Returned from Huizhou (Huang Shan) Trip

We finally returned to Shanghai today after the four day trip to Hui Zhou. We planned to go to Huang Shan (the Yellow Mountain) but changed our route to visit the villages near Huang Shan instead. The places I visited include a lot of villages with strange names. I cannot read some of the characters in the names. They are (in Chinese and Pinyin)

黟县 西递 宏村 卢村 木坑 屯溪 歙县 棠樾 呈坎

Yixian Xidi Hongcun Lucun Mukeng Tunxi Shexian Tangyue Chengkan


At Hongcun. The village before the Moon Pool, which is the place that on the post stamp with value of 0.08 RMB – the most popular post stamp in China for more than one decade.


Hongcun – before the moon pool.


Hongcun before the Nan Hu (the South Lake)

The village in the bamboo sea… It is called Mu Keng.


Poster saying “We will kill our pig on the Moon Festival. Those who want to buy meat, please come to my house to buy. – Sept 1, 2003”


Xidi. Seen from the hill nearby.


The wood building of Xidi.


Locks on the Lian Hua Peak of Huang Shan. People will buy pairs of the lock, carve their names on it and lock them together in Huang Shan. After that, people will through the keys off the cliff – it is said that by looking the door together, the two will be together for the whole life. I believe it is true since Wendy and I put our lock there serveral years ago…

Bao Lun Ge – the largest memorial temple in Cheng Kan.


Shops at night in Hong Cun.

This is the door of my room in the “hotel”. It was an incrediable experience to have stayed for one night there.


The No. 1 Restaurant at Lao Jie in Tun Xi. It is a very nice restaurant with 30 RMB per person average. We had our dinner everyday there. Highly recommend.


This is the brick-carving on the top of the door of each house. You can find this kind of carving anywhere in the area.

8 thoughts on “Returned from Huizhou (Huang Shan) Trip

  1. This is very nice. Did you join a tour or went by yourself?

    I wonder how easy/difficult it is to get there.

    The life depicted in the wood carving (in the very last picture) looks very interesting.

  2. The pictures look great!!

    When you get a chance, would you mind writing up some more details about the trip(i.e. transportation, accomadation, main attractions ect). Perhaps on my next visit to China, I could check it out too.

    Thank you for sharing the pics!!

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