lift my tip lid up really high so I can see a space btw my eye lid and my eyeball. Then, I put the lense a little under the lid and then around my eye…it kind of sits there a bit on my eye and then i blink and it slides into place…

    what i find really hard is taking them out!!! i worry that i am pinching my eye…does anyone worry about that too? I just spent a half hour trying to gt one of them out and it almost looked like my eye was bleeding into the lense! it was scary…i had to breath a few times and call my friend (who has worn contact lenses for about 10 yrs)

    has anyone had any similar experience removing contacts??

  19. Putting the contacts in is sucha hassle, i just got mine yesterday– i couldnt putting them in for like 2 hours eventually i figured it out for my left eye– and the guy let me go, he asked me to go back in a week and see if i’m ‘ok’ wit them… i tired puttin them in i couldnt… i just cant–i cried for hours and hours nothing helped/helps :( i think next week when i go he’s just gonna refund my money back to me and send me home empty handed *tears*

  20. Yeah… I got a trial pair yesterday… I still can’t get them in. Mind you, I don’t sit there for super long to try.. i usually just give up. I really want to get them in though.. i just keep blinking too often to get them in though! It’s so annoying

  21. I’m 13 years old and i wana contacts more than anything. At the moment i am not very popular but i get lots of compliments about being pretty and i think i culd change and not be teased at school if i got contacts but i have tried so many times before. I just can’t take them out myself and its really getting me down

  22. i just bought my contacts today and put them in. it wasnt too hard to put them in but taking them out (which took me an hour) was living threw hell. the best thing to do is use the left hand for left eye and right hand for right eye.

  23. I just went to the doctor today to get my contacts. but i couldn’t put the *^$%# things in. that is how annoying it is to attempt to put them in. now i have to go to the doctor again which sucks. my eyes automatically shut when it gets near my eye. i refuse to wear glasses to school so i will try until i can put contacts in. the doctor said to practice touching the white of my eye so i will get used to something touching my eye. i cried it was so frustrating. it is nice to know i am not the only one.

  24. Like many of you I had some trouble putting in/out. The opt. had to do both. She told me to practice and when I am ready give a call and we will get started. I KNOW I WILL OVERCOME this psychological mind game with myself. Millions have overcome and so will the ones who are starting off. My wife is a sport she’s been contacts for about 10 yrs, and will help everyday this week to overcome this fear of touch my eyes with my hands. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP SPORTS>

  25. I have been today to the opticians for my second attempt at putting them in / taking them out.

    I can get them in ok but cannot get them out.

    I have tried pincing the lense and also sliding it down but cannot grip it to pull it off.

    Any other hints from anyone?

  26. This site helped a ton. I just went in and got my contacts, and i am wearing them now. In preperation i touched the whites of my eyes the night before. Then an hour before i went in for the appmtment I took .5mg of ativan and some ibeprofan then i calmed myself and listened to music for a while. Then i went in and did it.

  27. Hello, everyone.

    I just wanted to say that i have been trying to get contacts for 3 years. In the summer i just managed to get both of them in but couldn’t get them out. Yestereday i went along again but still could not get the f*****s out. Went home in tears. Today tried again got them both out in 20 mins?!?

    So really, do not despair; if i could get them in and out you all can

    My tips are: getting in. Line the contact lense with your eye and hold your EYELASHES back

    getting out. Whatever bullsh*t technique the optician gave all you need to do is be ‘rougher’ your eye is suprisingly strong

    Good luck and don’t give up

  28. good way to take them out is to pinch them more towards the outside of the lens, not the center. press down on your eye lightly*****very lightly and squeeze. you do not need to slide them down- well, i dont. its actually a breeze to do when you find a technique thats right for you

  29. This page is just what I needed! Tonight I went to the eye doctor to get my contacts and thought it was going to be a breeze. Little did I know I would spend half an hour just trying to put them in and because they were closing I have to go back tomorrow. It was very frustrating but I’m taking note of some of the techniques others have shared. I’m nervous about going back again…I wasn’t nervous at all today because I thought it would go pretty smoothly.

    I don’t have a problem with touching my eyes but as they told me my eyes don’t open very wide and I have long eyelashes so that combo doesn’t make it easy to put contacts in. I tried my best to open my eye with my other hand and used every position imaginable and I would get so close but everytime the contact remained on my index finger. The assistants were patient and helpful and one even demonstrated with her contacts but no matter what I couldn’t do it.

    I’m hopeful that tomorrow is better and that they go right in. So far I’ve only tried to get one in my right eye without success. Left can’t be any better haha. But I’m sure going to try to make this work. Glasses seem to get in the way too much for me and being able to wear contacts would make things a lot easier.

  30. Hey again, thought I just write in a follow-up message after completing my second try putting in contacts. Tonights try was much, much, much better! I was in and out in a half hour and that includes waiting (not long), putting the contacts in, taking them out, paying, and scheduling another appointment.

    Everything went better than I thought it would today as far as the contacts go. I kept them in for a few hours and just took them out before coming to use the computer. I have to this point put them in and taken them out 2 times and on the second try for both it was much easier.

    So, to anyone having problems, just be patient and you’ll find a technique that works for you. It just takes practice.

  31. Supporting everyone who has trouble taking contact lenses in and out!!! cos Im having the same problem…I just got mine yesterday and it is really like hell trying to put them in and out, but I believe, like everyone else, I will eventually get use to it! ^_^!!

  32. hey guys, im 25 years old, tried contacts a few years ago (once), but it took me so long to put in and out i felt it wasnt worth it. i really want to try again, but i am so damn freaked out about touching my eye, and the thought of squeezing the lens on the eye to get it to pop out is making me sick. oh god, what to do… i would love to read some more of your tips for not only getting them in, but pulling them out as well

  33. a really easy way of taking out soft contact lenses is to pull down your bottom eyelid, take the side of your index finger and pull the lens down about three times. this will make sure that even if you blink the contact will not go back onto your cornea. once the contact is at the bottom of your eye just pinch it between your thumb and index finger. if you do it this way you have a smaller risk of really hurting your eye

  34. i went to the opticians yesterday and did the most ridiculous thing and attempted wearing contacts (the soft ones) he got them in for me after 5 minutes of eye watering blinkin and a few thousand flinches.. then shock horror he asked me to take them out, took me about half an hour to get both out, my eye kept shutting i kept twitchin and flinching, then he turns to me and askes me to put them back in after another half an hour i had the left one in, no matter how hard i tried i couldnt do the right, in the end they said give up and juust take the left one out, this took a further 15 minutes… now im at home with sum contacts for me to practice with, and i really dont wanna, im scared ill get them (as if) and then wont be able to get them back out again, what a wimp eh

  35. I have just got back from my contact lense appointment, i have had one before but the optician put them in for me, though this time i had to do it myslef:( I know from previous experience of eyedrops for my hayfever that i am terrible with people coming near my eyes so i wasnt exactly expecting the best. I just physically couldnt get them in everytime i tried it would jus stick to my finger or get stuck to my eyelashes, i found it impossible to keep my eyes open! After about half an hour and trying every position and technique suggested the optician went out the room and brought someone else in strangly i managed to get my right one in almost straight away (not sure why) after another 20 mins i got the other in and took them both out. She told me to come back another time and try putting them in again and then she can issue me with them. I was really dissappionted as i was looking forward to wearing them as im 16 still at school and hate nothing more than having to wear glasses at school, im not vein i just feel awfully self conciuos in them. I am so releived so many others have suffered the same problem as i have and im not the only one leaving the opticians crying! Any tips on trying to keep my eyes open? I am just hoping that my next visit will be more successful and i wish the very best of luck to anyone else who is having trouble with them.

  36. -Well i think i have a story that just about beats out everybody. Probably about 2 years ago when i tried to get contacts. Of course, can’t do it. So after about probably 15 min. the doctor put one in and i freaked out so bad all i remember is blacking out and collapsing on the counter and then the chair.

    -So i went back yesterday, yet still too scared to put them in (and didn’t, though i left crying and red-eyed again.)

    -Anyways, I’m not giving up since i want them so bad and ‘am actually going back later this week to keep trying. Everbody seems to have the same problem but it just hard for me, being the ultra-sensative one.

    I wish everyone luck. I’m right here with ya. ; )

  37. i bought soft contact lenses yesterday and I’m like, YES! After 6 years of wearing glasses, I finally have contacts! So I go home and try to put them on, but I cant because I either have to pry my eye open to even try, or whenever the lens is near my eye, my eye automatically shuts. It’s like trying to physically open your eyes when your purposefully trying to keep them shut. lol.

    SO, I try again, and then I think, if i do get them in, how am i supposed to take them out? it was 10:30 PM already, and if it was going to take a hour to get them in and possibly 2 hours to take them out again, i wasnt going to even try. i had class at 8 in the morning anyway.

    So this is the second day, and I still don’t know how to put my contact lenses on. I’m going on google and searching “how to put on contact lenses” lol. so lame.

  38. -Its me again. i got contacts yesterday and thought i might provide some tips for anybody who is looking for some. ; )

    -What really helped me to be able to get the contact in at the doctors was to practice with someone else’s contact (not used of course.) I got use to it being on my eye but never really put it in. This helped greatly in getting over my fear since i felt more secure at home.

    -Putting them in: what is easiest for me is to put it on the total white part at the bottom of my eye (just pulling down the bottom lid, so i can’t feel it since if i put it directly on my eye, it itches.) Then i kind of look over at it and i close my eye.

    -To take them out: i just pull down the bottom lid again w/ my left hand and bring the contact down to the bottom with my index finger and put my thumb and index finger on the sides of the contact and keep moving them toward the center of the contact till it bubbles up, the it just comes right out.

    -I’m really excited about getting these and i hope i helped in some way and wish you all luck. They’re great!

  39. i have good news’s. i had the same problems as you people. i go to work at 4:30 in the morning so i didn’t have time to fool around with these things. i was one of the first people to try the focus “night&day” made by the giba companey.its been about 3 years now and i put them in once a month only thing is your eyes tend to dry out when your sleeping. keep a bottle of the contact solution handy in the morning. you ll be all set. not everyone can where check with you eye doc.hope this helps you .tony.

