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Most visitors come to this site for information about Shanghai. Some of them, like lily asked about hotel suggestions in Shanghai. “Which hotel is good?”, “Which area do you suggest to stay?”, and How can I reserve a hotel in Shanghai?”…..

Well. I believe I am knowledgable on most part of Shanghai after living here so many years – the restranants, the buses, the spot scenes, but there is only one area that I as unfamiliar as anyone else. The area is about hotels. I frequently travel to many cities, but because of my home is here, I have never ever stayed in a hotel in this city.

Let me try to use the message I got from the building of the hotels, the events we held in some hotels and the feedback about my friends to describe the hotels I suggest.

Ritz-Carlton, Simply the Best

If you ask me about which hotel is the best hotel in Shanghai, I will definitely say, the Portman Ritz Carlton Hotel. screen-ritz.carlton-logo.PNG It was selected as the Best Business Hotel in Asia last year and the Best Employer in Asia for the last two years. I have attend training delivered by their service manager about their unique mission statement “We are Ladies and Gentlemen Serving Ladies and Gentlemen.” which is part of their Gold standards. I love this hotel more as a great company than just a hotel. My collegues ever hosted worldwide summit in the hotel and was so impressed by their service, especially the smiles on the face of everyone.

It is a pitty that I have never visited this hotel since they only operates in Shanghai, Hongkong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Bali, and Osaka in Asia. Their guest target is only the top 5% of business travelers. It is also the place where Presidents of U.S. stay when they visit Shanghai. The rate is really hight – at least 170 USD per night. Some rooms are as expensive as 380 USD, according to their reservation system. It is just far too expensive. :-(

The area of Ritz-Carlton is now the heart of Shanghai. In the same building is the Shanghai Centre 1376 NANJING ROAD WEST, SUITE 742, SHANGHAI 200040 CHINA TEL: (8621) 6279-8600 FAX: (8621) 6279-8610. Lots of Amerian companies gathers in that building, such as the United Airlines and American Chamber of Commerce.

Featured Hotel – Tallest

Grant Hyatt Shanghai is just the highest hotel in the world. screen-hyatt-logo.gif I don’t have any comment on the service or the facility of this hotel. What I am thinking is, is it cool to stay on the tallest hotel in the world? It is the 53rd to 87th floor in Jin Mao Tower. See the picture below? It was taken in the west part of Shanghai while Jin Mao Tower is on the east side, but I can still clearly see it since it is the tallest building in the city.


© Jian Shuo Wang

The scene of this hotel is among the best in Shanghai.

Other Five Star Hotels

Hilton Shanghai screen-hilton-logo.gif is at the Jing An Temple Area – very good. I have visited the room there when I picked up my friends – very decent decoration and the staff are very hospitable. BTW, Hilton is my favorite hotel. I was firstly impressed in my stay in Hilton Nanjing then Hilton Dalian. The area is very good with very convinient transportation – the Metro Line #2 is just 100 meters away, although I believe most visitors will prefer taxi if not for sight seeing propose.

Westin Shanghai is a completely new hotel that just opened maybe last year. It is in the Bund Center where I worked in for half an year. I am sure the facility will be the first class.

The problem is, the area is not good since it is in the old town. Although it is just 10 minutes’ walk to Nanjing Road, there is nothing interesting in that whole area. It is located in the heart of the old Shanghai while hotels like Hilton and Ritz-Carlton in the new center. Pudong area is the newest center but the facility like restrauants and bars are not ready in that area.

When we talk about hotels in a large city, we cannot forget the famous brand Marriot screen-marriot-logo.gif. Here is the 6 hotels of Marriot in Shanghai:

  • Renaissance Pudong
  • JW Marriott Hotel Tomorrow Square Shanghai
  • Renaissance Yangtze Shanghai Hotel
  • Tomorrow Square – Marriott Executive Apartments
  • Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao
  • Courtyard Shanghai Pudong

I have no idea about the two hotels in Pudong. From the location perspective, the JW Marriott Hotel Tomorrow Square Shanghai and the Tomorrow Square – Marriott Executive Apartments are the best, since it is near the People’s Park – the heart of Shanghai and the joint point between line #1 and #2. It is also the highest building in the Puxi area. Please note that they are not open yet, as far as I know.

