I am a RUBIK Cube (Magic Cube) Solver

Something you may not know about me. I am a Magic Cube Solver at my age of 13. I can turn any one of the 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 magic cube possiblity into the solved status (having a single color on each of its 6 sides). My average speed to solve a Magic Cube is about 2.5 (best situation) to 3.5 (worst situation) minutes.

I have trained many people to master the skill to solve a Rubik’s Cube, especially in middle school when I brought my Cube to school and made it the fasion. I taught one quater of the class to solve it. My proud experience was when I was in Grade 1 of my Junior Middle School, I was so naughty that I “robbed” a girl’s magic cube and run away. She runned after me from the forth floor to the first floor in the school, where I returned the solved cube (with single colors on each side) to her. Haha. I didn’t got any chance to show off the skill after I entered university.

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  1. Haha, you know what, Jianshuo?

    My friend Bill Shi, 史建琦(Shi Jianqi) in Chinese is also a good Magic Cube solver. I know this because he showed it off to me in his dorm (he did have one in his dorm), made it also less than 3 mins. He also taught me.

    I had thought he was so talented, a born genius that I met. Now that I know at least I have two genii of this type, both are my best friends. You’re both so COOL! BTW, so interesting that you share the same middle name!

    Jianqi a freshman who I got to know last october in a tech seminar I hosted in ECNU SEI. Now we’re like Bros. His blog in Chinese Simpl: http://blog.baiso.com

  2. I think by myself that girl your classmate who was stripped of her magic cube would have turned to fell grateful while finding you helped her solved mystery, and if she had asked you “Can you teach me that, Jian shuo?”, it would have been a beautiful story coming on …

  3. when i first saw “magic cube”, i referred it to the french expression “cube magique”… actually it has nothing to do with “mo fang”. it’s a french flavoring product brand. :P

  4. Well. I’d like to teach who to solve a Magic Cube to anyone who wants to learn. It is too complicated to talk about the steps online – it is even not easy to teach it offline. :-D Anybody interested in it? We can setup a Magic Cube club and we meet at a Starbucks on one Sunday morning. It must be fun.

  5. It’s a long time, do you remeber me?

    In East China Normal University, that day , I play Magic Cube with you.

    But that we hadn’t knew who was better. It’s just funny:)

    So many things I have to learn.If you have time, I think we can do it again:)


  6. Amazing, I thought that toy was dead many years ago, we solved it in middle school about 28 years ago.

    We made a description on an A4-paper, I can’t find it though… But when you had taught the steps, then it was no problem. But it was fun, and it’s hard for anyone to invent something like that again, I mean “cheap, and lots of fun too”.

  7. What is the Starbucks? How could I get access to it to learn the secret of magic cube?

    Thanks, Jen

  8. I would very much like to learn how to solve the rubik cubes~ i have seen the thoery part of it n its is so facinating… though i cant get to understand it… hahahah…

    bytheway i’m a malaysian college student, n i found ur site by searching google on ‘magic cube’. ;)

    pls reply to lueypin_@hotmail.com

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  10. Hello! My name is William E. Huggins, and I purchased the Rubik’s Cube about last Summer, but I have not had much time to seriously get into it! I turn it around every week or so , but I recently went on the Web ( Internet) to ordrer a book through Amazon.com to learn how to solve it! I would appreciate it, if you would Email me some Tips ! I want to learn it, so I appreciate it! I hope tp be getting my Book in about Three weeks! I want to know how I can be timed to Solving it in record speed time! I look to your reply In the meantime I will not give uo mynpursuit!

    Thank you

    William E. Huggins

  11. hei

    you should watch a new movie by an Italian director is called “The pursuit of happiness” ( you find it on fake dvd) and see what happens to a magic cube solver


  12. I got the Rubik’s cube about a 2 weeks ago, and for the first few days I was just trying to solve one side of it, which I can now do in just a few seconds.

    Like most beginners I tried to solve it one side at a time, instead of doing it layer by layer method. There are many different methods to solve the Rubik’s cube. You should make sure not to have a dollar store one too.

    I learned to solve the cube by watching the former world record holder, Tyson Mao, on youtube. Tyson taught Will Smith how to solve the cube for his movie (The Pursuit of Happyness), and he can teach you with these 8 steps.









  13. hey, the links on youtube no longer works, does anyone knows of any other site where i can find the same ones?

  14. Hi. I was srufing the web and found this page. I’d just like to state that I can solve a Rubik’s cube in 1 to 2 minutes and I’m only 14. I’m also OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) which might explain why I had the “patience” to figure it out… *twitch*

  15. When I was in high school (around 1980) my best time was 26 seconds… it’s actually quite simple, once you know the ‘secret formulae’… the trick is memorizing the formulae and then more speed only comes from hours of practice…

    In my old age this skill has gone completely – I cannot remember any of the formulae required. :(

    As most people my age from Australia, the 1980s have become a bit of a ‘blur’ – too much excess and partying – and memory was the first thing to go!!

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