  40. I have the same problems with you guys. I went to the optician today and he put the contacts in my eyes (was an unpleasent experience). Then he asked me to put them out. I tried but couldn’t do it. My eyes always shut down. He then(after an half our of trying) showed it me and that was even worser then putting the contacts in. My body was shaking and at the same time I kept saying to myself not to shut my eyelids. Luckely that worked and the optician had put them in again. He then asked me to put them out again but I just couldn’t do it. So I said that I would try it at home. The problem is that the optician is closed now and I still have the f*****g contacts in my eyes. But I can’t take these damn things out. So I still have an half day of trying to get these horrible contacts out of my eyes. Hopely I’ll manage to do it

  41. I have the same problems with you guys. I went to the optician today and he put the contacts in my eyes (was an unpleasent experience). Then he asked me to put them out. I tried but couldn’t do it. My eyes always shut down. He then(after an half our of trying) showed it me and that was even worser then putting the contacts in. My body was shaking and at the same time I kept saying to myself not to shut my eyelids. Luckely that worked and the optician had put them in again. He then asked me to put them out again but I just couldn’t do it. So I said that I would try it at home. The problem is that the optician is closed now and I still have the f*****g contacts in my eyes. But I can’t take these damn things out. So I still have an half day of trying to get these horrible contacts out of my eyes. Hopely I’ll manage to do it

  42. ^ did you manage okay on your own then?

    curious to know as I was in this same situation

    *wishes it was alot easier*

  43. Hi There,

    I Recently got contact Lenses, and the first time the Optition advised that she would put them in for me, so i knew what they felt like when they were in correctly. This was a little strage, but once they were in they were fine, i found after this had been done a couple of times my tolerance to being poked in the eye was increasing dramtically, and i was after a few mins of trying able to insert the lens myself. I found the technique my Optician advised me was useless, and i used my Right hand for putting the lenses in & removing the lenses from both eyes. (I Found using left hand for right eye, and right hand for right eye insanely hard as well as looking in a mirror) i found my own technique much better and easier.

    I have found over the last month that if my eyes are tired or i have only just woken up it is really hard to get the lenses in, so it is always a good idead to give your eyes around half an hour to wake up, and then put your lenses in.

    I have found practise is making things easier, and the hardest part is sometimes keeping your eyelids pinned back so that your eyes dont close, which they do instinctively when they are poked!

    I am happy with my lenses, even theough they can be a little fiddly at times, and my advice would be to persevere, and keep trying and be patient, and try not t get frustrated if you cannot get them in, dont keep trying over and over, just leave it 5-10 mins, and try again, if you keep trying, you”ll make the skin around your eyes sore, which in turn makes it all the more difficult to get the lenses in due to the discomfort of the surrounding skin irritation from holding back the eyelids.

    I have also found that if im under pressure to get the lenses in, or im in a rush to go out, i can never get the lenses in, which is typical relaly, so the best bet is alwyas to put the lenses in when you have the time rather than rushing and trying to do it.

    It’s been good reading everyones experiences, and i have learned things from a few of the posts i have read here. hope my own infomration and expreriences help eveyone

  44. A month ago, I posted over here. I then said I really had trouble putting my lenses out. Well I still have :). Yesterday I managed to put it out all by myself for the first time!! All the other times I kept going to a friend of mine who also wear lenses and then he just had put them out of my eyes.

    I have to admit that I don’t try everyday. I just don’t have the time and motivation to try them everyday. Only 2 à 3 times a week a wear my lenses. But it is true that after a while your eyelids ‘get used’ of putting your fingers so close to your eyes. I still have a great ‘shut-your-eyelids-reflect’ but very slowly it is getting better.

    The ones who also can’t take their lenses out of their eyes all by themselve, I can just advice to try poking with a clean finger in your eyes. You don’t have to wear your lenses, cause I really can imagine it is frustrating if you can’t get them out. Just try everyday touching your eyes for and after a while it will get better.

  45. Hi Im thirteen and I am going for a concultation about contact lenses, Im a little scared because I really dont like the idea of putting something on my eyeball, does it hurt and also what happens if you are not able to put them in?

  46. Last week I got myself some contacts, it took me an hour at the optician to put them on and taking them out. When I got home, I was curious to see if I could put them back in again in a shorter amount of time. It took me half hour this time. I left them in for 2 hours, my eyes were irritated and my vision was distorted. The optician did tell me that it would take me a few weeks for my vision to come back to normal. During the night I noticed that my eyes were really swollen and pretty red. Three days later I again tried (my sister’s advice), I lost one (think the dog ate it) so I put only one in just to see if my eyes would swell again. My eye got a little irritated, swelled just slightly. Now I am schedualed to see the optician. Am very disappointed because I was looking so forward to not having eyeglasses which really bothers me (Don’t even like to wear jewelry) I will keep you up to date. Am wondering if I have an alergy to the lense.

  47. This site has been really encouraging – I went through the same thing as y’all did today. Have worn glasses for years and finally decided to go for it with the contacts. I went to the dr’s office this morning and he put them in and I took them out – an ordeal both times to say the least. Then it was my turn to put them in and I just could not do it. So after an hour he told me my eyes were really red and irritated so I would have to come back another day after practicing at home touching my eye.

    I think the technique of looking up and putting the contact lens on the bottom white part of the eye and then moving your eye down to actually look through the lens is going to be the best technique for me since I can touch the white of my eye down there without too much flinching. Wish me luck.

  48. It’s me again, about my eyes getting swollen during the night and all. I put on my glasses just to see how I was cleaning my contacts and noticed that I sometimes I had just a little bit of dust on my lense. It doesn’t take much to irritate your eyes. I now make sure that my contacts are clean. Specially me dropping them several times in attempt to putting them on. I am finding it easier to put them on. I make the finger tip which is holding the contact is wet with the cleaning solution so it doesn’t stick so much.

  49. Omggg so much truble man… okay i wear contacts on and off but i find it takes me more then an hour to get them in so i just stoped wearing them. i got a new set free because my friend works at a eye glasses store, i tried putting them in but as others said it sticks to my finger or folds onto my finger when touching my eye ball. i would really just like to know how to stop it from sticking to my finger, once it stops that im sure ill have a beter chance of getting it in.

    please email me or add me to msn

  50. Just went to the eye doctor today. Tried for about a half hour putting them in but could not do it :( Going back on monday afternoon to try again. Reading the posts helped and i’m going to practice the next few days touching my eye lol ^_^ i was frustrated because i want to get them in, and having other people waiting and taking exams doesn’t help much either :/ So i’ll practice and hopefully i’ll get them in monday. I’ve been weaing glasses since i was like 6 and i’m 19 so it’ll be a nice change :)

  51. I just got contacts yesterday, I had an appointment where someone showed me how to put them in and take them out..the right eye was simple, but for some reason the left eye is a nightmare!! When I left the appointment, it looked like I had been crying for hours, my face was all red and blotchy from me forcing my eyelids apart.

    It took forever to get it out of my left eye last nite, finally I rubbed my eye and it popped out..the right eye was no problem.

    Today I gave it another shot, I tried for 20 minutes before work to put them in, and then gave up (I tried the left eye first, because I know thats the one that gives me problems..) I managed to get them in after work, and then..just now spent like 2 hours trying to get that stupid contact out of my left eye again. I look like someone has pummelled my face, its all red and my eye is bloodshot. The right eye, contact popped right out on the first try.

    Im starting to wonder if this is worth it, my eyes hurt so much right now..

    I think Im going to take a break, let them rest tommorrow, and Ill try again Monday.

    I really want to wear contacts, Ive been wearing glasses for the past 20 years..It was so nice to see what I finally look like under them! haha, i look like a stranger:)

    Im going to be so upset if I can’t get the knack of this..

    anyway thanks for all the info and advice posted here, I appreciated it during on of my breaks in trying to get that darned left contact out…

  52. I just got contact lenses today they are amazing i never realised how diferent they were.

    I like others though they were going to be very easy have been trying for about ten mins but once i got one in the other one seemed so easy

    i found it better to put it on the very end of my finger almost a dry lense though, then look up that way you can not see you are touching your eye, once it is on he white of your eye close really tightly and walla its in place, you can check this by getting a torch to your eye and can just about see the lense on it

    not tried getting it out yet thoug


  53. UHHHGGGG. I got my new contacts yesterday and took them out of my eye when I got home from the eye dr. It took me a while to get them out. I cleaned them and today I still cannot get them in for anything. I just can’t seem to keep my eye open. I am so stressed from trying but I want to wear them so bad. With mine if they are not directly on the colored part of my eye they won’t stay. Damb my eyes have neverhurt this bad. Any help you guys can offer to help me put them in. Please…. I would greatly appreciate it.

  54. I got soft contacts yesterday here are some tips that helped.

    Getting them in..

    Try holding your eye open and touching your eye just to get used to it. do that like 10 times , then try with the contact your eyes wont blink as much and tense up. and make sure u hold your eye lashes with your fingers or the contact will flip.

    Getting them out…

    2 ways i got my contacts out was rubbing them really hard and they eventaully fell out when i nodded my head, that way is only if u are really desperate to get them out

    Another good way i tried is sliding the contact off your colored part 3 times then it will slide off and and you can just pluck it off.

    Hopefully i helped atleast a little i remember when i 1st got them how angry and frustrated i was so i just wanna help .

  55. got soft contacts yesterday here are some tips that helped.

    Getting them in..

    Try holding your eye open and touching your eye just to get used to it. do that like 10 times , then try with the contact your eyes wont blink as much and tense up. and make sure u hold your eye lashes with your fingers or the contact will flip.

    Getting them out…

    2 ways i got my contacts out was rubbing them really hard and they eventaully fell out when i nodded my head, that way is only if u are really desperate to get them out

    Another good way i tried is sliding the contact off your colored part 3 times then it will slide off and and you can just pluck it off.

    Hopefully i helped atleast a little i remember when i 1st got them how angry and frustrated i was so i just wanna help .

  56. OMG im so glad its not just me with difficulties!! Went to the opticians today for lenses and we tried so hard to get them in but i jus couldnt stop blinking, I was so determined but its not a case of this i realized its just instinctive to blink! So she said come back in 2 days and practice touching your eye.

    So I went home and was thinking what an idiot i am i cant even touch my eye without blinking! I found the best tip for getting used to not blinking! Right pull your bottom eyelid own and first just practice putting your finger basically just touching your eye but not fully just like kind of still on the edge of your eyelid and just onto the eye slightly. Then just leave your finger there and your eye kind of gets used to it, then try again and you might find what I found, your eye doesnt seem to be as sensitive (lol as if like it knows your not going to hurt it, lol just an analagy im not crazy!) and you dont blink as much, then just test how far ou can go, can you touch purely all your eye?

