Went to Shanghai Community Church

Believe it or not, this is only the second time I visit a Christian church in my life. 5 years ago, I have been to the church at the Chendu road. It was a Christmas and we rushed to a church just to feel what a Christian evening for Christmas is. It was silly to be there without knowing anything about Christian.

I know in western, most people believe in Christian. That is a major culture shock when people visit China, since the majority of people in China do not believe in God. Actually, people believe in nothing currently. There is a major problem in the current Chinese society because there is no common belief. People did have common believe before 1970’s – the Party. The party was described as more powerful than the God – if you believe in party and show your believe in it, you will get peace. The theory sounds silly recently. However, the rule still lasts that people have religious belief are not permitted to join the Party.

The Shanghai Community Church is located at #53 Henshang Road. It is called Gui Ji Li Bai Tang in Chinese, which can be directly translated into English as International Church. It is one of my most favorite old houses in Shanghai. It was built in 1924.

I went there because my Mom went there this morning. She is a Christian. I drove them to the church before I returned the car to the Car Rental Club. After that, I found I don’t have the key to my door. So I walked 40 minutes along my favorite Hua Shan Road, Huai Hai Rd. West and Heng Shan Rd. to the church. It was a very good experience to walk along these streets in the weekend morning – the Sun was so warm and the streets are clear with less traffic. If it were not to return the car, I will not get up that early since I will typically stay late – so I missed so many wonderful Shanghai morning already.

The Church

I heard there is religious service every Sunday at the church. According to other Christian’s explaination, I went there today is not because of my own decision. It is because the God have chose me and guided me there. Wow. Seems reasonable.

The service starts on 7:30 for the first round and 10:00 AM for the second round. I believe it is a trade-off of traditional time-table and the demands of people. There are not many churches in Shanghai and there are so many Christian.

The church is a very nice one. It is the largest church in Shanghai. With the anthem, people pray before the God. It was a nice experience for me. I am very careful to comment anything related to religion. Although I claim not be believe in any religion, I do respect people who have their religious belief.

The Facial Mask

I notices a old woman sitting near me wore facial mask to come to church today. Later, I saw the second person wearing masks today. Does it mean that fear to SARS come back to the city again? Hope not.

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  1. Hi Jianshou

    I don’t know if I completely agree with the statment that majority of of Chinese don’t believe in God. My grandmother was Catholic, and most of her friends were Catholics as well. They never practised openly, because the government did not allow it. It didn’t mean they didn’t believe. Also I think that there were and are many people who are Buddist. While there are many differences between Buddism and and Chistianity, there are also many similarites in the underlying concepts. I dont think China is a nation full of people with out spiritual believes.

  2. JL,

    According to http://www.chinatranslate.net/china/ch-jiankuang/4zongjiaoyuxisu/zongjiaoxinyang.htm

    Currently, there are 4 million Catholic and 10 million Christian. That is 0.3% and 0.7% of the total population of China. So from my perspective, I know two Christian at the place I work out of hundreds of people. So I declared that the majority (99%) of people in China don’t believe in God.

    THere is a heart-breaking history during the years in 1970’s when it is absoluted forbidden to have any spritual believes except the Party. So the young generation like me are facing the big problem in the society that there is no common belief – the old one has crashed but the new one is not setup yet.

  3. what i like to talk here is not about the religion, which doubtless dose not belong to most chinese’s belief.

    I’d like to say something about the beautiful feeling: the early morning, the warm sunshine, the clean street, the church.

    Thanks for recording the beautiful moments in our lives, and the incessant meditation.

    (wow, we both libra + snake,resemblance!)

  4. A vast majority of Christians in mainland China refuse to join the government-operating 3-Self Church. Most of them worship God in underground churches secretly and illegally.

  5. 江苏取缔125处家庭教会




  6. Poor…I’m one of those “underground” christians and also one of those 2 in Jianshuo’s workplace. Actually Jianshuo, you hhave more than two christian workmates…

    Mainlander, although what you said is the truth, but you’d better not mention it here because it’s a personal website and no one wants to have political problems.

