Joined A Club to Rent a Car

I joined a car club named Coco today. I did got some email asking me about the car club I mentioned in my previous article Eager to Drive Soon. The price of 160 RMB per day for a Volkswagen is definitely a very good price comparing to 300 RMB or more from Avis.

Here is more information about the company if you are interested in:

Location: 601, #27, 1520 Hua Shan Rd., Shanghai

Phone: 021-62805959 Miss Zhang or Li

The rule is, you reserve a car in advance – maybe 5 days before, and get the car between 9:00 – 10:00 AM at their company. Then fill it up with the oil, drive it and return it to the company between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM. This plan works perfect for me since after I return the car, I can take bus 44 for two stops directly to where I work in the morning.

Of course, I gave them 3800 RMB + 30 RMB (card fee) membership fee. The money will be returned at the end of the year.

Something interesting is, they offer 5 days of on-sale price. You can choose five days within the year to rent a car for 80 RMB only (the Volkswagen). I got an additional coupon when I told her that I was referred by an existing member. She gave me two coupon – one for me and the other is for the referer. :-)

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  1. Hello, Jian Shuo

    My name is Steve, and I live in New York. I stumbled onto your weblog a couple of days ago via a Google search on driver’s licenses in China. I haven’t spent a great deal of time on your site, but it looks quite interesting.

    I’ve spent most of the last two years living in Suzhou, not too far from Shanghai. While I was living in Suzhou, I even spent a year teaching English part time at one of the local high schools and two semesters as a full time instructor in undergraduate business at Suzhou University (Suda).

    Since I returned to the United States two months ago, I have been working on a book that I started over a year ago about daily life in China for the average Suzhouren, as seen through American eyes. I am trying to get information about the process for an average Chinese citizen of getting a driver’s license, learning to drive a car, buying a car, getting it insured, etc. I have lots of questions, but it’s very difficult to find answers. I see you are taking road tests and written exams, so I am wondering if you or any of your readers can give me some background on how that process works in China, or tell me about yours or their experiences.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. hi ..

    would a Hong Kong driving Licence be valid for china ? I would be comming to Shanghai for short vacation thinking about hiring a car .. can you suggest anyone ??



  3. To any foreigner :

    You NEED to have a chinese license by taking a (stupid) short examination (which not includes your ability to read chinese signs), and present your residence permit (which is not granted to you, if you don’t stay in China for less that 1 year).

    I gave up on this item, and I have been here for SOOOOO long time, just longing to drive again.

    Very bad system ! Foreign drivers are (in general) MUCH better educated than the chinese.

    It can only be because they want to claim some money from you…!

    So just forget driving in China on your own… Even bicycling is too dangerous in Shanghai.

    THIS IS CHINA ! many chinese say to me (should that explain everything ?).

  4. Carsten,

    I absolutely agree with you on the traffic situation in Shanghai, I can’t call it choatic, but I do experiencing difficulty in just crossing the street.


  5. So I did it, I got the mainland driving license.

    They did only require the “yellow paper” document from the police office, a copy of my own country’s certificate, a copy of the international driving license and a copy of my passport.

    BRING A CHINESE FRIEND to take you through the walk to the numerous offices.

    At the police traffic centre they will take digital photos of you. You need a physical examination, quite funny though, and receive a leaflet with 100 questions and answers to get you an idea of the traffic rules.

    Read this, and understand it, then take the test which consists of 20 randomly chosen questions from the same leaflet. You will get 5 points for each correct answer, the requirement is 80 points to pass. I had 100, so it was just so easy. The test and the leaflet is in english.

    (I never have seen an english version of the chinese traffic rules and regulations, someone knows where I gan get that ?)

    Then you receive an envelope, bring it to another office and they’ll print out your nice new chinese driving license. Remember to check the fields of motorcycle in the application,

    if you dare to ride one in China !

    The license is valid for 6 years, counting from the date of your last birthday.

    Then go and rent a car, take a few deeeeep breaths, and throw yourself into the Shanghai traffic ! GOOD LUCK (you’ll certainly need it) !

  6. Carsten,

    Do you think SUV such as Hammer H1 or H2 is avialable for rent in China, at least you can kill and would not being killed by those lawless drivers.


  7. Hi my name is sam I work at suzhou.I want rent car from 1 march 2006 – 28 february 2007.can you check for me.I need car Honda but 4000 rmb/month.If have please sent e-mail to me!!!

    or call 13584827566

  8. Hi, Jian Shuo,

    I found your site while searching on Shanghai Christian :).

    Anyway, I am visiting Shanghai in Sept. What do you suggest if I only stay for 2 months and need a car once a while? It doesn’t make sense to join the car club, right? Since it looks like I have to stay with the clubship for a year. My friend told me that my US driver’s license will be sufficient to drive in Shanghai.



  9. We are looking to rent a car with driver during Oct 14-20.

    We are 3 persons and had confirmed the hotel at Phoenix Vacation Land.

    Please quote the enquiry.

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