Wow. Shanghai is Snowing

Hey, Hey, Shanghai is snowing…

Incrediable! Wowo. It is snowing in Shanghai!


Photograph by Eric


Photograph by Eric


Photograph by Jian Shuo Wang

In my memory, the last time it snowed is 1996. I was a Junior in Shanghai Jiaotong University. In the past 8 years, it didn’t snow. So you know why everybody rushed to the window side excitedly when we became aware of the snow outside. Yep. I hope it can snow longer and see the now covered Shanghai – I never saw such scene in Shanghai.

Snow Stopped

It stopped snowing at around 4:00 PM. In downtown (Xujiahui), I cannot see any place covered by snow yet.

Snowing Video 760 kb

More Observation of the Snow

The snow this noon is breaking news for people in Shanghai since it is so rare at the latitude of 31N. Bloggers are exicted about the snow and recorded it passionately.

  • Billy Qiu is one of them. His entry BRAVO! Snowing In Shanghai Today (Cool Pics + Video by Billy) contains fantastic pictures of the moment and one minute 10 seconds video clip. You must check out those pictures. It seems it snows more heavily in his area than in Xujiahui – maybe the point I took the picture is too high (23rd floor of Metro Tower)
  • Isaac‘s description is short but quick: Snow – Shanghai, heavy snow (Chinese site). :-D
  • phycat recorded her conversation with her hubby in Shanghai. (Chinese site)
  • qianzi said car accident happened at the entrance of the Yan An East Road Tunnel. (Chinese site)
  • sunadm reported the snow in Hangzhou. (Chinese site)

  • rainlee reported the snow in Suzhou. (Chinese site)

  • Shmily recorded the snow in Beijing yesterday. It is so normal for Beijing to snow, but not Hangzhou, Suzhou and Shanghai. (Chinese site)

This should be the first time for so many blogger to observe the same weather event from different cities. These reports draw a vivid picture of the snow, but they are much better than the weather forecast program….


  1. I wish I were in Shanghai today…

    If possible, can you please take as many photos as you can to record this “event”? Hope to see them published on your blog!

  2. heard this news from my friends. Then I came to your site to check the news update.

    Not disappointed, saw the pictures like live show.

    Great job.

  3. It is still snowing at 3:00 PM. The snow has continued for 4 hours. It is rarely seen.

  4. Yes, last time it really was snowing was 1996 (17th February). Some snow did stay a while on trees and grasslands, but today’s snow didn’t leave a mark.

  5. BRAVO! Snowing In Shanghai Today (Cool Pics + Video by Billy)

    Bravo!! Shanghai did snow heavily today. From my appartment I took pictures and some video clips to record this event which seldom happens in a southern city such as shanghai in China. Hope you like these pics. I also shot…

  6. It’s lucky that I was able to take some pictures and also use the Hi8 Video Cam to record such a great event!! Bravo!

    I’m not sure if the trackback works already?

    but anyway, if anyone wants to see more cool pics and video clips of this event

    you can just go and visit my blog.

    (I had thought to publish in time, but unfortunately it takes me some time to process the video dumping and editing and Picture ‘PS’ing)

  7. familar view…sorry that I can’t watch on that window any more…

  8. Hippy, I can share the view in picture with you, but you have opened a new window for you that I cannot see.

  9. Wow!! I just got back from Shanghai it was cold but I would have liked to see the snow fall. My co-worker might get to enjoy it instead!

    JSW thanks for the great site my company uses your blog for all newbies going to Shanghai as its by far the best for information on the city and events.

    My next trip is in April so hopefully spring weather will have returned.

  10. Wow. Nick, I am so surprised and happy to know that this site is used for all newbies in your *company*. It is so cool!

  11. Is it really true that, before this one, it didn’t snow in Shanghai after 1996? Or you are just talking about “heavy” snow. I was told that it snows every year in the city although there is no snow accumulation on the ground.

  12. Snow in Shanghai? Congratulation… It was a cold rainy day Tokyo today. Let’s eat hot noodle.

  13. JH, it is both true. In 1996, it snowed and people rush to window to see the snow. That is the last experience before this time. Between the two snow, it randomly snows a little bit. People just don’t think it is snow since sometimes, I am not sure weather it is snow or rain …

  14. So pity that I didn’t take DC with me today. As a matter of fact, I met with the heaviest period near noon.

  15. Snow in Hangzhou!

    This a few days late, as it snowed on Sunday, but I couldn’t find the cable to transfer images off my camera until this morning. Still, even lateness does not detract from the fact that it SNOWED! SNOW! As a…

  16. Shanghai Snows Again this month & City In White

    I’ve blogged the event with pics and video about snowing in Shanghai on Jan 18th. But guess what? It snowed again yesterday night. And amazingly that the city was covered by the snow and everything was in white. Really Cool!…

  17. ii will go back to shanghai .. l0lxz .. although im from shanghai never seen such snowing in shanghai before .. sighx ~

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