    Jianshuo…if you want to know more about Christ, I’m very willing and open to you. Glad to know your mother as Christian.

  7. May I know what is the best way to get to the Shanghai Community Church? My family and I will be visiting Shanghai soon. We will be staying in Yangtze Hotel near Nanjing Road.

    Also, is there a bus from Pudong Airport to Nanjing Road?

  8. Hey I am currently in the US and am planning on going to Shanghai to teach English. I am a very strong Christian and would like to find a good “undergound” church to attend. If anyone can tell me where to find a church that would be great. Also, maybe some advice about being a CHristian in China and the challenges that might be involved. I am open to a lot of dialogue. So if you want to talk to me more personally, please let me know.

  9. Hi, Robin? Do you know the “underground” churches are illegal in China?

    In addition, I’d like to share more experience with you.

  10. Something wrong with the previous post.

    Hi, Robin? Do you know the “underground” churches are illegal in China?

    In addition, I’d like to share more experience with you.

    Anyway, share experience with all of you.

    Lu Heli

  11. hey, i’m an indonesian who want to go to shanghai to learn chinese langguage in jiao tong uni. i am a first timer in shanghai and a christian also. the problem is i dont know if there is any church who use an indonesian langguage. i want to find christian indonesian community church in shanghai, can anybody help me with this? i dont have friends in there also so it will be very hard for me to find the church. also if there is any international church near jiao tong i would gladly receive advices from you. help me please.



  12. hello chris do u find the church already in shanghai? cause i’, also indonesian want to study at shangahi as well, but currently i still don’t have any idea which church i can go, anyway if u have an e-mail we can contact each other further more…



  13. hello ari, already i have found indonesian church in shanghai. but it depends what religion are you on?

    are you catholic or christian? christian also divided into several types (according to my knowledge). one of them is charismatic for example, GBI(Gereja Bethel Indonesia), GPDI (Gereja Pantekosta di Indonesia) or there is non charismatic, like GKJMB(Gereja jemaat Mangga Besar), or Stephen Tong church, i forgot what’s the name of it.

    if you want more information, please give me your e-mail address and the i will contact

    you and send all the information i have regarding the chruch you want.

    dont worry, there sre indonesian community chruch in shanghai..


  14. Hallo Ari & Christiandy,

    please e-mail me at jiscas@yahoo.com. Saya jg cari gereja di Shanghai (bhs Indo atau Inggris) yg suasananya hidup (tdk terlalu tradisional atau liturgis ketat). Thanks & God bless!

  15. Hallo sekalian.

    My family and I are moving to Shanghai for 2 years assignment in Jan. 2005. We are originally from Indonesia (saya dari Medan, dan istri dari Jakarta). We like to find out about the Indonesian Church, preferrably GKJMB. Can I get more information about the Church there. Also is there an Indonesian Community in Shanghai?

    Thanx in advance.

  16. Man, you’re not missing much. catholics don’t believe in ‘God’, they believe in ‘god’, as in an empty institution that used to have a connection to the Almighty, but now is left holding faltering faith, and half-baked sincerity.

  17. Hi, i’m an indonesian. I just arrived in Shanghai last week for school. I found this page in coincidence. I’m a christian and i’m also looking for christian church, preferrably in indonesian. Could anyone help me to find one? Please contact me. My email address is vellina@hotmail.com

    Thank’s a lot!

  18. Hi…I will be in China March 22-April 9th. I am a Christian musician and, if I can borrow a guitar, would like to give concerts or play for other Christians while I am there. If no guitar, I can play harmonica while someone plays piano or even by myself. I have an Easter song that I hope to be able to share. I will be in Beijing, Shanghai for Easter, overnight in Guilin then Hongkong. I will also be in Bangkok for several days. I am on our church’s website in Taos, NM USA under Our Church @ Worship playing guitar. I would also like to visit with Christians while in China.

  19. Hi, I would like to know church in Guangzhou, is there any indonesian christian community or indonesian church there? Because I have a plann to study there. Thanks a lot. God bless!!

