Muslim Restaurants in Shanghai

The question:

hi there!

I am visiting Shanghai in October. My major concern is about FOOD. It is because I am a Muslim. So, I would appreciate that, if you could provide me an info about MUSLIM FOOD in Shanghai.

Thanking you in advance.

Warmest Regards

The answer:

I found a list of Muslin Restaurants on the Shanghai Government Website. I believe I don’t need to translate it into English since it will be more useful in Chinese. Just show print it out with you and show it to your taxi driver. They can pickup the neareast one for you.

网点名称 社区 地址 电话
明珠大饭店清真餐厅   肇家浜路212号 64330880
和甸清真食府 徐泾 徐泾卫家角公墓 59766754
多旺清真点心店 天山路 遵义路555号  
京钟清真馆 北新泾 金钟路318号  
伊斯兰教餐厅 四川北路 四川北路2035号  
萃华楼清真馆 提篮桥 海门路9号  
清净斋 广中路 广灵一路3号  
虹临清真饭店 嘉兴路 临平北路甲28号  
杨同兴清真牛肉馆 石门二路 石门二路221号  
鸿宾楼清真饭店 江宁路 江宁路昌化路  
顺和清真店 瑞金二路 复兴中路536号  
原渔人湾清真店 淮海中路    
宁记牛肉面馆(永新) 打浦桥 顺昌路529号  
民族饮食店 江川街道 江川路238号  
京城饭店 长寿 长寿路345号  
阿凡提清真餐厅 宜川 交通西路21号  
金沙江清真馆 长风 枣阳路369号  
宜红清真馆 宜川 宜川路218号  
普回清真饮食店 石泉 岚皋路261号  
洪长兴浦东店 梅园新村 八百伴9楼  
真康生面馆 潍坊新村 崂山东路622号  
穆斯林饮食店 川沙镇 川沙  
浦东清真饭店 上钢新村 历城路121号  
浦东清真馆南浦店 南码头路 兰陵路5号  
一心斋清真饮食店 大桥 平凉路1503号  
双阳清真饮食店 控江 双阳路498号  
万事达美食楼 四平 四平路1985号  
迎宾斋清真饭店 延吉 隆昌路740号  
回凤楼 豫园 河南南路89号  
湖滨美食楼 豫园 豫园路59号  
洪长兴餐饮公司 南京 南京东路685号  
洪长兴西藏路店 广场 西藏南路28号  
小桃园清真饮食店 金陵 河南南路572号  
雅叙居浙江路店 金陵 浙江中路90号  
口福食品商店慎发祥店 广场 龙门路116号  
穆斯林饮食店 金陵 浙江中路90号  
海师傅餐饮店 月浦镇 宝泉路28号  
宝山中心商业区清真店 友谊 中心商业区  
为民清真饮食店 大场镇 南大路164号  
赛俩目清真店 徐家汇 天钥桥路127号 64388077
华谊清真饮食店 枫林 枫林路147号  
康乐清真饭店 北站 康乐路205号 63145123
芷江清真馆 芷江西路 芷江西路200号  
彭浦清真店 彭浦新村 汾西路753号  
彭浦清真分店 彭浦新村 三泉路423号  
新雅快餐天目分店 天目西路 天目西路285号  
民族饭店(暂定)   缸甏街21号  
味多香清真馆     石化 石化金一东路56号  
民族饭店 周浦镇 周&#2



Credit: Shanghai Government Website

32 thoughts on “Muslim Restaurants in Shanghai

  1. Please correct this page title:

    Muslin Restaurants in Shanghai


    Muslim Restaurants in Shanghai

    Muslin to Muslim.

  2. Bit About Halaal (Muslim dietary restrictions)

    Because of the purity requirements of these foods, they tend to be a) fresher, and b) more healthy. According to what I could find on the web, the laws come from the Holy Koran, the Hadith, and the teachings of Hanafi, Shafii, Maliki and Hanbali. If you eat any (and they really mean any) Haraam foods, it affects the acceptance of worship. In a nutshell, the forbidden foods are as follows (source:

    Pork and pork products are totally forbidden.

    Dairy products like cheese and margarine made from plant, microbes, synthetic rennet are okay

    The utensils should be separate for Muslims and non-Muslims

    Any item marked or stamped with any form of Halaal certification must be verified by Appointed the Muslim theologians well versed in Islamic requirements regarding Halaal

    All carnivorous animals and birds, e.g. lions, tigers, vultures, eagles, etc.

    Any Halaal animal that has died due to natural causes, killed by another animal, by a fall, or slaughtered by a non-Muslim

    Flesh that has been sacrificed for some god or goddess

    All forms of najasat (impurities)


    Animals that aren’t traditionally used for food, donkeys, monkeys, elephants, etc.

