Today in Last Year

One oof the advantages to keep the weblog running for the whole year is, I can always go back to the same day in the previous year and check what I was doing or thinking about at that time.

Today, I added the function of Today in Last Year to my blog. Under the Navigation section of each page (starting from today), there is link named:

  • Read Today in Last Year

Click the link and you will be directed to either the article posted on the same day of last year, or to this page. If you hit this page, this is the possible reasons:

1. You clicked a link on a page posted before Sept 11, 2003. I started posting on Sept 11, 2002 so there is no Today in Last Year.

2. You clicked a link after Sept 11, 2003, but I happened not to post anything on the same day last year. This is possible since I posted 316 entries, making 87% of 365 days last year.

Enjoy the magical ball of time and history.

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