  20. Hi,

    I’m a Christian in Shanghai ^^ . I’d like to know if there’s english-speaking or indonesian church in shanghai. Pls help , my email is ck3dju@hotmail.com. Thank you!!! Btw , neat website :)

  21. Hi to all of you! God’s blessing with you!!

    I am a medical student from Germany (Muenster), who’s planning his final year of studies. In the year of 2006 (Febr-July) I will do my clinical electives in Shanghai.

    For this time I search evangelical Christians out there to be close together in Christ. Maybe we’ll worship together (I play piano and I can sing) or …

    I you have informations for me, feel free to contact me

    Best regards and God bless you all


  22. Hi, I travel often to Shanghai on business (I’ll be there again in September) and would like to meet with other Christians for fellowship. I’m also looking for a Christian church in Shanghai. Please contact me with any info.



  23. would you please advise your whole address in HOng Kong. By the way, would you please let me know whether there is any adult fellowship in your church on Saturday. Is there any fellowship which is cantonese speaking.


  24. Keen to meet some college student or some interested couple with some time in 23 to 26 oct 2005 to know more abut Shanghai. We are a Christian chinese couple in the near retirement age from Singapore Frankly read so much negative and dishonest remarks in the net that i hope to meet sincere and honest Chinese which i am sure that there are many in Shanghai to know more abut china business, christians, education, shopping and culture etc. will return hospitality when you come to Singapore and I will personally you bring around . i have given this “hospitality exchange” to same minded person from other countries in singapore. pls reply your advice.like to go a chinese english speaking bible study group.

    pls reply your advice

    thanks for the great help.

    roland boh

  25. Hi everyone,

    I joint shanghai community church on Hengshan rd for 2+yrs and were blessed especially with their groups. check their website to get more info http://www.sccenglish.com , you can contact each group’s leader to locate their cells in every part of shanghai.

    I’m also an Indonesian in Shanghai and heard there is a GRII reformed injili church in hongqiao rd. they have every saturday fellowship .

    PRII Shanghai Persekutuan: Sabtu jam 10 pagi

    Gembala Sidang: Rev Nico Ong

    Contact: Ibu Meinica (86-21-64012600) Ibu Lisa (86-21-62682833)

    for indonesian organization in shanghai you can contact IBAS , http://www.indosnet.com

  26. Dear Ida,

    I’m also Indonesian who live in Guangzhou now for work, you can find the Catholic church in Yi De Lu, it’s located near Zhu Jiang river, they only have Sunday masses with english activities every 15.30, if you have any question u can contact me at 13631338783, do you have e-mail address?? maybe we can contact each other because I came here 3 months ago and still looking for Indonesian friends, maybe you can contact me or send me e-mail also at w2k_86@yahoo.com.cn, than’x

    Best Wishes in Christ,

    Wendy Wirawan

  27. I’m Malaysian & , God willing, would be visiting Shanghai. Would be interested to attend a Chinese church as well as an Indonesian one (Bahasa Malaysia seakan-akan sama dengan Bahasa Indonesia). I recommend this book “The Heavenly Man” by Brother Yun, a leader from the underground church. You can check this website: “http://heavenlyman.com/”

  28. Hey,

    Me and my husband will be relocating to Shanghai this coming february. I was just wondering if anyone knows of any Seventh Day Advesntist Churches in Shanghai, preferably in english…

    Please help…we are a bit bummed about not knowing what church we will be going to. I have seen pics on the advestist website from an adventist church in shanghai but there is no address, and i have not been able to find it.

    Thaks for any help

  29. Hi!

    I want to know more about underground churches in Shanghai- please email me if you know anything!!!!!!! Greatful of any help or advice!

  30. Hello i’m indonesian student studying in guangzhou, anybody know any information regarding about indonesian church in guangzhou… please kindly inform me thanks…GB

  31. Hi I’m stefanny n want to give all indonesian student who study in guangzhou ji nan da shue n christien,now have new born of indonesia chruch pls contact in this email Stefanny_tan@yahoo.com God Bless u all..amin

  32. Hi I’m stefanny n want to give new information for all indonesian’s student who study in guangzhou ji nan da shue n christien,now have new born of indonesia chruch pls contact in this email stefanny_tan@yahoo.com God Bless u all..amin

  33. Hi… I’m going to Shanghai next week and stay for quite bit long…

    May I know is there any Indonesian Church (Bethel/charismatic) in Shanghai?

