Driving for Exams

I was told that the first driving exam (the road test) will be held this Thursday. This is surprising to me since I am not ready yet. I will practice reserve the car, move the car and turn left and right the whole day today, and hopefully to pass the exam so I can continue to practice on real road for about two weeks, then if I pass the final exam, I can get the license.

The place for the practice is just besides Hong Qiao Airport. I can see planes getting off and landing every five minutes, just about 300 meters away from the runway…

This month seems to be the Month of Exam for me.

9 thoughts on “Driving for Exams

  1. I failed my test twice in the UK before I came out here, and have still not got my licence. However compared to the way taxi drivers drive, if I were to take my test here, I know for sure I would pass with flying colours!!

    Best of luck to you.

  2. Sam:

    I think Xiao Wang is sure to take your light pressure for impetus to pass it tommorow with fluttering red flags !

  3. Sam:

    I thind our Shao Wang is sure to take your light pressure for impetus to pass it tommorow with fluttering red flags !

  4. Dear Jian Shuo:

    I am an American living in New York City who has spent much of the last two years in Suzhou, including two semesters spent teaching business classes at Suzhou University. I am currently writing a book about daily life for ordinary people in Suzhou, and I am wondering if you can give me some help understanding the rules and regulations under which people in China are permitted to obtain a driver’s license for a small motorbike, a motorcycle, or a personal car. I have a number of additional questions I would like to ask you. If you or anyone else viewing your weblog would be willing to help me, I’d be most appreciative. My name is Steve Koss and you can contact me at mathman180@aol.com. Thanks so much!

  5. After living for most of the last two years in Suzhou and teaching at Suda, I am writing a book about daily life in China. Can anyone give me some information on the process of getting a driver’s license and/or buying a car in China? I have lots of questions. Steve (mathman180@aol.com)

  6. Tommorow is my road test I;m very nervous . Hopefully I will pass it wish me luck!

  7. Obtaining drivers license in China is not too difficult.You can make it through fraud or legal means.Money speaks.But the test is rigorous so to speak.I went through the physical test and then later the written test.Just the time to wait is too long 2-3 months lol….

    Having mine now I am very pleased.Don’t mind about the test mind about your security.Are you qualified to handle a car.If yes then you can have a license as easy as possible in China.The sume is 1200RMB-1500RMB.So it’s not expensive.It’s in English for foreigners.And the questions are very simple multiple choice type of questions.

    Good luck to all

  8. I read a lot about drivers exam and drivers licence, but where do I find the traffic rules to learn?

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