Fanfan is on Film


Image Courtesy of Europacorp

Fanfan is the nick name I call Wendy. We were surprised to see the new film Fanfan La Tulipe uses the same name. So my name is on advertisement everywhere in Shenyang and Wendy’s nick name are not displayed around the world. Hehe. Just kidding.


  1. There used to have a French movie “Fan Fan”, performed by famous French Actress Sophie Marceau.

  2. Oh. Really? Never heard of it. I cannot find it in Google too. What is it about?

  3. hi,I’m in Shanghai now.On the second day after I arrived here,I lost my moblephone,so my friend’s telephone nomber were flied away:( .My new nomber in Shanghai is 13585611683,if you could send me a message,I will be happy!

  4. zhang ziyi 章子怡

    Did anyone here call her? Share your experience!!!!!!!

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