    Please advise me at vivica20@yahoo.com.

    I do need your kind information since several times I went to chinese church and not really enjoyed it.

    Thanks in advance.

    GBU (^_^)

  34. so amazing there are so many people interested in this…

    just can not understand why foreigners and citizens are seperated into two parts for praying or confession…

    why not mixed together…?

    confusing, these days, always confusing…

    anyway, thanks for the information…

  35. Hi,

    In Hengshan Internation community, there is an english service, but not for local chineses, aw… 2 services actually. one starts at 2pm and the second at 4pm every sunday. if you need any info or address just cklick here [ http://www.sccenglish.com ]. It’s cool there.

  36. Dear All,

    My name is Francisco Herrera, wanted to get in touch with Jian Shuo Wang. I am a Christian man, actually young, and God is sending me to make business to your Country and Shanghai City, but mainly with a Christian purpose in order to see by myself our brother’s and sister’s in God’s life in China. I was working and decided to find a Church that I can go when I am there and find this page and suddenly I know where to go and maybe who to meet there and I am so happy.

    I will be from September 11th till 22nd evening, hope you Jian Shou Wang could e-mail me, and of course as a Son of God any other who wants to hear from me and from our life at Chile as Christians of course you are welcome in the name of our Beloved Jesus Christ.

    Blesses to everyone, Francisco H.B.

  37. Hi Francisco, welcome to my blog. I typically don’t honor email back request on this blog (as you may understand). Hope you have a great time in Shanghai.

  38. thanks, any way, for you to know, in my web site http://www.southernp.cl I will post a link to “The Love is Worth Finding” that is a Christian Ministery that I want you to please spread to everyone, it is so much appreciated message in english speaking people.

    I am in shanghai from three days ago, and have deliverd the message to the first person.

    Blesses, Fran

  39. Hi,

    my husband and i have been relocated to shanghai from Malaysia and would like to attend a church (charismatic) . Do you have any contact, please let me know.

    Thanks a lot!


  40. I will be relocating to Shanghai and I am from Singapore. Like Florence, I would like to attend a Charismatic Church (eg hillsong, new creation) does anyone know of such Churches in Shanghai? Please post the name to the church.

    Thanks and God bless

  41. shaloom….iam from indonesia i need some body to help me for fine the churh ( kharismatik, teberias or bethany) iam staying in podung area…thank you for you help me, if you free you can call me 134.72797834, or send sms…bye

  42. I am from Singapore too and like Florence and Christine, I will like to attend a charismatic church like Hillsong or New Creation. (I am currently attending New Creation Church in Singapore)

    I will move to Shanghai in March 07.

  43. SHALLOM guys,…

    FOr those (indonesian) who like to find a church in guangzhou, i got the latest updated news for ya all…. its in the Jinan university every sunday at 10.00 am.

    the contact person is Marthin SC ( +86 134 341 86876 ) add me using msn if u want : msciputra@hotmail.com

  44. SHALLOM guys,…

    FOr those (indonesian) who like to find a church in guangzhou, i got the latest updated news for ya all…. its in the Jinan university every sunday at 10.00 am.

    the contact person is Marthin SC ( +86 134 341 86876 ) add me using msn if u want : msciputra@hotmail.com

  45. hello….

    im looking for a christian church, ill be in Shanghai for a few months and would love to find a good place to tie into. Im 23, just got here a few days ago and i dont know anyone, so if you can chat or point me in the right direction it would be a bit help :)




  46. hello….

    im looking for a christian church, ill be in Shanghai for a few months and would love to find a good place to tie into. Im 23, just got here a few days ago and i dont know anyone, so if you can chat or point me in the right direction it would be a big help :)




  47. Hello,

    I am Chinese from a Christian family , has moved from Fujian to Shanghai for more than 1 years now. I feel more comfortable to read the Bible with English Version, used to attend English Bible Study Group in Fuzhou weekly, and was trying for find an English Bible Study Group since arrived Shanghai. But English Services in Hengshan International Church are only open for Foreign Passport Holders. It should be appreciated if anyone can advice me a place for English Bible Study.