The Renaissance Yangtze is a relatively old hotel, located in the Hongqiao Area. It is convienient for business in that area. The Shanghai Marriott Hotel Hongqiao is near the Hongqiao Airport, but relatively far from the downtown Shanghai. I attended party there and felt the service was good.

For Intercontinetal hotels, screen-holiday.inn-logo.gif and screen-holiday.inn-logo.gif, they offer cost-effective travel solutions (Is this the America way to express simple things with complicated terms?)

This is the list on their website. Among them, I can tell the Crown Plaza is located in a very silent and peace places and near it is the Shanghai Film Center, the top theater in Shanghai. The Xin Hua road besides it is very romatic with the trees. Don’t choose the Holiday Inn besides the Shanghai Railway Station. The area is too crowded and noise. The crime rate there is high.

Hotels I am Familiar with

Regal East International Asia Hotel – located on the street of Henshan Road, the street of bars. Henshan Hotel and Sports Hotel in Xujiahui area are good and cheap, but don’t expect facility and service like those hotels I mentioned above. They are just somewhere to stay.

Cheap Hotels Without Stars?

There are so many cheap but pretty good hotels. I cannot give a list of all of them. Still remember my Hand-Made Map of Shanghai?

It will give some idea of where to find a good hotel.

Update: Small, Cheap but Nice Hotels in Shanghai June 3, 2004

I have found some cheap, clean and nice hotels in Shanghai. Please read this article and pay attention to the Related Entries of the page since I will add more hotels like that in the future in this section.

74 thoughts on “Shanghai Hotel Guide

  1. Is the staff at the Hilton really “very hostile”? What type of problem did you run into with them?

  2. Dave, just in case you weren’t being sarcastic I think he means “hospitable” :-) Why would the Hilton be his favorite place to stay if it had a hostile staff? But you were probably being sarcastic :-D


  3. Hi there.

    Would you please provide some resources for renting an apartment in Shanghai. I happen to know that my company is located in Bund Center as yours. Which area do you recommend to live in? My budget for renting is around RMB700 or around RMB 1500 if sharing with a friend.

    Thank you in advance!

  4. Also worth mentioning:

    The Okura Garden Hotel and (lao) Jin Jiang ?especially now that the later has finished renovating the north building.

  5. Any good hotel to recommend ? Budget about RMB400 per night. Within walking distance to Nanjing Road and The Bund. Thank you.

  6. On my first vist to Shanghai in January,2003 ,I stay at Pacific Hotel at People Square.The building was very beautiful,especially it’s small lobby.The location was perfect for a first timer. I booked it via with gave a very good discount and no advance payment was required.

  7. Hi Wang Jian Shuo,

    I am going to visit Shanghai soon. I am also interested in exploring local job opportunities.

    Could you please let me know, what are some of the best website to find Shanghai job postings? Exactly how Shanghai professionals find jobs? How foreign firms conduct recruiting in Shanghai? Do they

    1)direct hire; or

    2)Use headhunter; or

    3)Go through China government employment agency?

    Many thanks.

  8. To Jane:

    most white collars in shanghai are finding jobs in the following websites:


    2) (AMAIK, Microsoft’s business unites in the mainland, including GTEC and MS PRC, posts job descriptions in this website)


    i m afraid headhunters focus more on executives and managers.

    if you have friends working in shanghai for big companies, such as ibm, general motor, unilever, blah blah, they will bring you information on open positions from time to time. this is an important channel.

  9. has cheap deals on all the Shanghai hotels. The Ramada is a good deal I think. It is located on Nanjing road, a block or 2 away from People’s Square and both the #1 and #2 metro.

  10. portman ritz carlton is not all its cracked up to be; i wouldn’t say its the best hotel in shanghai. there isn’t one that is really the best. there’s a bunch of “better” than the rest hotels – ie; four seasons, shangrila, portman ritz carlton and grand hyatt. all of them are not of international 5 star standard as the staff are all “green” and not experienced in handling international 5 star travellers. lots of superficiality and not much real thought goes into doing what they are doing. no matter how great the hotels are in shanghai or in china for the matter, it is just not up to par compared to places like new york, london, paris or even hotels in asian countries, like thailand and singapore. long way to go before it is really “5 star” worthy. keep in mind, u get charged 5 star prices in china for 3 star service and that applies to a whole lot of areas.