    Keep doing this then i think this is the trick! I feel i will east be able to do it on saturay now!

    my emails (thats my msn aswell) in case anyone want some reassurance, im by no means an expert though seeing as i havent got my lenses yet!

  57. I have been using contact lenses for 3 days now, and today it took me 4 HOURS to put them in! My eyes keep shutting although i hold the eyelashes firmly! taking them out yesterday was not much of a challenge, it took me about 2 minutes to do so! You can still reach in and squeeze them out EVEN if your eyes are shut… I just hope I can learn to put them on faster! Should anyone have any tip for me please email me at:

  58. Hello all. I got soft contacts 3 days ago now and was having the same kind of troubles a lot of you have been talking about. I somehow got one of them in at the doc’s office (the first was put in for me by the doc) then got the same one out and somehow got it back in after about 30 minutes of trying. Then when I got home I had a lot of trouble getting them out, but, after about 20 minutes, finally retrieved them from my eye. The next morning I spent about 45 minutes trying to put them in and just gave up. I was so upset with myself for not being able to do such a stupid thing and was even more angry that I was going to have to get glasses. Then one of my buddies called me and I told him about how much trouble I was having and he said that he used to wear contacts and that the trick putting them in is to hold your eye open, line up the contact with your eye, and then look to one side of your eye so you can’t see the contact coming into your eye. I got both in within about 2 minutes once I tried it. It was so easy. I was so relieved. So all of you who are having troubles, hopefully this works for you. Here’s my tips in a nutshell:

    Putting contacts in: Hold eye open, get the contact lined up with your eye to where it is almost touching your eye and then look to one side so you can’t see the contact coming into your eye and then just put the contact on the white part of your eye. Sometimes the contact isn’t centered over the eye right away, but just close your eyes and move your eyeball around and it should center itself. If it doesn’t, open your eye and move the contact with you finger a little bit.

    Taking contacts out: Hold eye open, touch your thumb to one side of your eye and your index finger to the opposite side and lightly pinch them together and pull out. I think a lot of people are scared of being to hard, but I had to get pissed and just jam my finger in there the first couple of times. It gets easier after your first few tries and you learn how much pressure it takes.

    Hope this helps you!

  59. I got contacts for cosmetic reasons, and I finally got them in after two or so hours of trying, leaving, and coming back. Since mine are colored, I can see them much more readily than other contacts and I found that the sticking it in the white of your eye and then maneuvering it in so that it is over your pupil is the best method for soft contacts, considering the natural reaction is to always look away.

  60. I just got contacts yesterday, and they kill. My Mom has to out them in and take them out. A good way to put them in AND take them oiut is to lie down on the couch and get soemone to put in/take otu for you. That way you can’t move your head back and forth at all. Juts look straight ahead and certainly not into the eyes of the person putting them in, that’ll just dfrwak yoiu out.

  61. i just got contacts and have been trying for a week for an hour a day and haven’t been able to get them in , until today if you can touch your eye with the lens if you kinda move it around on the center of your eye it will start to suction on and come off your finger then look down close your eyes for a minute and bingo your good to go .. good luck !

  62. I’ve worn glasses since I was 5 and now I’m 16. But just recently I went in to get contacts. I’ve been told to put them in every day for a couple of hours. For people also new to contacts I recommend practice. The first day it took me an hour to get them in. Next day half an hour and today it took me about 10 minutes. The other day I was frustrated but I came on here and read other people’s comments. I tried putting them in again and it worked. Sometimes if you get frustrated just stop and chill.

    My eyes are really bad and so taking them out can be hard b/c I can pull the contact down but never see where it is to pinch it out. If you have the same problem either get really really close to the mirror or have someone point it out. You’ll get better and good luck =]

  63. Congrats! to you all for continuing to try and wear contacts. I’ve been wearing them for 22 years and they are the best compared to glasses. I’m now hoping that my 14 yr old son will be able to wear them. I don’t recall having a problem putting them in but taking them out was a little frustrating.

    Here’s the way I do it,

    I put the contacts on the top of the pad of my middle finger and pull down the lower lid with my ring finger of the same hand (sometimes I pull down the lid with my other hand). I glance up a little and usually off to the outside. Then place the contact half way down the colored part of my eye, look down slowly and then back up. Sometimes I have to close my eye for a couple of seconds. You may hear a slight suction noise while the contact moves into place on your eye.

    Once you figure out that the contact covers most of the surface of your eye, I think it’s almost easier to take the contacts out without looking in a mirror. Pull the contact down toward your lower lid and pinch. Try not to look around while you are doing this because the contact works itself back into place.

    GL All!

  64. I just got my contacts 2 days ago after wearing glasses for about half a year. My left eye is pretty bad and it blurs out some far away objects when I’m not wearing my glasses. Although I only wear glasses for when I’m on the computer or reading, I figured that if i were to wear contacts it would be easier for me playing sport and not have to carry my glasses around everywhere.

    So when I went to the optometrist the other day for a yearly checkup, I asked about wearing contacts and soon after I was to be shown how to care for then, put them on etc. Luckily for me though, my right eye is now nearly perfect so I only need to wear a contact lense on my left eye.

    The lady had explained to me how to put them on, and after about 30 minutes of trying, she eventually helped me so that I could feel what it was like to put them on. Once they were on it my eyes felt completely normal.

    Trying to take them off was difficult, and after a number of tries, we had to leave as my dad had to go someplace. So I left them on to get used to them, and decided to take them off myself at the end on the day.

    It was 1am and I was tired and wanted to go to sleep, I tried taking them off. But I just couldn’t. I just can’t bear the idea of touching my own eye. So after trying and getting frustrated, I got my mum to help me. I held my upper and lower eyelids open and she took it out.

    Ever since then I have never managed to get my contacts back on. I am going to go back at the end of the week with my dad as he is also getting contacts. Hopefully by then I would have been able to have put it on and take it off successfully by myself.

    Thanks for the info and hopefully you all will be able to do it.

  65. xellox ma name is esha my friend is givin me contact lences for my birthday preasent is it ok if i wear them without cheakin ma eyes with the doctor and is it true if you put your contact lences on while your sleepin,the contact lences can break you neves from inside

    thakz plzzz reply bak


  66. Hello everyone. Alright I’ll post my story. So I’ve been wearing glasses for about 4 years…and last year I went to get contacts. I tried and tried all summer and just couldn’t do them. Well this year I decided to try them again and bam. I just started and wow I’ve done pretty well with them.

    Here’s my tip for people right handed:

    Hold down your top lid with your left two fingers with your arm over your head, this way giving you more visibility.

    Hold down your bottom lid with your middle finger with your contact on your index finger.

    Direct the index finger directly into the center of the eye while holding your lids open. Let the contact stick on and roll your finger inward toward your nose. You should now be able to see it is just sitting on your eye (maybe with a few bubbles).

    Slowly release your top lid and allow your eye to close. Then look left, then right, then up, then down, then clockwise, then counterclockwise with your eye still closed. Now open it. It should be correct. If there is a bubble, I try and repeat looking while closed and it usually goes away.

    I hope this helps all,

    Tristan Mace

  67. k

    im 14 and i really want contacts, not jus for apperence, but more for sports. c i got a new pair of glasses like 2 months ago and i went to 1 month of summer school gym class and now my classes are all screwd up from people like running in to me and gettin hit in the face. so i went to the doctor to get contacts, i have an astigmatism in my rite eye so i have to wait to get my trial pair. my mom had contacts (and wat a coincedence she had an astigmatism in her rite eye too) and she said it jus didnt feel rite wit the rite contact, she sed it never felt in place. im goin in this week to get them. so jus wish me good luck and all

  68. ok i know i just entered a comment but i jus wanna say that this blog has really given me more confedence wit my self. and readin these ways to put them in mite help thanks

  69. Got my contact lenses yesterday, the first day it seemed ok to me, it was happy with new lenses but today was awfull to me. I couldn’t put them on my eyes from this morning…My eyes became red and full of tears me. I dare not to touch my eyes again hic


  70. I went out with my friend becky to get our nails done. so I get them done and all and then when it came time to take out my contacts I hurt my eye with my new nails. so I’m asking how in the world do I take my contacts with my nails or should I just take off my nail…?

  71. hi everyone, it’s been quite a relief reading this.

    I’ve been wearing soft contact lenses for about a week now. putting them in is okay, but taking them out is sometimes hell on earth, a complete nightmare. it’s always my right eye that gives me the most grief. sometimes i can take them out in seconds but for instance tonight, i just couldn’t get the left one out. i pinched and pinched and even pinched my eye a couple of times which hurt, and got me upset and frustrated. my eyes started watering, and mascara rushed into my eye. for a while it was difficult, but i eventually popped it out.

    i’ve been wearing glasses for a good 4/5 years and i really wanted contacts. sometimes i think i’m able to master taking them out, but sometimes i am really troubled and i get really disheartened (i wanna cry ’cause i feel useless). but i feel i will eventually master contact lenses!

    -i find that if i can’t take the lens out and my eye is getting sore, i leave it for a few seconds and take a few breathers.

    -it’s harder to take the lens out when your eye is watery, so attempting while your eye is at its driest and your fingertip is a bit damp, is your best bet.

    -stay calm and don’t scream in rage (like me) yikes.

    good luck to everyone, hope this has helped.

    DON’T GIVE UP!!!!!!!


  72. I am 14 and have contacts for both eyes and am having a heck of a time just trying to get them on. I have no problems with getting them out, its probably easier for me. But when it comes to putting them on, I just can’t stand it. I yell at them, swear, and pound the countertop (I got in trouble for that). The right eye is the problem here. I have this little extra puffiness (from an infection long ago) that has never really gone away, so its harder for me to put in in the right than it is the left. Can anyone help me here?

  73. Wow, this post is awesome. I just googled contacts +getting used to and found all these people with the SAME problem as me, it’s amazing. I tried contacts several years ago, hard lenses, and really didn’t get on well. The optician put them in for me with much difficulty as I kept blinking and flinching and then I had an hour to wander around town with them. My vision was blurry, my eyes sore. They were horrible. I got back, he took them out for me and even then I was flinching and feeling faint and sick.

