My Name is on Mars

Everyone knows the explorer rover “spirit” has landed on Mars successfully. It is expect to explore the surface of Mars in the following days, after it overcome the barriers before it.


Image courtesy of NASA

I am feeling connected with this little robot since it carried my name, Jian Shuo Wang, to the remote red planet.

Send Your Name to Mars Project

On December 10, 2001, I signed up the project and entered my name into it. Then my name has been burned into a DVD along with other participants?name. The disk bearing my name has been sent to Mars already.

I happily printed and kept my Mars Exploration Rover-2003 Mission Participation Certificate. The certificate is also available via NASA’s name query page.

The DVD is There!!!

Here is the latest image transmitted from the rover. It clearly shows the DVD.


A picture of the DVD from Mars! Credit: NASA

Here is the closer look of the DVD.

Image courtesy of NASA

Below is the same disk before it was mounted to the lander. You see there is a robot there and Hello. Around its rim is a message, written in a secret code of dots and lines. I didn’t try to decode it.

Image courtesy of Red Rover Goes to Mars

Below is the picture taken when the disk is installed onto “spirit?


Image Credit: NASA

“The red arrow above points to one of the DVDs containing the 3,551,645 names that are being sent to Mars on both of the Mars Exploration Rover. Click here to see a much higher resolution image disk! Learn how the DVD was packaged for space flight. Both landers will carry a copy of the Name Disk! “, the website announced.

Of cause, this project stopped taking names already. If you haven’t signed your name by November 15, 2002, midnight EST, you already missed the very good chance.

Now, there is a similar project: Deep Impact: Send Your Name to a Comet! I have got my certificate. Why not go there and sign up today?

P.S. It inspired me of a similar project – Send Your Name to Jian Shuo Wang’s Kitchen. Do you want your name to be sticked to somewhere in the heart of the city of Shanghai? You can sign your name on this page, and I will write it down (instead of burning a DVD) with my own handwriting and posted to the refrigerator in my kitchen. Two pictures will be taken and posted when the paper successfully lands on the surface of my refrigerator. The deadline for sign up is December 20, 2004, Shanghai Time. :-D Just kidding.

21 thoughts on “My Name is on Mars

  1. Hello i constrocting a project for a robot to go mars who i send for you?

    Excuse for my bad english but i speak portuguese.

    Cya, Igor Azevedo

  2. Should I be a lucky man to see my name on the Mars? Wonder, if my name is printed on the Mars.

  3. I love NASA. i am in 10th grade and i am interested in space since 4th grade.

  4. yup, mine is up there too. I was so stoked, i made like 5 copies of the certificate and laminated all on them, just fo safe keeping!

  5. Hah, I was cleaning out an old drawer in my office at work and found the certificates for myself, my son, his brother, and their mom. Forgot all about it, but now I’m going to show my son the certificates and this very cool page!

    Thanks for posting this up to the Internet.


  6. I just love secret codes that aren’t secret. I never understood why the leaders above our leaders thought they were hidden from view.

    ALL SEEING EYE vs ALL SEEING EYES (strength in numbers)

    Good luck, Scientists brought over on Project Paper Clip, NASA, JPL and Defense Dept…you are gonna need it.

  7. Hi, My name is also on the Mars Rover, nice to meet you guys.


    phil paterson

  8. NASA is a an awesome organization. I pay lots of attention to the going on’s, coverage, and anything NASA is involved with. I love space, astonomy, and the planets. Wish I could up high in the sky with you.

  9. My certificate # is 2795453. I’m from Pakistan & i’m hoping more programs like this or more than this from NASA.


    Kashif Ilyas

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