Domain Name PVG.CN Registered

With the continous increase in hit rate for my Pudong Airport website, and more and more compliments I got for the work done, I feel it is neccessary to give the site a better and shorter URL than the current one:

The site has been successful

Based on the good information provided on the site, the site has become the first return result for search terms such as Pudong Airport, pu dong airport. It is the must see website for visitors for Pudong Airport. I am very happy to see the result. Currently, all the information are publicly available and free of charge. It is there simply to help confused visitors for the city.

Shorter and Better Domain Name: PVG.CN

Today, I registered PVG.CN for the Pudong Airport website. PVG is the international airport code for Pudong Airport, which will appear on your ticket. In case you are curious, SHA stands for Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, which does not serve international flights now.

Best unofficial airport website

The vision for this site is the best unofficial airport website. As the previous Pudong Airport site on my personal web site, this website needs to be more professional, more helpful and provide more functions. The work will still base on my volunteering time and effort. I believe it may become a highlight for the unusable airport.


Please follow the simple three steps to help me to build the website and to help more visitors.

1. REVIEW the current content of Pudong Airport website

2. THINK about what are the information and functions you need most but is missing.

3. COMMENT on this page and let your voice be heard.

I appreciate your help. Meanwhile, for a professional website, I need native English speakers to be volunteer to proof read the new site. Please send me email at

P.S. Shanghai Lightening

My friend Tang Zhen sent me a phone about the lightening in Shanghai.


Recently, it rains heavily in Shanghai at night. The left lightening hit the Jin Mao Tower and the right one hit Oriental Tower.

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  1. I just surfed in this great place. I took a few minutes of my spare time and surfed over your sites. Great kompliment! It´s one of the best I found in net.

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