Vegetarianism in Shanghai

There is a special restaurant on the 4th floor or Metor City (map) – Larbre de Provence. They only serve vegetables and they always have a lot of customer. Why not have a try? I didn’t yet. :-D


© Jian Shuo Wang


© Jian Shuo Wang

I got emails asking me about whether a vetanist can survive in Shanghai. Surely they can.

9 thoughts on “Vegetarianism in Shanghai

  1. OK. I finally found the right word to use.

    V E G E T A R I A N I S M.

    Thanks Jun Jiang. English is not second language so forgive me if there are some stupid spelling in my articles.

  2. I have been a few Chinese vegetarian restaurants in Houston. In addition to vegetables and fruits, most dishes are made of tofu that look like meat or steak-alike.

    However, vegetarian may mean different things in China. Many vegetarians in the US will eat dairy products and eggs, which is different from what we consider Chizai in China.

  3. This is very encouraging to see that somebody cared for vegetarian. I will be delighted to see other vegetarian choices mentioned here for Shanghai.

    Thanks in advance !


  4. try zentral healthy restaurant near xin tian di as they were just voted top 5 healthy restauarnts in shangahi by loney planet guide books. i’ve been and it not only tastes great but is afforbale too.


  5. There’s a vegetarian restaurant in xu jia hua. Huge place. always nearly empty.

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