    Thanks in advance !



  48. I know that many foreigners want to learn chinese culture or art .we are in service .I am a 24 year old female who graduated from the teacher’s university, my major is teaching Chinese as foreign language. And I am available to tutor mandarin in the Shanghai area ,I can go to teach you at your home or office, I also have my own classroom.In the past 4 years, I have been worked at several Chinese training centres. I also have been hired by 2 big foreign capital companies as their mandarin teacher. So,if you are interested in learning mandarin, welcome to contact me at mandarinfiona@yahoo.com.cn ,also,you can contact me at 13918358891(Ms yang)

  49. Hi! Am a seventh day Adventist Christian and I’m having a problem locating our church in Guangzhou! I will appreciate your assistance! Call me at 13533500230

  50. Hi,

    I am Indonesian Chinese yet has been staying in Singapore for quite years and now has relocate to Shanghai for two years (with my husband). Just arrived few days ago.

    I would like to find out about the Indonesian Church. Can I get more information about the Church there. Also is there an Indonesian Community in Shanghai?

  51. Hi, This is Annie

    I am also Indonesian, and just arrived at Shanghai two days ago. Will be staying here for 2 years.

    We like to find out about the Indonesian Church. Can I get more information about the Church there. Also is there an Indonesian Community in Shanghai?

    Great Thanks,

  52. Hi Jian Shuo, I intend to visit the Shanghai International Community Church when I’m in town next weekend. I’m planning to attend the Sunday morning Chinese service. Do you know what the duration of the service is?


  53. I am a Chinese first, and a Catholic second.

    I will not make any apologies for that.

    I know that my religion’s expectations sometimes conflict with my country’s needs.

    Whenever it happens, I will always choose the path that my conscience allow.

    A country like China sometimes cannot afford the many liberties many other countries take for granted. Perhaps one day we can. But for now I am willing to make that sacrifice.

    If China falls, no religion is going to, or can save us.

    If we fail, I rather we be responsible for it than some cockamamie advice from some distant holy mafia.

    We have been waiting for this for a long time.

    This is the century for China and nobody is going to take away OUR destiny.

  54. Relax WONTON no one is trying to take anything away from you – GOD gives us all the freedom of choice… relax take it easy..

  55. Apologise for that silly post. Can’t even remember what pissed me off to write something like that. heh heh. Anyways, you can’t say grace without food on the table.

  56. Hi Wonton…i am a guy,26,i am an evangelic christian, i am from Italy and i read your last comment…

    I only would like to say that is not true that “you can not say grace without food on the table”,because God will provide the food for us,even if you can not see the food on your table, if you really believe in God,you have to pray Him and for sure, God will provide what you need!

    It’s written that even the flowers of the fields are dressed up and the birds of the sky have food…and we are much more important than them to God’s eyes…

    I hope these words could be usefull for your faith.

    That God could bless you Wonton.


  57. @AussiePB: Sometimes you have to forgive me for simply being an ass. I still feel the same way but I don’t think I needed to sound like I was leading the way to the Bastille.

  58. @Marco : Thank you for your kind wishes… well, I guess I should be grateful…but I doubt my wife’s cooking is what God intended me to be grateful for…or at least what she done to the stuff he provided ! heh heh heh…wait till she sees this !

  59. Hi,my fiance is a catholic from the United States,he ‘s looking for a real catholic church (not a patrotic catholic church) in Shanghai,if anyone here know there’s one in Shanghai,please let me know the address ,thanks very much!May peace be with you!

  60. Sorry, I can’t resist…heh heh, can anybody help Vivienne look for an UNpatrotic catholic church in China ????

  61. i’m a filipino and i’m currently in shanghai until the middle of next week. any filipino christian fellowship i can worship with tomorrow morning? I have to work after lunch. thanks.