    But now, I really want to try them again. And to be honest, it’s because I’m almost 23, I’m pretty and glasses are the only thing that still somehow make me look about 12 so it’s purely cosmetic and I’m not ashamed to admit it. People’s tips on removal etc. seem excellent, I am going to try starting to test-touch my eye some and then take the plunge and make an appointment. I guess if you really want something enough, you’ll pluck up the courage and DO it. But it’s so hard, sigh. WHY oh WHY is the only thing I’m squeamish about ever, have to be eyes. Sob.

    Good luck guys. You’ve all been a huge help.

  74. I tried contacts for the first time the other day. The optition was great I had real trouble getting them in but she gave me helpfull little hints (like trying to aim higher as I was going too low). I only managed to get the lense in the left eye and I couldn’t get it out. After about 40 minutes of trying she told me to make another appointment as otherwise I would really irritate my eyes.

    She also told me to practice touching my eye and I have noticed that I have been getting better. Also the advice I found here about making sure that you hold your eyelashes out of the way seems to have made a big difference as well.

    I am now confident that I will be able to get the lenses in both eyes but I just hope that I can get them out again (that seemed to be a bit harder.)

  75. Hello! I’m 17 and I’m yet another person who can’t get the darn things in!!! I can’t stand glasses, not because of how they make me look but because I get a headache when anything rests on my nose. Don’t ask me why it does it but I can’t even wear sunglasses it’s so sensitive, so it has nothing to do with my eyes adjusting to the new focus. I just recently got a awesome pair of frameless glasses because I thought weight was an issue. I had very high hopes…NOPE!

    Well, I was searching for all night on the web and I’m very happy to have found this page! I’m glad the assistants there were nice cause I must’ve spent about a half hour trying to get them in! Which makes me think I should’ve took longer seeing the other posts here. But glad I’m not the only one in the world with this annoying problem. My mom took me to her favorite place at a Wal-mart Vision Center for my eye-exam. Well I forgot they have a policy that you HAVE to put them in and take them out there! As I said I failed and was very upset to have to try to get used to a headache or have blurry vision.

    I was thinking of going to another place that’ll allow me to take them home for me to practice without pressure ;). My mom has been completely insensitive about all of this because she thinks that if I couldn’t put them in then and there, I won’t be able to. Of course she’s had contacts for years so she probably forgot how difficult it is getting them in the first time. She apologised later but she’s still pretty oblivious to my problem so I don’t think she relizes that everyone’s different then her.

    Well, before I go to another place maybe someone can help me with my problem, I don’t get grossed out by eyes so don’t think I’m squeemish about touching it. I have sorta low droopy eyebrows that cover most of my eyelids(if you can visualize that, lol!)so it makes getting a grip let alone holding the top lid open enough not to blink impossible for me and the contact folds on my finger. Doesn’t help I’m still in the “heavy facial oil” phase of my life, lol! Strange though that a team of 2 assistants actually opened and rested it on my eye (for me to see how it feels) but it didn’t suction in place. Bad fitting exam perhapse?

    Could I please get some advice before 1pm central or so tomarrow Aug. 1st cause that’s when I’m going to try again. Or possible companies that let you take them home. I’d hate to go for another exam of course but I don’t care as long as they let me take em home. That would be time well spent then, lol! Thanks in advance!!!

  76. Sorry, I forgot to mention I’m in the United States so my time is wayyy off from yours. As of now I have… about 10 hours or so. Sorry if I sound pushy but I need advice quick! Thanks!

  77. Yoshiman, Try washing arround your eyes before hand as I know from practicing that if my face is sweaty and I don’t clean it and dry it I have a very hard time keeping a grip on it when holding it.

    Also don’t get disheartened as the policy of the place you are going to is far better in my opinion than those that just give them to you and expect you to be able to get them out, as you get so worried when you can’t that you never try again. So keep trying and try pratcing the procedure without the lenses as practice makes perfect.

  78. Well My practicing worked I got both lenses in really quickly, Now getting them out I just couldn’t do and in the end an optition had to get them out for me. While it is a bit disheartening I know that it is just a matter of practicing and so I have another appointment tomorrow and this time hopefully I will make even more progress.

    I have to say that from reading the other posts here I am so glad that the optitians are making sure that I can get them out before I get to take them home as I would hate to be in the situation where some others have found themselves, not being able to get them out when there is noone arround to help.

  79. So I went to the eye doctor yesterday and naturally, she was unable to put the contacts in. But all of the hopeful things I read here are defenitly helping. Due to my friend’s advice he said that what he does is (for the right eye):

    1. Take the middle finger of your left hand and pull up on the top eyelid.

    2. Take the middle finger of your right hand and pull down on the bottom eyelid.

    3. Look far left, trying to focus on some random object.

    4. Then place it in.

    I don’t have my contacts, or contacts to practice with so I’m kind of just here practicing. I just do that routine and brush against the white of my eye. The eye doctor said to brush your eyelashes and wave your finger close to your eye so you’ll eventually be de-sensitized.

    The worst part of the whole process though is when you have a person waiting right next to you trying to put the contact in, except you are keeping them there because you can’t get over it. Sometimes I’d prefer to do things alone, ya know? Well anyway good luck to all of you strugglers out there!! I know a bunch of people who have had troubles with contacts, then have eventually mastered it.

  80. i’ve just had my contacts for less than a week and found the person who trained me didn’t give me much information on how to take them in and out. I thought you had to put the contact on right on top of your cornea and you can actually place it much lower, look down, and it will slide into place when you slowly blink. To take them out I thought you squeezed the right across the middle of your eye but what worked for me was to only pull down the lower lid, touch the bottom part of the contact and drag it lower, then squeeze contact from both sides, more across the bottom part of the eye. good luck everyone, keep trying and it will work.

  81. Well I tried again yesterday. Getting them in was fine, but again I could not for the life of me get them out again. The guy that was showing me this time gave me some usefull advice about practicing by touching the white of the eye to the left of the eye then the right and then the left followed by the right again.

    Hopefully that will help me get used to the procedure for removing them. (I know that practicing putting them in took it from 40 mins to get them in one eye down to 5 minutes for both eyes)

  82. I just got contact lenses too. For me it’s actually very easy to put them on BUT I can’t take them out. I try and I try and I get sooo frustrated. My eye gets really irattted and it makes it even worse. I found this website. It has pictures and tips for inserting and removing contact lenses.

    Hope that helped! Keep on trying and don’t give up because the reward at the end is the greatest.

  83. hii…god u guys i have the sme problem…it took me ages to put them in and eevn longer to tke them out..My aunty put them in for me..i wear them for cosmetic reasons but it just tkes ages to put in and tke out..will it finalli gt easier??

    Plz reply bak

  84. My uncle has these week contacts that he let me practice with. I’m not even sure if you’re supposed to do that… anyway, I was able to put it in my right eye 6 times and in my left eye once. Every time I did it though there was a small fold in the middle of the contact. Is it because it’s too big for my eye? So when I get my own it’d be just right and not have that fold? Or am I just putting it in wrong… ?

  85. I’m really grateful to all the people who have posted here. I just went yestereday to the Optomerist to try on contacts and it was a miracle because it only took 30 minutes. At first, I kept on blinking like crazy and the person helping me helped me put it on. Then I tried a couple of times and it worked! Worse thing was when it was time to take them out it got me really frusterated and took about 30 minutes. I don’t even know NOW i got them out. I was trying and when i looked at my finger i saw the contact =.= I agreee, patience is surely needed in the process of taking/putting them in.

    Sadly, today, I tried putting them in and it took me a bloody hour, but I had no results. So I go on the internet (like we all have =]) and type in ” putting in soft contacts” and this is the first thing I click! And thanks everyone. It made me feel better that I was not the only one that had a hard time putting contacts in.

    So my sister got back and she has had contacts for about a month and for HER? well the first time she put it in, it took her 15-20 minutes. She said it was quite EASY. So she gave me some tips that helped me after several hours of fuming.

    1. When you get your contact out from the solution in the case, use your FOURTH finger to scoop it out. Then put it on your left palm and put the contact on your second index tip. This way, it won’t stick so badly if you just normally took it out from the container. (that helped a lot for me)

    2. After you put it in DO NOT blink, but push your under your eye lightly 3-5 times, This gets the air out. ( thats what I was taught at the optermist and it works) I think for certain types of contacts.

    3. Taking it out was hard and my sister said, just feel for the contact, use your index finger’s middle flesh part, press it and just PINCH. Although I didn’t get it, she helped me and it came out within seconds. Really gotta work on that.

    Some questions i have:

    How do we know which is the right way or not (contact lens) ?

    My right eye feels fine, but my left eye is a bit uncomfortable. Is that normal?

    Thats it for now , but i’m sure i’ll be back for experince and advice, and questions.

    Thanks everyone!



  86. phew taking out contacts is definitly a pain i was workin at it for over an hour and couldnt get them out i searched online just 2 chill and this site helped me relax bigtime i went back down and got it in like 15 mins the most important thing for me atleast when taking out is to make sure that you look up before you bring in your thumb and its way easier good luck 2 all of you and 2 myself getting them back in in the mornin lol

  87. I have contacts a total of…1 whole week! The first day i had them they really irrated my eyes. But it is getting better and i forget i have them on until i realise im not wearing my glasses. As for putting them in, i would suggest pull ur eylid as far down as possible and try not to blink. one way not to blink for me is to look upwards.

  88. I just walked in for contacts yesterday and I am very squeemish about everything! But, I got up the nerve and had a very patient lense fitting lady help me out. It took me 45 minutes to get them in. I even had to watch the lady next to me to hers and then she ended up helping me and watching what I was doing wrong. Then, the true test, getting them out. That took an additional 30 minutes. But, by the time I left the doctor’s office, my right eye was red and uncomfortable. Then, today, I kept feeling like something was in my right eye all day, so I rushed back to the doctor and he took me off of the O2 Optix and put me on the PureVision which was a blessing! Now I can see the computer without it looking fuzzy, my right eye is still sore, but that is because I have poked it to death. AND, I got the old ones out by myself and the new ones in less than 5 minutes (considering it took me 30 minutes for each eye last night). So, I am happy and will continue to use them because I am completely fed up with not being able to see because I am so vain! Here is the trick on getting them in: Hold your eye open with your first two fingers of your left hand, hold your bottom lid down with your right middle while holding the contact on your index finger. Don’t look at yourself in the mirror because that will cause you to blink. Go toward your eye while concentrating that you need to hold it open. When you touch your eye with the lens, push it gently on there and move it a little so that your eye can catch it. Then, leave your eye open, move it down and around and let go of your lids slowly. Then, close your eye and move it into place while your eye is closed. Ta-Da! That is the only method that works! Then to get it out, open the same way, put your finger on your contact and push it down until it is at the bottom and most likely it will bunch up and allow you to grab it. I noticed that when I got the Purevision, they are thicker and easier to put in and take out because they handle easier. I am not a pro at it, but after tedious hours of trial and erro, this sure helps!

