Cycling to Pudong Airport

I become so passionate to travel by bicycle – it offers very good chance to experience the different life at the passing villages and see the wonderful views. All these are not possible for taking buses or cars.

I rode to Pudong International Airport from Xujiahui today. It took me 4.5 hours from 12:30 to 17:00. It was not far – only 35 kms but the wind – east 11kph wind made it very hard to ride – I was directing to exactly the east side of the city.

6 thoughts on “Cycling to Pudong Airport

  1. Well. I did take some photos but I didn’t export the photos yet. :-)

    At the Pudong Airport, when you approaches the run way, you can see the air plane rushing on your head….

  2. Hi Jian Shuo Wang,

    You’ve got a great site going. I live in Pudong as well and am also passionate about cycling. Finding the time is another issue, but I’ve been taking pictures on the way lately, as Pudong is changing rapidly:

    Let me know what you think and perhaps we can try to explore together sometimes.

  3. Hey Jian Shuo Wang

    Was just wondering if you know of any other trails to ride in Pu dong Shanghai as I have found a few of my own that are off the beaten path,constructionsites,did the seawall thing and airport thing fun rides but gets habitual after a while. And do you know of any rad places to do some tricks, or get some air?Not a vert kinda guy . Flat land, launches and trails.

  4. Hi Jian Shao Wang

    My son and I are cycling from Ireland to Japan. We are in Shanghai but now need to fly to Inchon in Korea to continue.

    We plan to cycle out to Pudong airport in the early morning tomorrow / tonight.

    Can you suggest a route (we are staying near Hengshan Road Subway).

    Where can we cross the river for the most direct route?

    Best regards

    Mark Swain

  5. Hmmm. Great journey and I am happy that you are cycling with your son.

    Let me answer the easiest question: you can cross the river at any ferry station. Just get to the Huangpu river, and find a ferry. The last time I used the ferry station under Lupu Bridge, but it turned out that it is not the most effective way. Maybe you can try the one under Nanpu Bridge.

    Then, when you are in Pudong, just find any road leading east. There are nice roads along the Long Yang Road – but smaller than the Long Yang road. It is not easy to tell the exact name. Just try your luck!

    Jian Shuo

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