  62. I sometimes go to the (English service at 2 pm) Int’l Community Church that you discuss and although I like the atmosphere I find it to be only a shadow of what a church service is like in the US. My denomination (Unitarians) are not allowed to have a church in Shanghai – in fact all Protestant denominations are forced to use this one church in Shanghai – so the services are so generic that it is unsatisfying. On top of it being generic (compromised) the preachers are not allowed to discuss current affairs and how they are connected to religion or spirituality – so the sermons are awfully dull. I think it is awful that Shanghai’s gov;t is so restrictive on the free expression of religion and it gives me the feeling that Shanghai lacks a soul.

  63. I am born and living in shanghai,I am Chinese and I am christian,often go to hengshan road church,like make foreign christian friends know each other and learn bible and enjoy life in shanghai if we can be good friend.

    My msn:jane_love221@hotmail.com


  64. I am a Christian( Church Of Christ).we have a group in ShenZhen.Welcome everyone who are interested in Bible. In Him.

  65. Dear Friends,

    I am looking for Charismatic Church in Shanghai.Would so much thankful, if You could suggest me some, because i want to bing my GF closer to Jesus!

    Looking forward to Your message to my mailbox – janisdonis81@yahoo.com

  66. hi. i am looking for a seventh day adevntist church in Shanghai. if you could give me the adress, i will be very happy. God bless you.

  67. Hi there!! I am coming to Shanghai for two years and would like some recommendations for good Christian church: international, baptist, charismatic or SDA, please. Hope to hear from you soon!!

  68. hai.. God bless u all

    maby its sounds boring or to many people asking for this question or maby someone already answered it, just want to ask is there anyone know charasmatic protestant church in shanghai? for 8months im looking for this church but cant find any

    please let me know directly to my email : esther_72gar@hotmail.com

    love to take my 7months baby David to sunday school

    or anyone know where i can find bible study for childrens? i know my son only 7 months but i love to take him to know more bout his saviour Jesus Christ, and know more bout christian songs

    many thanks n GBu all,


  69. hi,I am malaysian chinese.i now working in shenzhen ,now i am looking for international church or underground church too! pls help

  70. Sorry ..add more ..Rebecca looking for international church or family church in shenzhen and cell group in Lo HU area of shenzhen too!pls help.

  71. Did a search about churches in China on google, it leads me to this post, apparently a very old one. :) It’s amazing to know that your mom is Christian. This makes me wonder that although you are not a believer you do display many characteristics of Jesus Christ such as open, loving and has passion to life compare to average Chinese. I am sure your parents had major influence on you. This is exactly as God had promised that whoever knows Him their children and children’s children will be blessed… Hope you will come to know Him one day. God bless your Mom.

  72. Thank you for the resources/info! I am a Chinese Indonesian living in Shanghai currently.

    I have several questions if someone can answer:

    1) The Hengshan Church for International version only allows foreign passport holders… what happens if I have a local Chinese partner, does that mean that we both have to go to different service times? Or exceptions do occur?

    2) What are the pro and con of ‘underground’ churches. Can someone elaborate to me in email please if here not convenient?

    3) I live in Puxi, Huangpu Zone. Any nearby congregation here?

  73. I am chinese indonesian. Is there any chinese indonesians staying in Foshan ,the city located just nearby guangzhou city? In fact are there any Christian international churches in Foshan city. It would be helpful for me to know about this info. Thanks

  74. Hello, i am new in China only 4 days old.I came here on 9hth of August 2009.I work and stay in Ning hai city. Currently,I am looking for a S.D.A church in this city or near by.Help from anyone having an idea is welcome.

  75. hi..i’m chinese indonesian…now at shanghai. can anyone tell me where church for indonesian community??

    please pm me:trecy_wang87gbu@yahoo.co.id


  76. hello, found this thread while trying to look for a Methodist church to go to in Shanghai. I’m from Singapore and would like very much to find a church here in Shanghai with an english or a singaporean community that can help with my walk with God while i’m here for the next 4 mths. If anyone has a contact pls let me know? Thanks (:

    God Bless to all~

  77. Hello. Thanks for all the sharing on Christianity and churches in China. I’ll be relocating to China, Godwilling to work for 3 years ( Oct 2009 – Oct 2012). Will be based in Shanghai. Would like to know if anyone knows of any brethren / conservative protestant churches in Shanghai. Thanks in advance.

