6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Carroll

    Jian Shuo, what a *great* card! I hadn’t seen that one before, but it was perfect to send off just now to my older son who will be making an 8 hour drive to come home for our “Day After Thanksgiving” family feast tomorrow. His brother and brother’s wife are with her family today, so we adjust the holiday to fit everyone’s schedule. A pretty good deal since that gives me an extra day to do all the cooking! So, that card was an excellent choice to send off to tell him how glad I am that he’s going to the trouble to come all this way for some family hugs, and to wish him a safe trip. Have a good weekend in Shanghai!

  2. Jian Shuo Wang

    What a sweet and warm story you are telling about your older son and the other family memebers. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays among all the western holidays. We all thank for everyone who cares us. I’d like to thank you for your warm comments and your private letter to me before…. Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy the happiness to get together.

  3. Carroll

    I will think of you when we’re gathered at the table later today, Jian Shuo — that way you will be joining us in spirit even though you are far away. Maybe someday you and Wendy can come sit at our table in person. I promise that if that happens, no matter what time of year you are here, I will cook a big turkey and we will have a Thanksgiving feast! Holiday hugs to you both :-)

  4. paige

    i think this is really cool because it goes with the day of the year and it is thanks giving so that is y i like it .

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