Smart Card ID Card in Hong Kong

Phil shared the new Smart Card version of his Hong Kong Permenant Identification Card on hisFlying Chair website. It looks very cool. “I actually like the fact that I can put my driving license information on it and carry less cards. If you put it in a reader you can see all the information stored in the chip….”, Phil mentioned. It is a cool feature. Now, I have at least three government issued cards I need to carry with me every day – the National ID (who knows when I need it), the Driver’s license (if I will drive) and the Social Insurance Card to see a doctor (good thing is, the expense will be covered by my insurance). It will be a good news if these cards can get together.

The Social Insurance Card I have already have some kind of IC card feature – I can go with the card and every hospital will recognize my name and dedute money from the card.

101 Building in Taibei

Thanks to Taipei101 MBlog website. There are plenty of pictures of the newly built 101 building in Taipei (via CNBlog)


Credit: Taipei 101 Mblog

It has 101 floors and took 5 years to complete. It is 88 meters higher (509m) than the Jinmao Tower (421m) in Shanghai and now ranks the tallest building in the world. This building looks similiar with Jinmao Tower from outside.


Shanghai is getting much cold now. I cannot do without a warm coat. Winter has arrived. I still remember my first winter in Shanghai. There was no A/C or any heating device in my dorm and people screamed when getting into the cold wet quilt. :-(

This is the scene from, describing today’s weather:

12 thoughts on “Smart Card ID Card in Hong Kong

  1. I collected my sister’s new “smart” HK ID card too – she’s not in HK at the moment. One thing Phil didn’t mention is that the card allows the holder to verify his (or her) fingerprint electronically. The implications are endless…

  2. Thanks to “Green house Effection”, the winter now is warmer than that ever before. But, snowing has almost extinct.

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  4. Dear Jian Shuo:

    My name is Andrea. I live in Washington DC and will be travelling with one of my collegues to Taiwan and Main Land China for work in the next month. We have never been there, and reading your blog gave us lots of ideas. I wanted to know if you could recommend hotels, places to stay, restaurants, tourist activities etc…

    Thanks a lot. Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. actually, i have a problem, my wife is a HK ID holder and now is in Hk and i’m living here in Nepal with two kids but now she wants to live her own life, if there’s anything i can fight her legally and u can help me

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