  89. i’m feeling you!im at home crying my eyes out becuase the right eye wont come out, what to do? I NEVER WNAT TO WEAR THESE CONTACTS AGAIN!

  90. i’m feeling you!im at home crying my eyes out becuase the right eye wont come out, what to do? I NEVER WNAT TO WEAR THESE CONTACTS AGAIN!

  91. I just got contacts yesterday, While at the doctor I got the right eye in on the second try, and the left eye in on my seventh. This morning it was the other way around, i did the left eye first and was able to get it done in 3 trys, after the 8th try with the right eye i lost the contact :(

  92. Hey! i’m so glad i found this board! i got them yesterday and i did it better at the optomitrist. today it took for 45 minutes to get them in! i can never tell if they are inside out..i was getting very fusterating! i need to take them out soon hopedully they will come out easier..i hopei get the hang of it!

  93. i still have no idea how to put them in but i do know a gooood way to take them out!

    ok so you go to the edge of the contact and pull it to the side away from ur nose.

    then it might feel a little funny at first but it will get better. then once it stays at the side it will fold a little and the u can pinch it out with ease!

  94. ive been having problems with my right-contact lens…. whenever i try to put it on one side, it doesnt “pop” into the eye, but when I turn it around to the other side it just doesnt seem right: i seem to have problems focusing, and my eye seems to be rejecting it or something (it never did one the left eye or before now)

  95. edit on last post: i managed to put it on the side that didnt “pop”, but it still feels odd… i still have problems focusing… on close to far-away things, or from far-away things to close ones, but im guessing this is normal since it happens on both sides of the lens… im going to the cinema with them, gonna take the little box and my glasses as a precaution xD

  96. I just want to say a big Thanks! to all of you who have posted your problems and your personal solutions. I’m typing this comment as I’m waiting for my printer to type out most of what all of you have said. Our 14-year-old daughter had her vision tested at her school and was referred to our eye doctor for follow-up because she tested near-sighted in one of her eyes. I took her to her first eye exam today, and she was certain she wanted to try soft contact lenses – although the doctor only prescribed one lens for the myopic eye – because she doesn’t like herself in glasses. She knows that’s being vain, but she’s just being honest – as someone else posting has said. Well, there was just no way anyone could get that lens into her eye! I think we were there a good 45 minutes trying; then she looked at glasses…and then just cried some more…hating herself in the frames, of course. They told us to give them a call when we wanted to try again – for either the contact lens or the glasses, and she cried all the way home. She was so discouraged and disgusted with herself. I told her I’d look on-line to see what tips or hints I could find. I wear contacts myself, and she’s seen me put them in, and I’ve told her about touching her eyeball and stuff…but she just seems to take things in better when it comes from outsiders and-or from people nearer her own age. So thanks again!

  97. Well, i’m a 15 year old boy, i use contact lenses, they are really easy to put them on and off,,,, hey did you know that if you have a problem taking out your lenses there is no need to be worried… just put a little sollution on your hand and take some of it from your palm and just rub it on the contact lense and rub it and it will come out…

  98. I’ve got weird situation coming up. I wear a hard contact lens in my right eye to correct astigmatism(sp?) and I also wear glasses to correct the vision in my left eye ( lots of scar tissue because of a cornea transplant, so no contact for that eye). Anyhow, on 1-19 I have to have surgury on my right elbow and will have to wear a non-removable splint for a week. I won’t have much use of my hand. Any suggestions on how I will clean, insert, and remove the contact in my right eye, with just my non-dominant hand? I don’t have anyone to do it for me. I did have the removeable splint that goes on after the non-removeable one made recently so I could see how limited my movement would be. Pretty limited…….



  99. i hace contacts i was wearin at school and my i was itchy so i closed my eyes and pusched it around a bit den it got stuck in my eyes for about 6 hours already and dont know wat to do help plz imediatly

    pp.helllpppzzzzzzzzzz mezzzzzzzz

  100. Hi guys, I thought I was the only person in the world who had trouble putting contacts in. How relieved I am that I am not the only one! When I try to get them in my eyes drop tears and they blink uncontrollably and as my finger gets nearer my eyes lock shut! Why is this so hard for me to do? I just cannot get my head around putting something in my eye. I will be getting married in July and really don’t want to wear my glasses but without them I will not see all my guests clearly until they are really up close.

    What to do? Relaxation techniques? Stop eyes from tearing up? Stop eyes from blinking. Does anyone have a remedy for me??



  101. Hell there, just thought i’d post a wee thank you to everybody that offered advice.

    I went to get my eyes checked for contact lenses on Saturday morning and the optician had real trouble getting them in, took around 40 mins and 10 to get them out.

    Yesterday i was to go and show them that i could put the contacts in and take them out myself. After reading the tips on here, i spent a few days touching my eye to get used to the sensation. Im glad to say it only took me 15 mins to get them in and 1 min to get them out.

    The hardest thing i found after getting over the inital stage of touching my eye was the contact was sticking to my finger.

    The girl in the shop really helped me so dont be afraid to ask for help if needed.

  102. I am 14y/o and I just got my contact lens last saturday. The eye doctor (i forgot how they were called. XD) took 40 minutes to put the contact lenses in my eyes b’cos of the blink reflex. I wasn’t nervous but yes, it’s hard to control blinking.

    After what seem like forever, it was put in successfully. Now I have to deal with the other problem which is taking it off. At first, it’s so hard! I also tried putting the contacts in my eyes by myself. My eyes are already red and swollen + my contacts fell down many times and yet, I never gave up. How am I suppose to use the contacts when I can’t even wear them?

    So yes, today… I finally understood how to put it. (: If you’re having a hard time taking off the contacts then try this: when the contacts are already in your eyes, try to move the lens without blinking. Yes, just play with it until your eyes get used to your hands.

    Then after that, hopefully you can already take off your contacts. In putting it on, just hold your eyelids, open your eyes like O___O and yeah. Heh. Also, make sure that your contacts are cupped b’cos sometimes that’s the problem. You thought your eyes aren’t open wide enough but the problem is the way you held the contacts. ^^ I hope this makes sense. Haha.

    So yes, it just took me two days to master this contact-lens problem. (:

  103. I’m a middle aged guy who’s never had any experience with any kind of vision correction. I finally succumbed to the recommendations of friends and saw a doctor. I needed contacts.

    After four days of anguish, two plus hours each day, trying again every ten minutes or so, I was at my wits’ end. Finally, I had my girlfriend watch me as I made my attempts. She was able to tell me what I was doing wrong because she could see the things I couldn’t. It took about ten minutes, only once, and now I have no problems. Try having someone else watch and explain what’s going on.

    These posts was very helpful to me. I needed to know there were other people having trouble.

  104. OK everyone! I love you all! every time I got too frustrated putting my contacts in I just came and read a little more! I cannot touch my eye ball or I break out into a cold sweat and start shaking (yes I have issues!) So here is my last resort full proof method! Here’s what works for me

    First start touching the whites of your eye to get used to that feeling and to convince yourself your not going to hurt your eye (the white part is surprisingly elastic)

    Putting them in:

    1. I pull my lower eye lid way down and out.

    2. while holding my upper eyelid open (but I sometimes blink anyway!)

    3. I look up and to the side, while putting the bottom of the contact under my bottom eyelid

    4. After I have my bottom eyelid holding the contact in place (it’ll look a little smushed up down there) I pull my upper eyelid over my bottom eyelid.

    5. Which puts the smushed up contact in between your eye and the inside of your closed eyelids.

    6. Then I rolled my eye in a circle, while kinda pulling my outside side of my eye (I don’t really know how to describe this without offending anyone, so SORRY beforehand!) kinda pull your closed eye to make your closed eye chinese slanted (sorry I really am an open minded nice person!) and you can even rub lightly on top of your closed eyelid.

    7. The contact should straighten itself out and kinds stick to your eyeball (since your eye isn’t completely rounded the contact wants to sit on the little bump on your eyeball)

    Taking them out! (this turned out easier than I had hoped!

    1. close your eye!

    2. gently feel the top of your closed eye until you find where the contact starts.

    3. with the tip of your fingernail gently break the suction between your eye and the contact (with your eye still closed! don’t scrape across your open eye!)

    4. While scraping gently to break the seal bring the contact to the bottom outside of your eye (kinda all in the same motion)

    5. You’ll feel that the contact isn’t in place anymore (it won’t hurt it’ll just feel funny)

    6. When you open your eyes you’ll have a scrunched up contact that should be easy to pinch

    7. Unfortunately I could bring myself to do that, so I just kept rubbing the outside of my eye until the contact actually stood up some so I could pick it off with out going near my eye.

    Just remember if I can do it ANYONE CAN! when I originally told my husband that I wanted to get contact he actually laughed at he and said he would believe it when he saw it! He used to have to pin me down to put eye drops in my eyes! I’m so proud of myself!

    If you have any questions or you need to talk my email is Just put contacts real big in the subject line so I don’t accidentally delete your email!

  105. I have had my contacts only 2 days. This morning was hell trying to get them in. I gave up twice, cried, etc. My eyes hurt and were red. I was getting tired of poking my eye. The lens would not take. Then 2 things happened. I found this site where it showed photos: This was different than how it had been explained to me.

    I tried the method shown on the link above and got the first lens in on the second try. Then I couldn’t get the other one in. My husband told me I needed to relax and NOT blink my eye. I realized I had been blinking every time. So now I had the photos as reference and I trained myself to just keep my eye open and not blink. The contact went in easily. I could even positon it correctly – simply because I was relaxed and didn’t blink. I hope this helps.

  106. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I got my contacts on Thursday, didn’t have time to try putting them in again on Friday and then today I had spent about 3 hours getting very frustrated, throwing tantrums and crying trying to get the bluming things in.

    Then I thought I know I’ll ask google and then this thread appeared. 10 Minutes later, feeling much better knowing I wasn’t alone I have the contacts in and feeling very pleased with myself.

