Happy New Year


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The Year of Monkey Arrived!

Fireworks Picture of Last Night

shanghai-dot.fireworks-new.year.jpg shanghai-dots-fireworks.jpg shanghai-fireworks-new.year.jpg shanghai-fireworks-on.head.jpg shanghai-money.and.fish-new.year.jpg shanghai-two-new.year.jpg shanghai-up-new.year.jpg shanghai-puple-fireworks.jpg shanghai-flower-new.year.jpg

© Jian Shuo Wang

The pictures above were taken from the window of my living room. This is the first time I stayed in Shanghai for Spring Festival – before this year, Wendy and I took trains to go back to our hometown. Those were miserable journey since trains are always crowded in this season.

So, it is the first time I took pictures of the fireworks. The fireworks are more splendid than any fireworks I have ever seen. :-D So many families went to the square of the residential garden and fired their own fireworks. Yes. The pictures I took were all fired by local residents. No government fund was involved.

Share Some Interesting Numbers

I’d like to share some amazing numbers with readers outside China. Just guess how many people watched the Spring Festival Celebration Party from CCTV? The statistics came out and the number is 500 million. Although the number decreased a little bit from last year (I remember), this four-hour program should still be the most popular program in the world in terms of number audience.

Also, it is forecasted that 17 billion SMS messages will be sent in China during this Spring Festival alone. The number was 7 billion last year. Think about it. 0.1 RMB for one SMS. It means 1.7 billion RMB income for China Telecom and Unicom alone in several days. I felt the difference since many people who didn’t send New Year greetings last year sent me SMS this year. I got around 40 SMS last night.

Note: Update may not be regular in the Spring Festival (from Jan 22 to Jan 29). :-D Wish you a happy New Year!

P.S. Today, I was interviewed by Jocelyn, from Marketplace.org. The interview is expected to be online tomorrow at http://marketplace.org

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