    Food containing Haraam items to be avoided at all times e.g. fish prepared with wine, cakes and ice-cream containing liquor

    Contamination of a Halaal item with non-Halaal will render it non-Halaal/Haraam and unacceptable.

    Foods that are allowed as long as it has been slaughtered by a Muslim ACCORDING TO ISLAMIC LAWS:

    Fish that has been caught, i.e., not one that died a natural death

    All types of poultry, partridges, pigeons, etc.

    Goats, sheep, cattle, camel and all types of buck, buffalo.




  3. Hi, Iam a moslim and i just like to tell you its ok to eat from (book people) if they slaughter normaly to just eat , but its gona be nonhalaal or haram if they slaughter duling a old religons saramonies .

    Any how you may eat all frutes vigi , fish any time and anyware thats a helty food and keeps you fit ( which better than fat ),

    And as pvt mhd say in hadeeth (man never fell anything wors than his stomic)

  4. I cannot understand the ? could pls give me detail names of the halaal restaurants & addresses in Shanghai.

    thanking you


    south africa

  5. Hi

    I am visiting Shanghai in the next month and will stay there for one year. Most probably I will stay in Minhang Campus of Jiaotong university with my family. Can someone help me in finding halal meat shops near minhang campus.

    Is there any muslim student studying in Jiaotong university.


  6. Just a very quick question Jianshuo.

    In most countries, Halal resturants must be certified by a relevant Halal/Muslim organisation before it can commence business as a Halal resturant. Are the resturants you have listed certified by such organisation? If it does, then I believe one of the easiest way to tell if it is Halal is to look at the certificate issued which should be easily seen on the enterance of the resturant. Correct me if I am wrong

  7. Ate a halai whopper in Malaysia once. Nearly choked on the strange bit of mystery meat they called bacon (turned out to be chicken or something like that).

    It’s like finding Barbara Bush modelling a thong in a Victoria’s Secret catalogue.

    Gud gawd ! why do I do this to myself !?!

    I really need to get that vision out of my head !

  8. Hi Wonton,

    what you have said seem very disrespectful to both Muslim and malaysian food. You are not being sensitive at all..

    How would you feel if I said I nearly choked to death seeing chinese eat intestines and dogs?

    U have a choice NOT to eat halal food

  9. Hah Hah !

    Touchy touchy !

    Disrespectful to Burger King perhaps.

    But unless Malaysia can claim to be the home of the Whopper, and the hamburger is a muslim creation…

    Don’t worry, the last time I checked, Burger King is neither Malaysian nor Muslim.

    Intestines and dogs ! wow, I would feel hungry !

    If I saw you choking I would call the ambulance.

    It’s all quite elementary.

    To begin with, I never expected everyone to like chinese food anyways. I nearly threw up trying smelly toufu, so whats the big deal ? I just found it strange that people who can’t eat pigs go on to create mystery meat out of chicken and disguise it as a cut of meat from a pig. It’s bizarre. Bacon is from pigs. If you can’t eat pigs, don’t eat imitation pigs.

    Note :

    With regards to my sensitivities, I have merely described the nasty surprise of finding a fly in my ointment. Nothing more, nothing less.

  10. Just to set the record straight, the “people who create mystery meat” does not refer to Malaysian people or moslems. Turkey bacon and chicken ham was in fact a goulish creation of some American food companies.

    Good grief !

  11. @wonton, while I was reading your comments, i was suddenly reminded of the (horrible) canteen food we have upstairs in our office building. When the crowds grew, the caterer promised to diversify instead of having just one Muslim food stall. We were so excited to see noodle “stalls”, Western food “stalls and so on. And then to my great disappointment, the so called wonton mee they were selling had fried chicken wonton and … check this out,l CHICKEN CHAR SIEW!!! I have never heard of chicken wonton and chicken char siew until then and I was really disappointed.

    @Halal, in case you think otherwise, this is NOT an attempt at mocking at Muslims or Malays. Fyi, the boss of the catering company is Chinese. But because all the “stalls” actually belong to the same caterer, and they share one big kitchen, they had to provide Halal food throughout. But imagine the disappointment to many people, after we’ve waited for the “diversification” of the canteen for months. *:( I just wonder how they make chicken char siew… strange!!!

