Shanghai Map Viewer 0.6 Released

Today, I released Shanghai Map Viewer Version 0.6. Key features (including the features previously avaiable).

  • Scroll the window to eight directions.
  • Thumbnail and one-click move.
  • Mark points with click and add description
  • Record the marks into database
  • All points available for all visitors
  • Wiki style editing support
  • Anyone can delete previous point
  • Anyone can restore deleted point
  • User registration

Someone posted it to Fudan BBS and attracted some hits. I got 22 qualified points today. Good!

Future plan:

I will add the following feature in the next release version 0.7.

  • Fix the bug that when the window is scrolled down, the positioning of the red point has a offset.
  • Enable “Claim ownership of this point” function, so more information, like the blog URL, description, category can be attached to a point
  • Find a logo and a code name for the points

5 thoughts on “Shanghai Map Viewer 0.6 Released

  1. Dear Sir,

    thank you very much for your useful web site.

    my boss are going to come to your beautiful country.I need come information about shanghai domestic airline.fortunatly I can find some of them.But as I click on Dalian flights unfortunatly nothing happen. would you please help me and inform me shanghai -dalian flight program and visa versa.

    By the way your map only read in chines?if it is available in english would you please announce me this too?

    I will not forget your kindness.

    Best Regards,


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