Shanghai Map Viewer 0.7 Release

Shanghai Map Viewer 0.7 Released

New Features / Bug Fixes:

  • Added LocationReminder so people will always return to the last map location after performing actions, instead of jumping to the home page
  • Title for each page fine tuned with descriptive words
  • The scroll offset bug is fixed. The point is exactly the point you click even if the page is scrolled down
  • Added warning and message to confirm operation. Warning is based on the four situations: added successfully, no place name, duplicate and delete successfully.
  • URL enabled. You can add URL for a point now so bloggers can pin their website onto the map.
  • Delete interface added to the index.asp, so first time visitor know it is possible to delete a point.
  • Restore completed.

Feature Request in Future Releases:

  • xmren asked for Web Service version. Well. I am planning to add it next week in release 1.0
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