  12. I am always amazed and exasperated by what people can come up with to “technically” fulfill their obligations. Halal bacon is just the tip of the iceberg. Even more bizarre is the vegetarian resturants I’ve been to. I know that many buddhist are vegetarians, but have you noticed the dishes served in chinese vegetarian resturants ?? faux duck, chicken, ribs, fish… everything forbidden in the staunch buddhists’ diet, made to look like the real thing but actually variations of toufu and yam. The resturant should be renamed “I can’t believe it’s not MEAT” or in BK’s case “I can’t believe it’s not haraam”

    @ling: What the heck is a char siew chicken ?? can’t they just call it a tandoori chicken ? I guess in your case, you don’t have a choice not to eat Halaal food. Which is kind of surprising coming from a country with a majority of chinese. Are there perhaps more moslems in your company ? Anyways, I am sure there are more than enough interesting moslem food without the need to create bastardised chinese dishes. In the end, it’s a compromise that pleases nobody.

  13. Hi Ling,

    I am surprised you havent heard of chicken char siew..there are actually chicken char siew…char siew meat are made from marinating the meat in the char siew if you can use the same sauce to marinate chicken, I can’t see why that is impossible. FYI, I have tried that in HK where char siew are cantonese delicacies…

    Hi wonton,

    Muslim is spelt “Muslim” not “moslem”. Same way “Quran” is not “koran”. BTW is most food in Singapore are sensitive to pork and beef due to its multi-racial and religious background. While china sees the majority of Singaporeans to be “chinese” they have forgotten that after more than a dozen generations, these arents pure chinese anymore. Give you an example, find me a true American of PURE ANGLO descent.

    PS: I am not Muslim but am sensitive to the needs of people from different religion.

  14. @Halal, thanks for the info-sharing on char siew. I really didn’t know that.

    As for “moslem” and “koran”, these are valid words. It’s just how the words are spelt in different countries, if I’m not wrong. “Moslem” is a variant of “Muslim” and “Koran” is a variant of “Quran”. You can look up a dictionary for more info on that.

  15. Hi Ling,

    Moslem and Koran are not variants of Muslim and Quran. Surprised? It is actually the demeaned form of spelling used in America. Many countries, including USA have now become more politically sensitive and correct, hence started to use “Muslim” and “Koran”. These two words have actually faced a lot of opposition by Muslim communities worldwide.

  16. @Halal

    “after more than a dozen generations, these arents pure chinese anymore. Give you an example, find me a true American of PURE ANGLO descent.”

    A really strange statement because as far as I know, MOST, and I mean a vast majority of Chinese Singaporeans are no more than fourth generation and they ARE pure chinese. The continuing statement is even more bizarre. Whatever gave you the idea that Americans are all mixed ??? Whitney Houston ??? it is quite apparent you have not been to the US.

    As for the spelling of moslem vs muslim or Koran with a Q. Tomayto – tomarto. There is nothing insulting or demeaning. It is only so for those who choose to make it an issue because they have ran out of issues to pick on.

    While it may sound nice that you are claiming a position of being “sensitive to the needs of people from different religion”, what this means is that eventually, you will end up with your head shaved like a buddhist, wearing a crucifix, circumcised like a moslem(or muslim) and ringing bells like a hari krishna…and don’t even get me started on your diet !

    Given the diversity of cultures, there is no need to descend to the lowest common denominator for the sake of “sensitivity”. If anything at all, we should be celebrating our differences without imposing any barrier to the freedoms of other race or religion. A person who tries to please everybody will end up pissing off everybody.

    @Ling : Did you enjoy your halaal (or halal) wonton? I don’t need to apologise for prefering a disgusting slab of bacon on my Whopper should I ? I AM CHINESE ! WATCH ME PIG ! heh heh !

  17. Hi Wonton,

    sorry I live in the USA up until I was around 6 and most Americans I know are not 100% of Anglo, French, German ….most have have 2 or more “cultural background”. I think you have got race mixed up with colour unless you are trying to imply they are all “white”. I don’t know how come you have this really misinformed idea of being “mixed” as being “coloured”… eeeewwww

    Next, I certainly don’t know you have got your history right. I grow up in Singapore and all the people I know basically can trace their roots back to Melaka, Johore , Java or Sumatra (have you ever been to Sinagpore? Or lived there?). In fact if you want to count Singaporeans by generations, the closer would be around 8. Have you heard of Peranakans? China govt generally considered them chinese. A lot of the Singaporean “chinese” by definition are actually at least part Peranakan. Do you know that in the up to the 1900s, it was a taboo to carry women on ships? Tell where the hell did chinese men marry their wife/ wivies if they don’t marry locals? Same for European ships..but I think there were the pirates thingy as well..This is not my point

    Anyway, point of argument is, you don’t have to shave your head like a monk, carry a crucifix like a priest etc to be sensitive to people from differnt religion. This statement is insulting to even begin with. Are you implying that all buddhist ought to shave their head and all Christians need to carry a crucifix everywhere around. I am Christians and I don’t do that.