    Thank you again.

    Vicki x

  107. HI, Everyone. Thank you so much for all the advise. I have had my contacts now for 6 days and I have only had them in for two hours the first day that the doctor put them in for me. However with all your advise I will go home and stand in front of the mirror for another hour and keep trying.

    Thanks so much

  108. Thanks for your great advice and links to actual photos! Very helpful.

    I’m in the 2nd week of trying out contacts. I’m 56 years old (really I can’t believe that – it just creeps up so fast – age); but, one can learn new things at any age. Don’t be afraid.

    Being relaxed and not rushed is a must for me. Also, I’m having trouble with drying of the eyes after a few hours. I use an eye lubricant drop but, still. I hope I can try other lens types which may not cause the dry eye feeling. Of course, at this age, I’m trying the multi focal contact lens so I can see the mountains and also see what I’m eating for supper! The best thing about contacts is the ‘free’ feeling of nothing on my face and I can see. Just like being a teenager again. Well, almost. Again, thanks for this great site and I hope your optician’s helper is nice – mine was so patient.

  109. My first time getting contacts did NOT go well. First of all, I’m really not great with going to the opthamologist or putting anything(ex. eye drops) in my eyes. I also get really, really nervous.

    When I went, I thought my normal eye doctor would be helping me, but someone else(not a doctor) was there instead. She showed me how to put the contacts in, but the method she used was really difficult…-.- I had to use my left arm and reach up and across my face to lift up my right eyelid, which made no sense to me. I also hated that she was a few inches away watching me the whole time(it made me feel pretty uncomfortable). Then, of course, I just kept blinking and was too afraid to put the contact in. I tried for about 30 mins, maybe a little less, until I was just sick of the entire thing. I’ll probably go back again, but I just don’t how HOW on earth I’m going to do it…(Note: I’m 15 years old, and any tips would be greatly appreciated!)

  110. I was having trouble putting in my contacts and the girl at the doctors office showing me how said “don’t worry.. I once had a customer in here for over 2 hrs trying to get them in..” …2 hrs later it wasn’t funny anymore. I finally got them in 1 eye and was able to remove it but could not get it in my left eye.

    I just finished struggling with this crap for the last half hour and have nothing to show for it.

    I’m really glad other people posted stuff so I know I’m not the only sucker out there.

  111. Hi,

    I’m only 12 but I’ve had glasses for almost 3 years. I was offered a free trial of contacts that was supposed to slow down my myopia’s progress as I became a teenager. At first I was really hopeless. The optician told me to go home and practise for a week opening my eye and touching it.

    I confess I only did it a few times during that week.

    Back to the optician’s I tried again. I was still pretty hopeless. Then I suddenly was like, open your eyes, girl! I opened my eyes all right and got the contact lense on then I forgot to look down and look up and blink so the contact lense came out. I was pretty worried. I mean, I might be real young for contact lenses but I was feeling like a total idiot. So the optician put some eye drops in my eye to help my pupil get bigger. After that my eye was numb and I felt better. My reflexes weren’t so persistent. I could get them on and off real easy.

    Like most people, the idea of pinching my eye to get the lenses off really sickened me. But when the optician demonstrated how to do it, I realised it was only the word. The action was really just stroking the eye and putting the fingers together and lifting the contact lense out. Call it squeezing if you like. So, if you feel scared, just remember, it’s only the word that scares people.

    I found it help to have my Dad around to tell me that my contact wasn’t on centre or I needed to be rougher (Go gently, nobody said to go high speed and poke your eye though!). I’ve had them for a week or so (I can’t remember) and putting them on and taking them off only takes a few minutes. I’ve adjusted pretty fast.

    I was reading this stuff though and was stunned that people used their left hand for left eye and right hand for right eye. It’s supposed to be one hand for both eyes. I was also very surprised that many people felt scared to go back again and gave up. Wearing contact lenses are real hard, I know, but you don’t just give up, no offense. You gotta keep going and keep practising and then succeed. And maybe asking for those eye drops I got might help. They use it for enlarging and numbing the pupil for measuring it with those machines.

    I was quite discouraged by my failures and by the websites that said that people under 15 are not strong enough to wear contact lenses. I was quite puzzled. Why are they not strong enough? But I had to admit I was pleased I was more successful with more contact lenses than lots of people. Sorry, had to admit it, but I was really pleased.

    Keep going,


  112. Hi!

    i went for my first contact lense appointment 2 weeks ago and the optician tried to put them in for me but my eye automatically shut.

    tommorow im going for another appoinment but im really worried.

    Any tips on how to put in and take out.


  113. Hi!

    i went for my first contact lense appointment 2 weeks ago and the optician tried to put them in for me but my eye automatically shut.

    tommorow im going for another appoinment but im really worried.

    Any tips on how to put in and take out.


  114. I got contacts awhile back and just couldn’t get them in. When I tried it at the Dr. I did first try. But after I got home I couldn’t get them in and had trouble getting them out. I get up at 3 a.m. for work (commute) and just didn’t want to deal with it so I went back to my glasses. Then after awhile I decided I want to try again because I hate my glasses so much. After looking at Maureens blog and the web site she suggested I can’t wait to try again. If you didn’t see it scroll back, the web site has pictures.

    Good luck everybody!

  115. Elo !

    I got contacts like three days ago and at first they took ages to take out but now i can take them out in like 1 min. The only problem i have it putting them in, sometimes they wont stick to my eye. can someone please tell me a easy way or a tip on how to put them in.

    Thanks alot


  116. last summer, i went to the eye doctor’s to check my eyes out & hopefully get contacts. I went there, he took out the contacts & i tried to put them in. I almost cried, i tried everything basically, but nothing worked for me! i automatically just shut my eyes, i know its natural.. but I WANT IT TO STOP CLOSING! so no luck, i went home with no i went back & he just gave me a pair. he said “take them home, & try to put them in, if you cant just continue to wear glasses..” but i DONT want to wear glasses, i feel restricted, like i cant do anything with them. so right when i got home, i washed my hands then tried to put them in.. but NO LUCK. my sister has been wearing contacts for 3 years now, & i want to wear contacts too! tomorrow i’m going to try to put them in, if no luck i will still continue till i get them in.. i can touch my eye, but i cant when the contact is on my finger.. any advice?

  117. Hi All,

    Contact lenses, Jeez what a mission!. I feel your pain. Getting them in seem uncomfortable but no probs, but spent hours to a couple of days trying to figure out how to get them out.

    Some tips:

    Getting them in:

    – keep calm, rest for five mins after an attempt. It doesn’t help giving your eyes a good poking until they’re red.

    – get used to gently touching your eyes a couple of times 1st without the contact

    – avoid touching the eyelashes, I find them like a trigger to shut the eyelids. Push them back with your finger if poss.

    – put the contact on the tip of your index finger. hold open your eyelids and look up slightly, then gently and calmly put in the contact on the surface of your eyball slightly off center on the whites and pupil.

    – When they are on the surface blink a couple of times, and roll your eyes around a little. The contacts should automatically position themselves over the center of your eye. (as the lens part sticks out a bit and it is shaped differently to the whites).

    Getting them out:

    Argg need more practice. Still Freaks me out pinching them out.

    One technique that I am trying to use is similar to another mentioned in this forum, you can shift the contact without actually directly touching the surface of your eyeball, but through your eyelid.

    – Hold your bottom eyelid open.

    – Touch your top part of your eye with the “top eyelid closed”, try and push down the lens “through the surface of your closed top eyelid”

    – It should get blurry and feel different when the position has moved. Make sure you hold the contact in place when it has moved off center.

    – Pinch out with index and thumb when contact has been position in the lower white of your eye (the different curvature of the contact should allow for this)

    Hope this helps, keep trying, it is definitely unnatural to touch the eye, I know and frustrating as heck but practise practise and don’t give up. It will finally get easier once you figure it out.


  118. Going for contacts today. I read all the suggestions, and thank you to all the people who posted. Wish me luck!!!

  119. Contacts was very hard to put on at first for me, took about 30-50mins to put it on and off.the best way to take off the soft contacts is to have your hands very dry and pick it off so it could stick on your finger with ez.

  120. i got my contacts 4 days ago. it’s been really difficult putting them in and getting them out. sometimes i feel like i just got lucky all those times. last night i tried 3 different times to put them in, each failing miserably and ending in a dramatic tantrumatic fit.

    I’m having such a bad experience. They’re just so difficult to get out and even more difficult to get in. Reading these responses helps a lot and it makes me feel like I’m not the only one.

    So far I’m still debating whether or not to continue. There seems to be too many problems for what it’s worth. Did I mix up the left eye contact with the right. Is the contact inverted or not? How can you tell? Why is it so hard to find them after i drop them? I just seem so frustrated because of these little tiny slimy things.

  121. I’m so frustrated by my contacts, some days i can get them in straight away and then others it takes me 10 minutes to get the right one in and then i can’t get the left one in because it just shuts and so i just take the right one out cause it just takes way to long. Also, my contacts have to correct 3 things so sometimes when i look a certain way they go really blurry. They were around 250 pounds so it would be a real waste of money not to wear them but they’re just so annoying!

  122. This is the most amazing topic I have! 3 years ago, I just wrote a small piece of note about how hard it was for me to put my contact lens in. Look at today! It is almost the gather place for Contact lens users around the world to complain, to teach, to learn, to celebrate, and to know each other. It is amazing. Thanks everyone for making this random topic become an interesting location.

  123. Before I was allowed to take the lenses away with me, I had to show the optician that I could put them in and out 3 times! The Law Apparantly! At first I couldn’t do it once, but after a bit of practise at home with my sisters spare lenses I went back and did it within minutes!

  124. I have had my contacts for 2 months now and I STILL can’t get them in. I have gotten them in only twice in the amount of time I’ve had them. Getting them out was a breeze but I can’t get them in no matter how hard I try.

    I’ve done every trick in the book, held my eyes open 10 different ways, literally, and even gone back to my eye doctor. I guess I’m a useless cause, but I truly hate glasses with all my being and don’t want to wear them at all.

    Does any one have a trick they found on thier own or one that helped them keep there eyes open really well? I’m in desperate need of help!!!!

  125. Hi I just got contacts and I now how the rest of you feel. It took about an hour to get both lenses in. After the doctor tried, and couldnt get them in, he sent me across the hall to this woman who couched me through the process. Many tears later and red eyes I got them in, then came the part of having to take them out. This is whats working for me.