  11. Hi,

    I am looking for a NOT expensive hotel near INTEX Shanghai and Shanghaimart, preferably within walking distance, or at least not a long taxi ride. Any suggestions? What’s the lowest price for a decent place in that area?

    Thanks in advance!

  12. I am a Malaysian. I am looking for a job in shanghai. I am a degree holder and major in banking and finance. Currently, I am working as an excutive in a financial institution in Malaysia.

    I would appreciate if anyone can prove me some information and guideline.

    Thank you.

  13. have someone heard about Metropole Hotel, Shanghai? Is it nice hotel to stay for my first vacation in Shanghai?

  14. Hi,

    I am leaving for Shanghai next week with some executives from my company. They are staying at the JW Marriott hotel at Town Square. DO you know of a hotel very nearby that would be cheaper? I have looked for maps, but cannot locate where the town square is and other hotels near it.

    Help would be very much appreciated!



  16. can you recommend a 3/4 star hotel near the portman ritz carlton hotel in shanghai.would prefer an international chain if possible.

  17. hi subhankar ghosh, Holiday Inn is opening a branch near ritz carlton (5mins walk apart, behind CITIC Square). it’s not open yet but should be soon.

    hi, jianshuo, hope you don’t mind i answer question for you :)

  18. Hi. Does anyone have an opinion on the location of the Regal East International Hotel on Henshan Road? Is this a good location to be?



  19. Please would you be so kind to find me some cheap and clean hotel or motel in Pudong area(nearest pudong swimming pool)?!

    tnx for all information..

  20. hi wang jianshuo,

    a great pleasure again to check your blog, i always like to come here.

    this week i need to go to shanghai for work, sending out a lot of heavy files, so I need a hotel with high speed broadband internet in the room.

    beste would be a cheap nice hotel of course….

    any advice?

    I stayed in the 168 motel last time, good value 4 money, also nice restaurants in the area, but no broadband in the room…

    bye! and thank you


  21. I read your comment on the question: What is the best hotel in Shanghai?

    Most certainly the Ritz is a good hotel, but the all-round qualities of the St. Regis make

    this hotel the best in Shanghai.

    Just try out yourself. It is just better then the Ritz.


    JW de Graaf

  22. Do you refer to St. Regis in Pudong? Why? It does not have a good location and I even didn’t rank it to my top 5 list. I know very few about the hotel. Educate me about why it is good?

  23. Hi there,

    Can anybody tell me economy class good hotel (less then$50/nite) in shanghai for 3 nites.

    Also I need hotel In Ningbo and Hong Kong for 1 nite each.

  24. Hi,

    are there any Chinese/Shanghai recruiting agencies (headhunters) specializing in the placement of foreign University graduates (from Europe, USA etc.)?

    Is it difficult to get a working permit for an IT job in Shanghai?

    How much (USD) do the following things cost per month:

    * Have a flat (>45 m^2) (suitable for western people) not too far off central Shanghai?

    * Eat 2 x per day in food-stalls and restaurants (breakfast at home)?

    * Attend classes to learn basic Chinese?

    * Average cost of spending leisure time (going to cinema, dancing, concerts and so on)?

    What is the average salary for a Java programmer (European University IT graduate) in Shanghai?

    As a foreigner, is it better to work and live in Beijing instead of Shanghai?

    Is Beijing less expensive than Shanghai?

    Thank you.

  25. I am going to Shanghai for 5 nights in June -its my first visit. Can you please tell me should I book the hotel before I leave for Shanghai or can I book hotel at the airport? Also,I would like to visit places like Suzhou and Hangzhou-is there any tour I can join? Can I join the tour in Shanghai or do I need to book now before I go ?

    Thanks for your help

  26. i am trying to locate the following hotels : nanjing hotel, east asia hotel (he nan zhong lu area) n metrople hotel (he nan zhong lu area near the bund. Can anyone help?