  78. I am here in guangzhou now,I want assist a sabbath day in SDA Church guangzhou tomorrow morning,please help me to find the church.

    I am malagasy from madagascar

  79. Please can you give me an email address of any underground spirit-filled church in China or emai addressl of a person in China who goes to that underground church? as I would like to give my hand of help, by some means.

  80. please link me to a local english congregation for sunday service at shenzhen. thanks.

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    With kind regards


  82. Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing.God is definitely blessing you and drawing you to know Him.I have been in China for 3 odd years.I have been searching frantically for Seventh Day Adventist Church in Guangzhou or nearby city to no avail.I will highly appreciate it if I am directed to an SDA church or introduced to an adventist.I can be contacted at orlando.evonet@yahoo.com or 13622274214.Thanks.

  83. Thanks for the wonderful work you are doing.God is definitely blessing you and drawing you to know Him.I have been in China for 3 odd years.I have been searching frantically for Seventh Day Adventist Church in Guangzhou or nearby city to no avail.I will highly appreciate it if I am directed to an SDA church or introduced to an adventist.I can be contacted at orlando.evonet@yahoo.com or 13622274214.Thanks.

  84. As it appears in the address, I am a medical doctor pursuing further studies here in China for the next 3 years. I have been here since october 2009.I come from Botswana and I am a 7th Day adventist. I have not been able to find my church in my residential city of fuzhou and I would like to find one. I know there is a branch in Hongkong but that is too far from where I stay.Please help me. Please send any response to the address above.


  85. I am a Seventh Day Adventist and travel to Shanghai and Beijing on business and would like to know if there are any English speaking Seventh Day Adventist Churches that provide Sabbath School meetings in English? Thank you for your help and God Bless

  86. I’m living in shanghai and eager to find S.D.A church. if there’s someone who knows where it is , please drop me a notice at 13818226332. Thanks in advance and God bless you all.

  87. Hi, me and my 7-year old daughter just got back to Shanghai from US. I am looking for an English Bible study group or Sunday school for my daughter and another English bible study for myself. Can anyone introduce one to me? Thank you! God bless you!

    email: sunmeilan70@yahoo.com.cn

  88. hello, i want to attend a seveth day adventist church while i am Shanghai from November 6th – 13th. are there any churches near JinJiang Inn, Licheng Road?

  89. Still trying to find an english speaking adventist church in Shanghai, Please help, I soon arrive in Shanghai

  90. Thanks for God i saw your web site again! Wangjianshuo’s blog. Many many years ago i have seen your blog. Today as i search”foreign christian in shanghai want to study chinese” in GOOGLE HK, i saw you again.

    Speak frankly i want to find a foreign christian in shanghai who wants to study chinese. I am not good in English and I am not professional in teaching Chinese. I am 39 years old, a Shanghai local people. I just want to help him or her and introduce local culture.

    email: jane19962001@yahoo.com.cn

  91. Hello! My name’s Irene. I’m an Indonesian who can’t speak Chinese and going to Shanghai to learn it! I’ll arrive in Shanghai on 29th August 2011. Since I don’t know anyone in Shanghai, I’d love to meet new friends prior to my arrival there. And I also need help to find a Charismatic Christian church/fellowship. My e-mail/MSN/YM is renes.irene@yahoo.com :)

    I also have checked out the Shanghai Community Church website and love what I see. I’d love to get to know anyone who go there :)

    I’m sorry to make your blog like an advertising page, Jian Shuo Wang :( and thank you..

  92. Hi, I’m Chinese Indonesian, looking for church service this Sunday in Shanghai. Can anyone please email me (rosyanajawan@gmail.com) or call me at 13671545547 for the church info.

    Preferably Christian Charismatic Church. Thank you.

  93. Hi all,
    My husband and I will be relocating soon to shanghai
    We will be livibg near pudong area
    Can anyone help us to find a Catholic church with english service or an Indonesian Catholic community in Shanghai

    Thanks alot for all u’re help
    Gbu n Jlu

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