Interested in Degree Confluence Project

Today, I found very interesting stuff – the Degree Confluence Project via this thread (Chinese) of

The goal of the project is to visit each of the latitude and longitude integer degree intersections in the world, and to take pictures at each location. The pictures and stories will then be posted here


What an interesting project it. It reminded us there is only one earth. This is a very good reference for students to learn geography – I hope I had a teacher who knew about this project when I was at school. The pictures and the practice greatly help to learn the planet earth.

My Plan to Reach 40°N 116°E #1

There are 965 confluence points in China. 68 points were visited, making 7% of all the points. There is only one point in Shanghai at 31°N 121°E. The point was visited by Frank Yu and Sam Chang at the end of the year before last year. It seems relatively simple.

I am drafting my plan to visit the only point in Beijing at 40°N 116°E

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Keith Ketterer and his family has attempted to go there but was not successful due to the unfavorable location of the point. Maybe I can have the second attempt to go there. It is near the downtown Beijing. I am planning to go there by bike so the trip is more flexible. This plan may be completed by the end of this year. The point may need some climbing work and may need ropes.

Other Possible Points

For other points, I am most likely to visit the eastmost two points on the 30°N line:

30°N 121°E and 30°N 122°E


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Below is the points visited in the world map.

Image credit:

At least the practice let me remember the latitude and longtitude of Shanghai is near 31°N 121°E.

2 thoughts on “Interested in Degree Confluence Project

  1. hi, take care, as far as i know the gps-receivers are still forbitten in china (national security) at the moment .

    Do you know this information is still valid ? I heard abour some foreigners that where stopped with their receivers at the great wall.


  2. I didn’t hear anything about the regulation to forbit using GPS. It seems many people here are using GPS in the country. However, the story about the foreigners may be true, since the regulation for usage for native and foreigners are not always be the same.

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