    Putting them in: Make sure the lense is really wet and your finger tip is really dry. Slowly move the lens toward your eye and then look upward at the last moment when you feel the lense touch the eye remove your finger and close your eye. That sets it.

    Getting them out. By far the easiest for me is to first let my mind know that there is a lense between my eye and finger- so Im telling myself Im not poking my eye, Im poking the lense. Then to reassure my mind, I close my eye and with my thumb and pointer finger squeeze my eyelid. You can feel the lense fold up. That is my assurance that something is there. Next I hold open my top and bottom lid. Then I touch the lower part of the lense and pull the lens down off the front of the eye. With your eye open the lense will move pretty easy. I pull it down to the bottom lid and toward the tear duck. It usually breaks its seal by then and I pull it on out.

    I couldnt do the press and squeeze technique they showed me at the eye doctor I spent 4 hours trying that way, then came on here and read how someone else drags the lense to the bottom of their eye. This technique works for me much, much better.

  126. hi everyone,i got contacts felt pretty normal and everything was okay.but today it was hell!!!!!!!!!!!!my right eye teared like crazy and it was SO SO SO RED!!!!!!!!! i was told that it will go after a few this true?ive been wearing glasses for 10 years and im so scaredof getting an infection.pliz help!!!!!!!!!!!! or is it the way im putting them or something???? help asap!!!!!! thank you

  127. I just had a contact lens appointment as well and I went in there thinking I’d be out in 5 minutes. Little did I know how much of an eye-touching phobia I had. It took me and my optometrist 20 minutes, just to get the lens in the right eye. Then after another 20 minutes of trying to get it into the left eye, they told me to give up and take the right one out. 15 minutes later, I was unable to get it out of my eye so they had to do it for me. I felt like a freaking idiot, didn’t know I’d have such a problem touching my eyes.

  128. Hi all,

    Really thank you all for sharing experience of first using contact lens.

    I’ve been using glasses for almost 20 years. Once i bought contact lens but never have such courage to try so i just leave it in my drawer. Second chance, i have no choice because my fiance bought for me and he wanted me to wear during his D&D party… First try, i couldnt make it eventhough my fiance and the Optomerist were very patient to teach me untill the store about to close then i gave up.. Then i try to google and find the way how people did it… found this forum… and try to remember some tricks from what people share… like touching my eyes couple times a day without blinking… i found it getting better and better the more i practise.

    Then the day before i should come back to give a second try, i force myself to get an early sleep at night so the next day my eyes can open big enough and very clear … (this one really helps)…

    So i went back to the optometris and tell them i want to give it another try. At first i only manage to touch a small surface of my eye with the lens without can really put it there (this took almost 20 minutes)…the lens keep sticking to my finger tip… so the optomerist tell me that once you can touch them all, the lens will automatically stick there… somthing like this

    ( —> (>

    (=lens (>=eyeball

    then i just need to look up, down, right and left to adjust it…

    Took another 20 minutes before i can get the lens into my right eye. i was so happy and called my fiance to tell him that i managed to put it in 1 eyes (only) :D

    The effort that i’ve tried is to take a deep breath and keep telling myself that i should be brave enough… it works… also to keep my finger tips dry really help not to get the lens stick to it…also if i am too stress, i ask them to give me time to go out and walk for few minutes… that’s also help…well the whole process took about 1.5 hours but finally i can get them in and out…right & left… left eye is more difficult… the optometris asked me to try 3 times in and out afterwards…and i did it…

    So i encourage everybody here who was a first timer…dont give up… prepare your eyes with some practise… be brave… and get enough sleep before you try…and if you can, find an optometris that patient enough to teach you…and follow their instructions… that’s only i can share…

    You will love it once you already succeed… you can wear cool sunglasses that you like which i couldnt wear before :) Jia Youuuuu….

  129. ayee watsup yea i kno how u guys feel i had the same problem when i got mine but im glad contacts are the best for sports driving or if u just want to see better and not be blind

    but yea i have some really good tips for first timers

    when your putting them on use the hand u write with to and pull ur top eye lid with ur middle finger nd and on the other hand have the lens on da tip of ur finger nd with the middle finger pull ur bottom lid down and juss place it anywhere near the eyeball nd juss press it a lil bit nd even if the lens looks all messed up doesnt matter close your eyes for about 5 seconds nd dey juss fall into place

    and when ur taking dem out i kno like ur worryed dat ur ganna pinch ur eyes or u have like i used to but with the same hand and fingers lift da top nd bottom lids and from the corner or ur eye grab the lens from the edge it really works and i put my contacts on in 5 seconds and take dem out in 3 seconds really easy and dont wrry ull get it in like a week

  130. OK, so I tried to read most of these. They sound like what is going on with me. I went yesterday and It took me 45 mins to get them in it made me so mad. My eyes looked so bad they are so red. Then went home took them out and today… Yes, I got them in and one was in the wrong way That was so pain full. I got the thing out, and then later I put it back in. But here is where my problem comes in… I couldn’t get them out again, I had to go to the doctors and have them take them out. The they feel like they are rubbing on the bottom of my eye I tried to move it like they say to make sure there’s no air and add the drops, but now my eyes look like I got into a fight they are so red and hurt so bad they are also purple from pulling on the lids so much. But the eye ball is red I think everything that could of broke in my eye ball did. So now I keep feeling like there is something in it. I don’t have the contacts in now, but it still feels that way, and I keep getting goopy eye stuff out of it. Is these just my eye healing or something wronge. I hope I didn’t mess it up. My left eye is the only eye that hurts. Please help. sorry about all the jumping around, I’m having a hard time thinking with this much pain. I’m going to take a few days off before trying again. Please help anyone

  131. ok so I went to the eye doctor they only sat with be for like less then 15 minutes after my eye exame then she told me I would have to come back. I did fine touching my eyes but the contact seemed to want to stick to my finger and not my eye.. The lady sucked at teaching me … she finally brought someone else back and he gave me better instructions and I almost had it in on eye.. how am I going to get this if they can only afford a short amount of time I’m so mad!! but I am glad to see I am not alone in this and I think it depends on who you get to show you how to put them in. I have another class in a week. Why don’t they let you take a practice pair home this is so stupid… well thank you to all who left tips on this board here is the tip I got from the doctor they gave me contact solution and told me to put it on my finger and practice touching my eye they said the solution makes you feel like a contact is there so you get used to touching your eye. I have small eyes and keeping my eyelids up was very hard gurrrrrrrrr!!!

  132. omg ive been sitting here for say..1 hour ? every time i try to put my contacts in, they DO get in but it doesn’t go on flat. it makes bubbles and when i try blinking it falls out. am i doing something incorrectly?

  133. Hehe, its fun, jianshuo your contact lens blog attracts so many people, seems like more and more are using it nowdays and considering beauty issue.

    I am someone who has used contact lens for years (less than ten years, that’s maybe why I haven’t had Ellen’s skill to put them on and off with only one hand and without mirror, lol) Well, I can still remember the first day I tried them on, I was so scared and nervous of course, can’t even distinguish the obverse and the inverse! And the first several days when I had them on, I barely could read any books, etc…It took SOMETIME to see things clearly and got used to it. Also, dared not to take them off, felt like ‘extirpate’ the eyeball.

    I believe everyone who had contact lens experience, experienced some touble, I do, too. Once, I was during a trip, something went into one of my eyes, then I had to take that contact lens off, since then, I couldn’t put it on again, hurts! Another time, at work, unluckily, dropped one of them, so I experienced wearing with only one again!

    All in all, not too much trouble yet, I still want to wear it rather than the stupid glasses!

  134. Hello.

    I just got fitted for contact lenses this past Saturday. For one reason or another, it was not that hard to get them in and out at the doctor’s office. However, when I got home, I spent 2 hours trying to put them in and was only successful with getting one lense in. After that, i finally gave up and can still not get them in. I am very frustrated and do not know what to do! Can you please offer some help>

  135. well i found out that i have a condtion in my right eye and i have 2 wear contact lenses (hard ) as acure to it or i will have 2 do a surgery

    iwent to the doctor to try it on and it was the worest thing ever he screamed at me and told me that im a spoiled gilr infront my mom dad and sis (wich is right by the way ) .

    i cant but them on i have them for 2 days and tried once and it was a disastre i screamed as loud as possiple when i thought that the lens was going to inter the back side of my eye ball

    and im so scared that one day it will happen :(

  136. Hi.. I recently took a trip to Kansas because i had a funeral to go to.. and i forgot my contact case and didnt have time to get one.. so i slept in with my contact for 4 days.. When i got back to Texas i took them off and went to sleep so by the next morning.. i try putting them on but for some reason my eye ball was burning up and turning red!!! I try putting them on the next day and the same thing happen!! Whats wrong with my eyeball =( boo hoo Hahhaha i mean yea.. what is wrong with it?

  137. This is an awesome collection of tips! I went to the optometrist today for a check up. whilst i was there i inquired about contacts – i thought it might be nice to have the option of contacts and glasses. He suggested trying to put them in for me to see how i felt about them. I didn’t give it any thought – he tried twice to get the contact in my right eye – on the second attempt we made it in. as soon as it was in, i started to feel sick, and told him so – i had a sudden urge to want to rip the thing out, and that was making me feel nauseous. he kept it in anyway, and tried my left eye. every time he tied to get it in, i would start to feel more ill and i would push him and the contact away – at some points it made me dry retch! He did say that the contact was getting into the eye, i was just reacting too quick (due to the dry retching) to let it settle. After 45 mins of trying for the left eye, i told him to give up. He told me not to fret, and that he’d had two people faint on him when trying to get them in. He was very kind, told me to come back whenever i wanted for another go – he had a lot of patience for me. strange that i had such a severe reaction to it though – why when he tried to get it in my left eye would that make me dry retch? Has anyone had such a response?! I felt like such an idiot when i walked out, so this site has been of great help. Hopefully i will go back for round two one day!

  138. i just got my contact lens today, and I tried putting them on and it took me suprisingly 15 mins. I guess I’m so use to touching my eye that it went pretty easy, but the verdict is still out until i can take them out again later D:

  139. i just got my contacts today! :D

    at the doctor’s i could not put it in

    and the worse thing is i started throwing up my lunch :x

    should be because of my jet lag (just touched down a few hours ago)

    then apparently i was really pale and my lips were white.

    so now i have tried again when i got home and the same puking thing happened when i tried.

    shall try tomorrow :D

    hope it is okay! <3~

  140. Hi guys,

    I have to say this forum gave me the encouragement I needed to go for it. I had a nightmare at my first visit to get my contacts and couldn’t come close to doing it.