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  28. I am meeting some folks in Shanghai in March of 2006. They are staying at the HIlton but I wish to stay at the Marriott. Does anyone know which Marriott would be the closest to the Hilton and about how far from the Marriott is the Hilton (in Miles or Kilometers). Also, is there public transport between the 2?

    Thanks for your help.

  29. Could you pls let me know the name of the Area where Radisson Plaza Hotel is located and is there any others Hotels located with walking distant to Radisson Plaza…

    Last year I stayed at Sofitel Pudong but seems very far to Radisson where I have to meet clients..

    Thanks in advance


  30. i am a Malaysian and i plan to visit shanghai in november, can u recommend a cheap place to stay near peopel’s square? i really appreciate your help. thanks.

  31. Hi, any idea if I can find an economical hotel in the vicinity of JW Marriott located at the Tomorrow Square in HuangPi Road.?

    Thanks for the help, John

  32. Ciao!

    I will be moving to Shanghai next year, around February, and I am looking for a job in the Hotel Industry. Does anybody know about a Head Hunter specific for this field?

    Thank you.


  33. Hi? my name is lekan alade am from south africa. my main purppose of writting you the few line is that one of my relation wants to travel to your country and i want him to land in your hotel so now what i awnt you to send to me is your hotel brochure magazine and like your hotel t shirt bath soap hand soap shampoo and face towel. Iwill be looking forward for those thing so that i can impress the person to land in your hotel this is my home address NO18, TERRACE STREET MILLSAYD COURT, BETRAMS JOHANNESBURG SOUTH AFRICA.

  34. hi, Jian Shuo Wang

    my name is yingying, i am studying in the UK now, and i am doing the finnal year project. the project title is about the budget hotels in shanghai. I can not find any related information. so can u give me some advise and some useful information and websites.

    thanks a lot

  35. Hi

    I am planning to visit Shanghai at the end of this year with my parents for 4 nights. Have you heard of this hotel Xing Yu? Is it situated in the city and shopping centre and food stall. Will you recommend this hotel?

    Thank you.

  36. I will be visiting China for the first time in March, 2006. The group I am meeting with (that has little experience in China) suggests the Royalton Hotel. Is it a reasonable place? If not, could you suggest anyplace better nearby? Thank you!

  37. I stayed at the Grand Pacific LBO Service Apartment, inside Grand Pacific Hotel, which also houses Home Hotel (all three hotels in one) on the 29th floor top floor, quite OK, bed hard but reasonable price for location. OK clean but not spotless.

    Mc Donald next door, starbucks, 10 mins to subway stn. Next to Plaza 66.

  38. I am going to go to shanghai for business and visit international exhibition on(11-14 September) about furniture I want to stay 4night please give me information about a good hotel near to this exhibition & suitable price and clean also.

  39. Hi, Mr Wang. I’m Japanese-Korean. I speak Japanese and Korean as my mother tongue and English as well as good Mandarin. I’m looking for any chance to work at Shanghai 5 star hotel as I like service industry. If you could give me some advice how I should approach to it, I would be really great. Thank you!!!

  40. Respected sir..

    I am completed my Bsc (Hotel Management & Catering Technology) in Bharathidasan University. I am from S.India . I want find the hotel job for Abroad… if u select me please contact my mobile number 0091-9865380501

  41. We are from Scotland, and are in Shanghai during the holiday period visiting close Chinese friends. On an evening out, we planned to meet our guests in the bar at the Peace Hotel on The Bund. We arrived first, so we waited in the bar. Our guests then phoned us to say they were arriving, so one of us went outside, met them and brought them into the bar.

    We asked what they would liked to drink and placed our order. When we were part-way through our drinks, a waitress come over to our table and started talking to our guests, ignoring us. We waived her away. She then opened the menu and started to talk to our guests again, pointing to the cover charge. We then said, quite firmly, that “these are our guests”. The waitress took no notice. She pointed out the service charge to one of our guests. Only once we had said a third time “Yes, we know about the cover charge, it is okay,” did the waitress then leave.

