Dopod 515 – SmartPhone in China

I used 1300 RMB to exchanged a SmartPhone Dopod 515. It is maybe the first SmartPhone on the market. The listed price seemed to be 4000+ RMB. This is the promption from Shanghai Mobile that people can exchange a mobile with the credit points and promise to consume certain level of communication fee in the next one year or two.

I didn’t spend time to research on the phone yet, but the camera feature of the phone is really good. To be continued on this topic.


  1. Care to post a photo too?

  2. Hello! I’ve bought one too a few weeks ago. I bought it in Shen Zhen for 4580RMB and I think it’s a very nice device! I’ve taken a few photos and you can find it at

  3. I too purhcased a Dopod 515 while in China last week for Computex – Catch is that it didn’t come with a camera??!? Did everyone else get their Dopod WITH the camera or was it optional!?

  4. Can you tell me where to sign up for this phone at such low price? I too am very interested in getting one.


  5. I bought it in 順電 and it comes with the camera. The sales said that it’s RMB 400 if bought separately…

  6. Hi,I was wondersing how I can change all the menus to English…any help would appreciated

    thank you


  7. Hehe. SmartPhone has a big usability problem. I don’t know how to do it either.

  8. Hey guys, can you help me to find a dealer address, Email and phone no. where he can suply me with 25,000 pieaces of Dopod 686. mail me at I am from India. I tryed contacting dopod but it was useless no respond from them.

    thanks and cheers


  9. Hi I’m looking for dopod for the South African market, please contact me if you know who can supply Dopod or any other windows smart phones for SA market.

    email me

  10. where can buy the phone dopod 515 in shanghai.

    i want to get one, it can been used as a music player.

  11. teach step by step on how to solve it

  12. Where can I get DOPOD phones in india?

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