    I was sent away angry and annoyed at myself so I was determined to go back and do it 2nd time round.

    And I did no problems. Here is why and is my tip for anyone out there who is struggling….

    At home, get yourself in front of a mirror, wash your hands and get started with touching your eye. Start at the corner and if you’re not used to it- you will blink. But eventually, you’ll realise that it won’t hurt. Then start moving in and eventually, you’ll be able to do it without blinking.

    Then, imagine you have a lense on your fingertip and practice touching your eye using the technique shown by your doctor. In time, you’ll do it without blinking but remember to do both eyes!

    I did this every night for 20 mins and when I went back, it was no problem at all. Don’t give up because the feeling of doing it and succeeding is amazing!

    And another tip for those struggling with taking lenses out….

    No matter how wide you think you are pinching across your eye, it’s not wide enough ;)

  141. Just gonna post to encourage you guys struggling with it, last sunday i went to my opticians to attempt to get contacts lenses.

    I guess this varies where you go but this opticians required you to get the contact lenses in and take them out 3 times in a relatively short time in order for you to be allowed to purchase them, on the first day i failed miserably and didnt even get them in once.

    So I spent abit of time on monday messing about with my eye, it didnt feel like it was doing alot but ive been today (Tuesday) and I managed to get them in on the 2nd attempt and on the 1st attempt everytime after that. I also found getting them out very easy the key is just to be very gentle.

    My point is just that if you suck the first time so did I and now I’d call myself almost perfect, this is with just 48 hours practice

  142. dear u said that ur eyes were closing with out control it was the same case with me but my doctor advised me to hold my eyelashes with my hand during the practice it is a very easy habit tu stop that stupid squintings.

  143. Hey my name is Sam. I just got contact lenses today, and I looked up, “Is it normal to be scared to put in contact lenses?” on google and I got a bazillion hits. I spent 83907408743 hours in the optical doctor’s office, and I STILL haven’t gotten it. But everyone does, so just… hang in there, bud!

  144. Im 14 and i want contacts coz no girl will even come near me with my glasses on :(

    i went to the optician last yr and got them in after like 2 hrs, and then couldnt get them out again. any tips guys?

  145. This blog has helped me to realize that I’m not the only one who finds wearing contacts for the first time to be more than difficult. I just got them yesterday. Tonight I spent 2 hours just to get one contact out. The right one came out after 10 minutes, but the left one was so stuck on there, that even after multiple squirts of eye drops into my left eye, it wouldn’t come out. I was prepared to sleep with it in and then go to the eye doctor tomorrow in shame. Fortunately, it came out, but my goodness, what an ordeal! Nice to know we’ve got ourselves a club of current and former struggling amateurs!

  146. I tried contact lenses nearly 10 years ago (as a 13 year old). I put the contact in after about 10 minutes of trying, and then I threw up all over. I think the feeling of the contact on my eye was such a shock to my system. Well, I tried a couple more times and it freaked me out, so I still don’t have them to this day. I am sick of my babyish glasses, so I am glad to see the tips on this website and I want to get them now! I thought I was the only person in the world who had eyeball phobia and threw up due to contact lenses.

  147. i went for a contact lense appointment a couple of days ago and it took me 45 minutes to get them in so i was nearly told to come back another day to try again but it was a breeze taking them out luckily :)

    so they gave me a couple of pairs to wear until the check up appointment and when i got home i found i couldn’t get them in again and wasted about 3 pairs but i didn’t give up and now it takes about 15-20 mins to put them in so i say don’t give up trying cause im getting used to them a bit now (:

  148. OMG, im sooo frustrated, i got my contact lenses yesterday and it did take me awhile to get them in and out but i am a little squeamish ao i was prepared for the worst. i was soo surpised that i actually got them in and out and they felt so good in! BUT when i got home i had another go and today for like 2 hours and i still cant get them in my eyes! it seem no matter how firm i hold my eyelashes out of the way they still shut when i get close to my eye! i feel like such an idiot, i want t be able to use them so much, should i go bk to the opticians and get them to help me again or is it too soon? x

  149. first tyme wearing contact lenses, with th help of th optician ii manaqe to put it in.

    when ii try at home , ii try far alots of tyme! ii couldnt qet it in .

    its qettin mr frustrated. my eye isint aint biq so it someh0w abit hard to put in.

    so anyone could help me with it ? T.T

  150. After a long time wearing contacts, I still can’t directly look at myself poking my finger in my eye so what I do is I go as close as I can with the finger and eye open, then before my finger with contact reaches my eye, I look up, then put the contact in, that way I don’t see it going it directly. Hope this trick helps people having difficulty.

  151. its my first time trying to get contacts and ive tryed to put them in twice but couldent get them in but the ppl at the eye doctor place only gave me 30 muinets to put them in and rudly told me i failed and should give up any advice if i should keep trying cause ive seen its taken others alot more time or should i even go to a diferent place or someting i would appreciate any advice or tips as if othes havent given enuf

  152. hi there i just got my contacts with grade 75-100 last night and when i put it this morning i see things in cloudy i called the optical shop and they said that it is normal because of the color of the lens. Is it normal? the whole day I’ve been seeing things in cloudy.

  153. Hi. Just got my contacts 2 days ago. So far, I’ve had no problems putting them in or taking them out. The only problem is that the left contact seems to be too big for my eye. It kinda “pukers”/folds under at the bottom of my eye. It’s very irritating to my eye. Also should note that I have astigmatism. These are just the trial pair. When I got them the optician said that it was not my exact perscription, but would be close enough. Should get my others in a few days. Anyhow, has anyone ever dealt with or heard of a lens being too big before? Thanks for all input and advice!!!

  154. I just got fx lenses for halloween, I have never worn contacts before and will let you all know how it works out.

  155. Hi ,Very Simple tip…………………

    Look toward photo of your B/G-friend & fix lenses in eye . It will never difficult to any one

  156. Hi. I just got my contacts around about a month ago after wearing contacts for about 6 years (I’m 14) and I decided it was time for a change. I went to my opticians for an eye test and a contact lense fitting and I figured I would be in and out in about 30 mins (with waiting). HA so not what happened! The optician put the contacts in like half a second and when it was in I was like TAKE IT OUT! It just felt so weird and I was suddenly longing for the glasses I had so thoughtlessly discarded mere minutes before! Anyway I put on a brave face and did the whole “OMG I can see without glasses … WOW!?” garbage. Anyway then she took me to the contacts assistant who told me to try and take them out, I was like sure, why not? She gave me a brief tutorial and I was like how hard could it be? It turns out it was extremely hard and we were stuck there for about fifteen mins trying to take one out! Thankfully she was very patient with me but she was from another country and I found it hard to understand what she was saying, I eventually got them out and I was like “Phew!” But then she said five words that will haunt me for ever … “Try putting them back in” I was like NNNNNNOOOOOOO! Anyway I had too put them in and out for her another three times and I left the shop 2 Hours later with 5 pairs of contacts to my name. I was not best pleased. Apparently they can only give out a maximum of a five day trial on the first day. GRRR! Anyway I went back a week later for the check up and to pick up a month’s supply but after a mix-up they realised they had forgotten to stock the lenses behind the counter! I was fuming because it is a 4 hour drive to the nearest optician from my hometown! I eventually got the month’s supply in the end and I was ecstatic. I could put them in fine but taking them out was a bitch! I used to dread wearing them because I knew I’d have to take them out at the end of the day but like almost everybody else I got the hang of it in the end! For putting them in I basically just place the lense on the tip of my finger and unlike most people I put it directly on my pupil whilst looking in the mirror! I just find it easier to look at it but everones different. For taking them out I just really have one tip that hasn’t been mentioned (probably because everyone else sees it as a given and it really is a stupid tip!) Before I just kind of pinched randomly anywhere around my eye and believe me I was not successful, but I realised one night that I have to make sure I can feel the contact on my pupil and then pinch. Like with your thumb and pointing finger placed at the sides of the contact only then pinch with slight pressure. I know it’s silly but before I wasn’t pinching the actual contact! (Dumb) I hope this helps someone (probably wont) but maybe there is someone else in the world who was unaware of the fact that you need to feel the contact first! Xx

  157. So, i just got my first pair of contacts afters 2 yrs of wearing glasses…im the biggest idiot of idiots coz i bought a pair simply on impulse while shopping with my frnd(the shop-keep just scanned my specs or sumthn and gave me one for my power). i bght the 1-year soft lens ones. anyhoo, i forgot to mention that i have freakishly small eyes–noone in my family or around has such small ones & yeah, i get teased alot by my stupid frnds about them. And, so yeah, when i tried to put them in they felt almost gigantic! it took me 2 days to try the whole touch-my-eyeball-so-i-dont-flinch thing, so now i’m confident that i wont flinch and close my eyes when i try to put em in–BUT the biggest prob is that no matter how much i pull my lids and hold my lashes the lens is still BIG for my eye ans just wont go in!!!! what do i do? i’m nearly depressed …i cant get my money back…i hope to go to an optometrist 2mrw or smthn if i get an appnmnt…but is it a lost cause? are there no lens for my puny eyes??? PLZ HELP!!!

    (p.s. i dun thnk my EYEBALL is small, its my lids that are closely placed ..if you know wat i mean)

  158. hey

    so after the optometrist and my doc tried, with me leaping off the chair any time they came even less then an inch to my eye, and nearly gave up, in a last ditch attempt i tried to insert the lens myself into my too tired eyes–and voila! got em both in minutes!! turns out that the technique is everything and doesnt really matter how small your eyes are (my doc assured me that my eyes arent really as miniscule as i lament them to be! (: ) this is what really worked for me and its really easy too : get really close to the mirror(so you can see your eyes clearly) take the lens in the palm of your hand, put it on your DRY finger, check if its the right side(perfect concave shape), tilt your forehead forwards and lookup so that your pupils are directed way up, aim the lens at the bottom white part of your eye, DONT BLINK!! place the lens and slowly close your eye, then rotate your eye in all four directions–the lens will have automatically moved to the centre…and DONE!!

    hope this helped for others grappling with their first pair of contacts! (:

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