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I was greatly influenced by my elder brother. He bought a second hand Huqiu (虎丘) camera when he was in university. It was back to 1989. I doubt whether this brand of camera still exists. It was the camera inspired my interest in photography. I took some pictures with this camera (including many sweet memories with Wendy). I selected Photography as my elective when I was a junior. That is the best course I enjoyed in my four years in the Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

New York Institute of Photography

I am reading the courseware of the NYIP course these days. Yes. Be serious, I want to learn the photography and develop better sense of photo. I even thinking about enroll some class of photography in the future. I didn’t find any school offer photography so far.


I attended a exhibition of photography equipment. I took the picture below using my simple Sony P8. It looks not bad.


© Jian Shuo Wang. With the right equipment, good picture is much easier.

It proof that if you have good lighting equipment and a frame for taking static objects (the white curve background that won’t show the annoying horizontal conjunction line), the chance to take better pictures becomes larger.

14 thoughts on “Learn Photography – Seriously

  1. i think maybe the FUJI S7000 would be better to start with. and kodak also has a style for the beginner :) i’m saving money for S7000 now. :D

  2. Canon EOS-1D Mark II, wow!

    Check this out. Pre-PMA 2004: Canon today announced the impressively specified EOS-1D Mark II which features a new 8.2 megapixel CMOS sensor, it can shoot at just over eight frames per second and has a 40 frame JPEG image buffer…

  3. The new release of Nikon D70 is a quasi-professional weapon. But you need to spend bucks on lens. BTW, it’s my first visit, which was led by LinkedIn. Very very impressive! 2 thumbs-up! Save words for later comments. :-)

  4. Tutu and pony, I saw your post, but I have given up to upgrade any photograph equipment any more. I want to concentrate to develop my eyes instead of my equipment. Thanks for sharing anyway – I WAS very interested before.

  5. You should really start that photography class of yours. I’m sure there are bunch of people who’s looking for a good, english speaking photography lesson. e.g. me :) Or could you reccomend me a place where I can take some lessons of photography in english? Thanks!!!!

  6. I would like to have information for photography professional school in Shanghay, please contact me.Luky

  7. The book of “New York Institute of Photography Courseware” is a good starting point for professional photographer. I bought the book and really enjoy it.

  8. Hi^^

    can u guys tell me where i can find best school of photography in Shanghai?


  9. can anyone tell me what book or magazine about wedding photography and studio in china? I need them. By the way,i’m in indonesia-surabaya. Thanks a lot

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