Passed the Field and Road Driving Exam

As I forecast before, I went to the Driver’s Education Base. I finally passed both the field and the road exam. After two weeks, I will attend the real situation road test. Hopefully, I will get a driver’s license after I pass the exam.

The field test is a virtual parking log made up of 8 poles. Five steps were required:

  • Step 1: Move the car out of the parking lot
  • Step 2: Reverse it to the other one.
  • Step 3: Move the car to the right side
  • Step 4: Drive the car out of the right parking lot
  • Step 5: Reserve it back to the original place

See this simple diagram:


I drove the car very slow and successfully performed all the five steps without touching the poles.

Road Test

The road test is much shorter than I expected. The supervisor only asked me to start, turn left, turn right and stop. That is all.

I did make a mistake during the shot exam. I didn’t stop at the stop sign!


That is a huge mistake. Thank God that the supervisor finally let me pass.

dalian-yellow.sunflower-on.hill.jpgThis is a special day for me.

I’d like to put a small yellow flower here,

in memory of the good times

6 thoughts on “Passed the Field and Road Driving Exam

  1. Toufu, maybe yes to your question. But it really depends. I am still waiting for the better price for the cars. Maybe in one year, the price will be better.

  2. Congratulations! That’s a great first step. And, after that experience, you will probably never go through another stop sign in your entire life!! The whole time I’ve been driving (which is about 40 years now!) I don’t think I’ve ever had a reason to make a car “slide over” like you did in Step 3, but it’s a good test of your skill nonetheless. Good luck with the last part of the test too.

  3. Well. It is interesting her in Shanghai, or in China, that traffic rules are more like suggestions, instead of rules. I have see a car really stop at the STOP sign on the road here.

    My mentor in the driving school even tell everyone in the class that “You need to STOP and the STOP sign before you get the license. After you get the driver’s license, you don’t need to stop any more, since nobody will care…” LOL…

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  5. I really liked your Maglev photos excellent quality, I am a train driver from Australia. Email me and we can excange photos if you wish.

    OH ! congradulations on obtaining your dirvers license, well done! It would shorley be one of the most stressful events in life .

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