    We complained to the management before we left, and we are not prepared to suffer such a serious loss of face in front of our important guests. One of us is a senior citizen with many grey hairs and though a working professional person, could be retired if she chose; this was doubly disrespectful against her.

    One of the reasons we are both so offended is that we have both travelled to Shanghai many times before, and have been treated extremely well, courteously and professionally in other establishments. This contrasts greatly with the treatment we received at The Peace Hotel.

    I would urge anyone not to stay in this dirty, stinking, rudely staffed, overpriced Peace Hotel which is barely a shadow of its glory days.

    Five stars? I would not give it one.

  42. OK,


    I think that we should all ask Mr Jian if

    there is any questions that he would like

    to have answered.

  43. Hey,

    If anyone can help with some advise on Rentals in Shanghai’s (fashion/shopping) area, I’m looking at renting a place to live 6 months out of the year in Shanghai.

    Is there “warehouse” type property in Shanghai, open plan/floorboards and high ceilings etc. Would i get much for $7000 RMB a month?



  44. Good morning Jian Shuo Wang!

    When it comes to 5 stars hotels in Shanghai, don’t forget the biggest luxury hotel in town! The Pudong Shangri-La, Shanghai ( has two towers, 950 rooms including half of them overlooking the Bund and only 12 restaurants and bars!

  45. My friend lives in Toronto and he spends 3-4 months each year in China. One of the problems he has is finding a reasonable place to stay for less than a month. As they say, “Neccessity is the Mother of Invention”, his solution is to find partners in various Chinese cities who can provide short term accommodation. Some may even act as guides, teachers or interpreters.

    I am helping him to find places in Beijing. A list of short term rentals can be found here:

  46. Hello,

    there are an upper range of hotels which are not star rated to their small size: 88Xintiandi, Pudi Boutique Hotel… They are all suites and are intented to reach the top level guests, such as international stars… Again, I wouldnt sya they are better than the Shangri La or the Portman, there is no best of the best in Shanghai.

    Various hotel styles for various people tastes; as long as you can afford the prices…

  47. hi. i am going to shanghai for an exhibit at sniec (shanghai new international expo center). i am planning to stay at the following hotels:

    1. zhongya hotel

    2. charms (zhongfu) hotel)

    which one of these two hotels is:

    1. nearest to sniec

    2. nearest to shopping centers? (nearest meaning walking)

  48. I will be visiting Shanghai for the first time as a solo traveler. I am a female in my 30’s and am looking for a safe hotel, in a great location. I will not be spending much time in the hotel so I do not need anything ultra fancy. I will be traveling during the time of the Olympics and want to book my hotel room relatively soon, as I am sure they fill up quickly. Do you have any recommendations and possibly a website to book on. Thank you for your time.

  49. regal shanghai east asia hotel is a cool hotel, room rates are not that expensive especially during national holidays. room rates go down as low as 450 rmb a night which is cheap for a 4 star hotel. hotel facilities are good, they have swimming pool, jacuzzi fitness center, and spa. plus, go to the top floor of the hotel, 12th floor, they call it regal club floor, you can have a spectacular view of shanghai stadium inside mood’s bar. i don’t mind staying in this hotel even it’s quite far from people’s square, transportation is convenient, outside the hotel is line 1 & 4. you can book hotels in shanghai thru, i have been a ctrip user since 2003.

  50. I saw your blog from an internet link when I was looking for some information about hotels in Shanghai and then read your travelling blogs.

    You are a man of life which means that it is sometimes nice and funny while sometimes it turns out to be serious.

    Anyway, I like the words printed in your blog and it really feels good!

    I want a similar one as yours. Can you please give me some advice?

  51. hi jian

    I really appreciate your efforts and knowledge of Shanghai

    I am planning a trip to Shanghai in April with 40 Senior Citizens , I would really appreciate , if you could give me your piece of advises on 4*Hotels for senior citizens ,Weather, some pracitical suggestions and etc.


  52. Ciao,

    I am planing coming over to shanghai and would arrive on monday 24th MAY 2010 and i really need your assistant to recomend me a very cheaper and nice hotel.

    I would be very greatful to hear back from you as soon as possiple;

    Best Regards

    Macka Kaba.

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