Benz Taxi in Shanghai

Hey. Take a look. I finally saw and took a shot of the hot Benz taxi in Shanghai. It is reported that 50 Benz taxi were put into operation but I never seen one.

This morning, when I arrived at Metro Tower, a shining car passed by. It was a Benz. At a second look, I realized it was a taxi.

© Jian Shuo Wang. Benz taxi stopped before Metro Tower

14 thoughts on “Benz Taxi in Shanghai

  1. There’s plenty of Mercedes Benz taxis in my neighbourhood (Jing’an) and yes, you can flag them down, and yes they do cost the same as Santanas. So I suggest you do what I did, and ride one immediately while they’re still in good shape.

  2. Yea I tried to call in and one to Pudong airport but the girl on the phone was like “OK I have Santana 2000, good for 4 people. What is your address.”…..err she didn’t get the message. Easier just to flag one down duh.

  3. Rogi, they didn’t give you a Benz as you asked? I guess they are too busy handling customers on the street, and maybe sometime handling conflicts between two customers stuggling for the same Benz. :-D

  4. That’s too bad Goose. When I was in Shanghai and travelled towards the airport to go on a little trip to Sanya, we also had a Benz. They’re really comfortable.

    By the way, speaking of cabs… Aren’t all cabs (the volkwagens at least) going to be replaced for new Audi’s in 2008? I heard something about that a while ago.

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