9 thoughts on “China Sent a Man to the Space

  1. How fast u put news on here!

    Congralations.I’d like to say as a chinese,I am really proud of it.

  2. One Step Jumping to Heaven

    — A Chinese Dream Coming True

    Some 600 years ago, in Ming dynasty, a Chinese carpenter named Wan Hu was aspiring to be able to fly in sky as free as birds. He created 47 gunpowder rockets and lashed them to a chair affixed with kites, then he ignited his dream-carried chair ?Even though there wasn’t a live broadcast, but Wan Hu’s resolute expression, together with echoed blasting roar had been left in Chinese heart for a long time. It is considered to be the first practical attempt to go to heaven in human being history.

    33 years ago, in 1970, under strict circumstance, only by using a bicycle pump, Chinese technicians pressurized the fuel for self-developed rockets, with which they successfully blasted off China’s first satellite to space. When the well-known song “the east is always red?was broadcasted back to ground, tens of thousands people gathered in Tiananmen Square carrying their radios to catch the song from out of blue sky, ?I hear it! I hear it! ?they cried and embraced each other excitedly with tears running along their cheeks.

    Today, on October 15, 2003, after 4 times experiments that is far less than those former the Soviets and United States did in 1960’s, our Chinese space vehicle named ?Sacred Vessel ?with the first Chinese astronaut Yang Liwei , who on behalf of more than 1.3 billion Chinese around the world, was launched to space orbit with flying colours ! Wan Hu’s dream at last came true ! A great leap in history.

    Now, we are standing on a new start line, the space mission has just taken off. We will make a moon walk within years, and create our own space station, and ?finally build up human paradise on Mars in next century ! It is so exciting to think that our grandchildren’s children are leading their lives in Mars or other planets !

    Our Chinese dreams continue ?

  3. technology is all from russia, chinese personnels have been training in russian facility in star city for years… anyone with money and ambition will be able to send someone up…

    does anyone think that the french, germans, and the british could not send a live human being up into space if they wanted to?

    chinese should be very proud of the achievement but at the same time be humble and not make too much of this, unless they have landed on mars or pluto.

    a humble nation will go a long way in the world arena, if u r good, the world will notice u…

  4. Hi Tutu,

    The Shenzhou 5’s design is based on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft. But it’s by no means an exact copy. I think the dimensions of the Shenzhou 5 are a bit bigger than its Russian counterpart and it’s made completely in China. Even if it shares many of the same design principals of the Russian vessel, I don’t think it’s something to be ashamed of. It’s smart to use existing technology that has been proven to work. Why invent the while right? Congratulations to the first successful Chinese Taikonaut!!!



  5. Thanks david, that’s why i want to ask a about it. coz i’m just loving this Shenzhou V and i’m proud of it :)

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