    Last of all, did I piss anyone off? I supposed you were the one who had pissed AussieBp off so much that Jianshuo have to step in to make a public apology. You are indeed a pain in the ass.

  18. Hello Halal

    Go check your facts again. The straits chinese make up of only a minoriy of Singapore’s population. Whatever their numbers, to say that the local “lost their taste for pork and beef” is quite a stretch.

    “find me an American of PURE ANGLO descent” what did you mean other than white ?? haven’t heard of the Irish ??? please don’t make generalisations. We don’t need the insights of an six year old.

    The last paragraph before my msg to Ling is the point of arguement. All the rest are fillerbuster.

    As for the public apology, JS certainly did not apologise on my behalf. Go tune your ukelele.

    Yes, I am a pain in the ass to people who thinks that I am insulting moslem(muslim) or Malaysians when I pick on Burger King’s mystery bacon.

  19. Sorry Halal,

    I might have misinterpreted “anglo” to mean “anglo-saxon” and carried on my riff raff from that direction.

  20. @Halal, since you’re a Christian, you should know the verse, “Avoid foolish squabbles….” I think it’s in one of Timothy’s epistles.

    Hmm, why do you give yourself a nickname Halal since you’re not required to eat Halal food, unless you’re forced to, like me, whenever i visit the canteen in my office building. Yes, I’m still unhappy that the caterer didn’t bother to build separate kitchens to cater to the varied needs of the lunch crowds. I think there’s nothing wrong with being unhappy about having to eat chicken char siew, cos I still prefer pork char siew. The caterer should be sensitive to the needs of non-Muslims too right? Your line, “BTW is most food in Singapore are sensitive to pork and beef due to its multi-racial and religious background. ” Not sure if it’s a question or a statement, but if it were a statement, I’d like to say, you’re wrong. “Most food”? You sure? I see so many Chinese food stalls and restaurants in Singapore that use pork and lard. That’s why Singapore has “multi-racial harmony”, right? We respect the Muslims’ need for Halal food, and they respect our need to have our pork and lard. Also, the last I checked, “moslem” and “Koran” are not offensive terms. I’m not sure where you got that information from. Care to share the source? As for pure Chinese and ships and stuff, so you meant that after 1900s, the ships carried Chinese women right? So how could you tell for sure how many % are “pure” Chinese etc? Did you conduct an island-wide survey or something? Then again, as I’ve mentioned before, history was never my best subject.

    @wonton, tsk tsk tsk. Here we go again ah! But I guess when one’s older, he/she’s more able to separate online persona from real life. I guess you’re one of those people. Hiaks. Me, I’m half-half.

  21. @Halal, oops, Timothy didn’t write any epistles. I meant Paul’s epistles to Timothy. Or was it in Ephesians. Oops, pls check it yourself. *:b

    Non-Halal and happy to be so,

    Ling *:)

  22. @Ling

    I am a “he”. But I would be honored if you actually thought I was a “she”.

    heh heh.

    But you know what ? I just had a chat with me wife…again, and she said that my favourite meat on a stick was actually halaal but adapted for chinese. WELL ! I was a little bummed out. It kinda put all my arguements up in smoke.

    Arrrrgh ! she makes me feel stupid sometimes. But I DO like satay… maybe there should be a halaal and a haraam Burger King in Malaysia…

    I feel idiotic… maybe I should’nt talk to her so much.

  23. @wonton, i knew you were a “he”. Women rarely write like you do – this is neither a compliment or an insult, just an observation. *:)

    Yup, satay is great. It’s one of my favourite food, yummy!

    @Halah, by the way, when I said “Non-halal and happy to be so”, I’m just saying that I enjoy my pork. If I caused any offence to any Muslim or non-pork eaters with my signoff, sorry.

  24. I am intending to visit Shanghai to attend Congress of Societe Internationale d’urologie in Novmber 09. I am very much concerned about the food. It is satisfying to note that there are many halal food restaurants serving indian, Lebanese and Turkish cuisine. I am not sure whether international chain hotels have halal food available in their room service and in house restaurants?

  25. As salamualikum. I will visit sanghai, china on 8th april,2010. May i know some names of cheaper hotels and halal resturants near shanghai international convention center , orental pearl tv station and lujiazui area. Thanks.

  26. hey , i ws wondering if someone culd tell mi abt halal /muslim restaurants in Gubei , or any restaurant tat wuld deliver , in tat area


  27. You can try Sherpa’s delivery service tel 62096209 can order from Elwajh Moroccan Restaurant. It’s HALAL!! The Chef from Morocco…

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